Monday, January 19, 2015

like whoa

Well, that was a busy couple of weeks.

It was almost two weeks ago that Gregory left, and since he did, I've been a spinning top, whirling about here and there, trying to do this and that.

First off, Fifty got sick. Somehow he managed to get something stuck in his poor paw and it caused an abscess and the abscess got infected and the infection made him sick and his nose dry and him miserable. He's been on antibiotics and is well on his way to being at 100% Fifty power again, so that's good.

Then, last week my mother had a big birthday. The kind of birthday that can't be ignored and demands something spectacular be done, so I decided to throw a party for her which I had been planning and pinning for weeks. And even though I was sure it would be fantastic, something more had to be done, I had to go bigger, and I did, with a surprise.

On Thursday night, while my mother sat sipping her birthday Margarita at her favorite Tex-Mex joint, and waiting for a couple of her close friends to join us, in walked her surprise... my brother, who hasn't set foot on Texas soil for twelve years managed to sneak in and sit down in her seat while she was standing up greeting her friends. Unbeknown to her, I had flown my brother in from Dublin earlier that day and managed to pull off the surprise of the century. To say she was shocked is an understatement of epic proportions. (I'm expecting to collect my Daughter of the Year Award any moment now).

So my brother is here and that's swell especially since he was able to be my sous chef on Saturday while I chopped and mixed in preparation for my mother's party. (BTW... I made a batch of these nuts to scatter about, and they're pretty much the most delicious things ever. You're gonna want to make them post haste!)

The party was grand and everyone had a wonderful time and when it was all over on Saturday night, I crashed into bed exhausted and with the most pitiful, swollen pair of tootsies. (Of course I miss Gregory, but I'm missing his foot rubs something fierce.)

And what else, let's see... oh yeah, work has been non-stop, like NON-STOP. You know how sometimes work just is work, and other times it's like whoa, yeah, it's been like whoa.

So yeah, it's been a bit hectic around here, but it's time to get back into the swing of things, so I'm making a pledge to myself that I will be back here at least once a week for a bit, and then twice, until I get back up to thrice. Baby steps people, baby steps.

There are still loads of tales to tell, stories that you've missed out on, gaps to fill. So don't be surprised if you click into here one cold miserable day in February and find yourself transported to a hot summer day in Texas, or sipping Rosé under a perfectly blue Mediterranean sky, or it could just be me, telling you about now. Who knows. Lets just stay in touch and see what happens. I miss y'all. 


  1. Holy moly that's a wonderful surprise for your mom (happy belated birthday to her)! Not sure you're going to be able to top that one! Can't wait to hear about what you've been up to. We've finally been getting some sunshine and warm weather in Dallas and I'm so ready for spring time (not the bugs though, blast those bugs)

  2. It's officially official.
    You totally deserve the Daughter of the Year award!
    I bet your mom screamed when she saw your brother!
    Where are you working these days? I mean... What do you do? I"m not asking for your address or anything :) Do you like your job?
    Hopefully hubby will be living over here soon,
    Much love to you and have a great week!

  3. Awe that is the best surprise! Have fun with your brother. I bet your mom was beyond happy!

  4. What an excellent surprise!! You really do deserve daughter of the year!

  5. What a fabulous surprise! Well done you!

    I'm glad you've found a job. When you were saying that Gregory would be giving up his job to come out until his GC arrived, I was a bit worried about how you'd survive! :)

  6. Awww, Sara! What a wonderful gift to your mother. That really is special. :) How long does your brother get to stay?

  7. What an excellent surprise! You are definitely daughter of the year.

    Poor Fifty. I hope he's all better now.

  8. Sounds a little like my life although minus the mom birthday parties and brothers returning! Your mom must have been so stoked you got your brother over here - definitely a daughter of the year award heading your way! So special!

    I'm trying to make a pledge to blog at least once a week again, then twice. We'll see how that goes!

    Glad Fifty is better! x

  9. Ahh, your Mom must have been stoked. Poor Fifty :( Pickle has been a bit sick lately too with her paws - after she went into kennels, I guess they put too much disinfectant on the floor of her kennel or something.

  10. Flying your bro in from Dublin?!? You do win daughter of the year award in my books - happy birthday to your mom and hoping FIfty's poor paw heals soon :((

  11. Oh no! Poor Fifty! I am sending lots of hugs his way and I hope he will feel better soon!
    Sounds like you deserve an award for best party planner and daughter of the year! You rock!

  12. Mr. London did great against Ulster! What a great athelete!

  13. What a lovely thing to do! Your Mom must be so proud of having a daughter like you :-) Sorry about Fifty, Mortimer sends a sympathetic woof!

  14. Poor Fifty. I hope he's back to normal by now. It will be great to hear about all the minutia of your days. What a good daughter you are. I bet your Mom was so happy and floored. Was she sixty? I ask because that birthday is a hard one; the hardest for me. You start thinking about getting really old and all that kind of stuff, the things you're not going to get or do and well, you know. It really is true about aging isn't for sissies. Love you sweet girl.

  15. Poor Fifty, I hope he's on the mend now, and lapping up the last of his attention? Plus an extra gold star for you being daughter of the year. What a lovely lovely thing you did for your mum. She'll make it up to you one day. xx



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