Saturday, January 31, 2015

The First Raclette

For those of you who have been with me for awhile, I'm sure you're looking at the title of this post and are all like, "first Raclette, my hiney the first Raclette!" And you would be right, because heaven knows, I've been around the Raclette block more than once. But this post is about the first Raclette in Texas, ours anyway.

It all started a couple of months before Christmas, when I knew that without a doubt, I'd be getting Gregory a Raclette for his present. It seemed like the perfect choice, December being prime Raclette season and all. Plus, it would bring Gregory a little bit of France to Texas, and I'm not going to lie, I wanted that little bit of cheesy France too... it was a win, win.

As the holidays approached and Christmas meal plans came together, I decided that Gregory's opening of his Raclette grill on Christmas morning would only be the first part of his Christmas present, because the second part would be delicious Raclette for our Christmas dinner (I like to give the gift of food). My mother agreed (mostly because of the easy peasy nature of it all I'm sure) and that was that.

After Gregory arrived and the holiday grew closer, my anticipation and glee grew as well, and every time I'd here Gregory speak of the wonders of Raclette to our Texan friends, my heart would pound in excitement. (By the way, you'd be surprised at how often Gregory can work the word 'Raclette' into a conversation with people here, like the time he was scooping Queso onto a chip and he looked over at Miss Vicki and said, "have you had Raclette? You need Raclette. The next time I come I bring the Raclette." And Miss Vicki and I smiled at each other because we knew that the Raclette was coming.)

Then early one morning, a couple of days before Christmas, I ever so gently lifted the duvet, and slipped out of bed as quietly as possible trying my best not to wake up Gregory, because if he stirred he'd ask, "where do you go Skippy" and I didn't want to have to make something up because he'd insist on going with me anyway, and he couldn't because I was making a super stealth trip to the grocery story for Raclette supplies.

By 7:30, I was back home, wrapping meats and cheese in tin foil and hiding the delectable parcels at the bottom of the vegetable crisper because of course he wouldn't look there, and saying that the breakfast taco line at Mary's Tacos was so long and that's where I had been for the past hour. My cheesy plan was coming together and Gregory was none the wiser!

Finally Christmas morning arrived and I was so excited and Gregory opened his present (which had been hiding at the back of the tree because Gregory cannot be trusted to not shake things and guess wildly) and then he was excited too and Fifty was excited because we were excited and we were all excited! And when I told Gregory that part two of his present was that we were having Raclette for Christmas dinner it was practically pandemonium!

I was happy, Gregory was happy, my mother was happy (Raclette for Christmas dinner means she didn't have to cook again, and since we do our fancy pants Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve every year, we've decided that going forward, Christmas day will be all about Raclette... that grill is the gift that keeps on giving), and we were all so happy that we had Raclette, like three times, in one week. So technically this post could have been called, The First, Second, and Third Raclette. The end. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

like whoa

Well, that was a busy couple of weeks.

It was almost two weeks ago that Gregory left, and since he did, I've been a spinning top, whirling about here and there, trying to do this and that.

First off, Fifty got sick. Somehow he managed to get something stuck in his poor paw and it caused an abscess and the abscess got infected and the infection made him sick and his nose dry and him miserable. He's been on antibiotics and is well on his way to being at 100% Fifty power again, so that's good.

Then, last week my mother had a big birthday. The kind of birthday that can't be ignored and demands something spectacular be done, so I decided to throw a party for her which I had been planning and pinning for weeks. And even though I was sure it would be fantastic, something more had to be done, I had to go bigger, and I did, with a surprise.

On Thursday night, while my mother sat sipping her birthday Margarita at her favorite Tex-Mex joint, and waiting for a couple of her close friends to join us, in walked her surprise... my brother, who hasn't set foot on Texas soil for twelve years managed to sneak in and sit down in her seat while she was standing up greeting her friends. Unbeknown to her, I had flown my brother in from Dublin earlier that day and managed to pull off the surprise of the century. To say she was shocked is an understatement of epic proportions. (I'm expecting to collect my Daughter of the Year Award any moment now).

