Tuesday, April 7, 2015


Here I am again, alone after saying goodbye to Gregory. (Well not technically alone... I do live at my mother's house after all, and of course there's Fifty too). But unlike the last few goodbyes, this time we can truly say that the end is near. (Please, please, please, oh pretty please!)

So this is where we're at... Gregory flew to Dublin today and will arrive early tomorrow morning. After a night out with my brother, he'll fly on to Marseille Thursday morning. (There is a logic to this Dublin trip, trust me.)

Once he gets to France he'll check in with the crew; The Croupier, Honey Jr, a very pregnant Honey's Honey, and of course, his Bumder. Then in a few weeks, the big show... the Green Card interview in Paris... DUN DUN DUN! (I felt like that required a DUN DUN DUN.)

All going well (please, please, please, oh pretty please), he'll have his Green Card by the end of the month. Can you believe it? I mean really, can you? It's been like a million, zillion, years (not really, but seventeen months is an awful long time when you're thinking it's going to be like, nine).

OK, then it's May and Gregory is going to stay put in France tying up loose ends and what not and at the end of the month, I'm going to fly to Dublin (Dublin again... stay with me). On my second night in the Fair City, I'll be meeting my Auntie Ilene (who if you remember is not my real Aunt but an awesome honorary one) and her cohorts for dinner and to give them a quick tour of my old stomping grounds since they'll be visiting for a few days. And then, the next morning, bright and early, I'll be flying to France and finally meeting up with Gregory (it will only be seven weeks apart this time, we can do seven weeks on our heads).

So we'll have one week together in France vacationing and celebrating. I'm thinking a nice stroll around Aix with the obligatory glass of pink, a quick trip to Avignon because I love it so, lunch at Bonaparte's in Cassis, Toulon to meet up with my old sidekick, Mrs. London, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Les Baux-de-Provence because why not, and of course Le Petit Village. Sounds like a plan. (ATTN: France, you might want to stock up on the Rosé).

After a week living it up à la Française, we'll be flying together to Dublin (there it is) and spending a few days hanging out with my family and catching up with friends before returning to the U.S. together to begin (finally begin) our American life together.

So that's where we're at. Still not there yet, but almost. Please, please, please, oh pretty please!

What about you? Where are you at?

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