Friday, March 6, 2015

Did you know?

Did you know that I started a new job? I did, and I love it; love it, love it, love it. But did you know that sometimes when you start a new job that you love, it can kind of consume you. It's true, not in a bad way, but in a good way, and when your brain is thinking of all of this amazing new job stuff, you're not thinking about other stuff, like oh I don't know... blogging. Oops.

Did you know that I'm blonde now? Not blonde-blonde, but kind of sort of blonde, and it's long, a bit too long, so I'm thinking of cutting it like that girl in that show, Allegiance. (Speaking of Allegiance, I haven't made my mind up about it yet, have you?)

Did you know that Broadchurch is an awesome show? Not the American one, the English one. (In fairness, I've never seen the American one so I can't say if it's awesome or not, but why would I watch the American one anyway, if I watch the English one? Same show, different accents. Dumb.)

Did you know that I celebrated my birthday for the first in America in like, eleven years? I did last month, and I celebrated with a Raclette. Of course I did.

Did you know that they make Red Velvet ice cream? They do, and it's delicious! I can pretty much kiss bikini season goodbye for like ever (but who am I kidding, at my age it should really be maillot season anyway).

Did you know that they're making Rosé in the Texas Hill Country now? They are, and it's pretty darn good. It's not exactly the same as South of France Rosé, but it's tasty none the less. Santé y'all!

Did you know that Honey Jr and Honey's Honey's little Baby Honey is due next month? It's true. We're all more than a little excited about this arrival. Cannot wait to see that little honey face!

Did you know that Gregory has been here for three weeks? Three weeks. I can't tell if it flew by or not. When he gets here, we snap back into married life routine right quick, except we're not in our own home with our own stuff and that blows. Boo.

Did you know that our five year wedding anniversary is in two weeks? Now that did fly by!

Did you know that we're do for a Green Card update from the National Visa Center this week? We are, but the week is almost over so.... HURRY THE EFF UP NVC! Please and thank you.

Did you know that as of this week I've been back in the U.S. for exactly one year? I'm not going to delve into the thoughts I have about the fact that it's been a year and where I thought we'd be by now, verse where we actually are because I'm choosing to focus on the positive, but #$@%*! And breathe.

Did you know that I miss you? I do, every single one of you.


  1. I still stalk you on Facebook, though. xx

  2. So much going on and it all sounds good Sara. Glad to hear about it all. And who is that little darling with you? I have a new baby grand daughter Penny Lane. You can see pictures of her on my blog. She is darling and a good baby I hear. I've yet to hold her, but hopefully next week.

  3. 1. I love the hair.
    2. Had no clue about job, YAY!
    3. Always a good time with raclette or crepes or fondue.
    4. Maybe green card will be issued JUST IN TIME FOR FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY?!


  4. I didn't even know there was an American version of Broadchurch (why do they always remake things here??)... we just watched season 1 - loved it! Such great news on the job!! And I do have to find the nearest ice cream shop now and try that red velvet flavour....

  5. I miss you too!!!! Did you know that Texas makes olive oil??? Gros bisous!!!

  6. We miss you too, blondie! Hope you finally get some good news from the Green Card guys. It's time for you to move on to the next chapter, for sure x x x x

  7. I sure hope that Green Card is on it's way soon! You guys definitely deserve it - it's taken too bloody long! Congrats on the job and the 5 year anniversary! Yay! Here's to the US chapter of your guys starting very soon! xx

  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for Gregory's green card! And happy anniversary!

  9. We recently hit our one year anniversary back in America too! Well, I did anyway. My husband headed out two weeks before. Doesn't it feel like we were all just leaving?? I'm ready to go back, thanks :)

  10. Five-year wedding anniversary?! Crazy! We've been together for five years and I think THAT'S a long time ... Also, congrats on the news!!

    We're moving to the U.S. on Tuesday, my husband with his visa in hand. Can't believe it's finally come!

  11. I've been a lazy blogger lately. Great to catch up on your news. So pleased to hear that you love your new job. Happy Anniversary too!

  12. So much going on. I hope the Green Card came through. Glad to hear you're enjoying your job and that Gregory is with you so you're together again at last. Fingers crossed that 2015 is a fantastic year for you!

  13. I definitely want to check out Broadchurch. It sounds so good! Fingers crossed for the Green Card! I hope everything will work out now! Your new doggie friend is very cute by the way!

  14. Congrats on the new job! Great to catch up :)

  15. HOORAY for the new job! Is it the one that's going to bring you to DC to eat at all those restaurants I've been sending you with me?

    and - since I'm reading this post late - I hope you heard from the NVC! ALL THE FEELINGS about the one year thing. hooray for being together now, though?

  16. Happy belated birthday!

    Red velvet ice cream sounds amazing! Something tells me it's not available here though.

  17. Miss you too Sara. Love the blond locks and congrats on the new job! xo

  18. I know that I learned a lot here today. Lol. Congrats on the new job.

  19. Did you know I occasionally checked your blog during your hiatus to see if you blogged?! I mean thank god instagram exists so I still knew what you were up to...and to see your blonde hairs!

    You should know that in America we celebrate birthdays in weeks should get yourself a tub of red velvet ice cream and call it a week...literaly.


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