So my brother is here and that's swell especially since he was able to be my sous chef on Saturday while I chopped and mixed in preparation for my mother's party. (BTW... I made a batch of these nuts to scatter about, and they're pretty much the most delicious things ever. You're gonna want to make them post haste!)

The party was grand and everyone had a wonderful time and when it was all over on Saturday night, I crashed into bed exhausted and with the most pitiful, swollen pair of tootsies. (Of course I miss Gregory, but I'm missing his foot rubs something fierce.)

And what else, let's see... oh yeah, work has been non-stop, like NON-STOP. You know how sometimes work just is work, and other times it's like whoa, yeah, it's been like whoa.

So yeah, it's been a bit hectic around here, but it's time to get back into the swing of things, so I'm making a pledge to myself that I will be back here at least once a week for a bit, and then twice, until I get back up to thrice. Baby steps people, baby steps.

There are still loads of tales to tell, stories that you've missed out on, gaps to fill. So don't be surprised if you click into here one cold miserable day in February and find yourself transported to a hot summer day in Texas, or sipping Rosé under a perfectly blue Mediterranean sky, or it could just be me, telling you about now. Who knows. Lets just stay in touch and see what happens. I miss y'all. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

60 days, blah, blah, bupkis

Bonne Année tout le monde! Seven days into 2015 already... file that under 'mind blown'.

So Gregory is on his way back to France this morning after the fastest four weeks in history. It was a whirlwind of a visit, but a truly wonderful one.

Now it's time for us to get back to gloomy, January, reality with a Gregory Green Card update.

Here's the deal... the good news; the NVC (that's National Visa Center for those of you lucky enough to not be in the know) finally got back to us after our last 60 day wait (it took 64 days to be exact) and asked us for Gregory's civil documents that are the last step before his interview at the embassy in Paris (please, please, please let this be it). Since Gregory was here and some of the documents we needed were back in France, we had to wait a week for his mother to send them to us before we could send them to the NVC, but we did manage to get them off before the end of the year. Go us.

Now for the bad news, as we were sending the documents off to the NVC, (instead of Gregory just bringing them to the embassy in Paris for the interview as we thought would happen), we just knew that we would be waiting forever again, and sure enough, yesterday morning I woke up to another dreaded, 'please wait 60 days' blah blah blah, putain merde' letter (those last two words are very naughty and should be ignored, forgive me).

So yeah, we are still stuck waiting in 'the process'. That's what my Congressman's office calls it, 'a process', and they say that, 'the process takes time'... process my hiney! Sending out three letters; one after another, basically stating that 'we're too busy' and 'you're going to have to wait two months before we even look at your file' is not part of a process, it's inefficiency, so lets all stop pretending.

And here's the problem with 'the process', When you're in it, you have no idea how long it's going to take, and there's no one that can tell you. But one the one thing I do know is that it used to take a lot less time. I have friends whose spouses got their Green Cards in less than six months! Sure that was like five years ago, but c'mon! It's already been over thirteen months for us, and I can predict we're looking at at least another three, when we thought it would take like, 9 months, tops. Trust me, if we had any idea how long it would drag out (keeping in mind that it took four months for the processing of one form), I would still be hanging out in Le Petit Village, throwing back the Rosé and nibbling on baguettes instead of being roomies with my mother (my poor, poor mother), and I wouldn't have just said goodbye to my husband... again!

Alors, here's the deal, I, Sara Louise, am taking a stance. I refuse to let my life be ruled by the NVC any longer. Gregory and I spent six months of 2014 apart because of their inefficiency and that's not OK, that's not OK at all. So we've made a decision, Gregory will be returning to Texas in four weeks. He will be here for my birthday, he will be here for Valentine's Day, he will be here for our fifth wedding anniversary, and he will stay until his interview at the embassy in Paris is scheduled, or his three months tourist visa is up, whichever comes first. He won't be able to work while he's here, so we'll be broke, but so be it. At least we'll be broke and together. Amen. 
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