Friday, November 28, 2014


// It finally happened! After eleven years, I finally got my real American Thanksgiving, and it was every bit as wonderful as I knew it would be. I can't wait to do with again next year with Gregory stuffing himself with turkey next to me.

// Have you seen Mockingjay yet? I saw it last week and like Thanksgiving, I want a do over. Loved, loved, loved it.

// This is how ridiculous I am sometimes; I was talking to my mother and saying how I needed some good curry powder and red and green curry pastes and she told me that there are few good Asian markets in San Antonio. I said, "Ugh, I don't want to drive all the way into San Antonio. When you're in Dublin, can you pop into the Asian store on Abbey Street and pick me up some?" Because only in my mind, does it make more sense for my mother to pick me up some when she's in Dublin, than for me to drive down the road and get some.

// So my mother is going to Dublin for a week tomorrow, and ever since Fifty saw the suitcases being pulled out, he's been mopey and practically inconsolable. It's horribly sad and I feel terrible for him. He hates seeing suitcases, poor guy.

// As of today, about 98% of my Christmas shopping is done and 75% of the cards have been written. I just felt like sharing that information. Go me.

// When do you put up your holiday decorations? I'm practically chomping at the bit to put mine up because this is the year I've been waiting for, this is the year I have finally been reunited with my Christmas decorations that were sitting in storage while I was an expat. All of my Santas and my Nativity scene can finally be taken out of their boxes, dusted off, and do what they were made to do... spread Christmas cheer! (I would love to say that ALL of my Christmas decorations are now together, but I can't, because the decorations I accumulated when I was in France, are now in Massachusetts at my sister's with the rest of my belongings. Eventually, me and all of my stuff will be in the same location. That's the dream.)

// The other day on Facebook, someone had posted one of the zillions of Bill Cosby memes that have been going around. It was tasteless, and I usually ignore such things, but as I was scrolling down, a comment that someone had posted about it caught my eye. This it what it said: "You can take the monkey out of the jungle, but you can't take the jungle out of the monkey. lmfao." Seriously, someone actually wrote that. And here's the thing, I see things like that weekly on Facebook, not necessarily always that extreme, but hints of it. So for anyone who thinks that race still isn't an issue in this country, well, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you.


  1. What a beautiful table setting!

    If it's any consolation, at least you guys talk about your issues with racism (I mean, not like the guy on fb did, obviously). I think a lot of countries just like to ignore and deny problems.

  2. 98 and 75%!? Unless you only have one person to give to, I am seriously impressed.

    1. Those are guesstimates of course, but that's pretty much it! :)

  3. Check you out Mrs sorting out all of your Christmas shopping! I have to admit though, i'm almost finished too!! Leaving to go back to the alps, just for a holiday this time, but I need to be prepared! xx

  4. So happy Sara that you had a wonderful day. We were in London, not too much 'Thanksgiving' happening but I did stroll pass the American Embassy and send my love across the ocean to all I hold dear back in USA!!!

  5. I agree, lovely table. I never celebrate Thanksgiving in France and have never been back for it -- it doesn't jive well with a teacher's schedule. But it has been fun to read about it on social media.

  6. I am happy for you that you got to have your American Thanksgiving. I know it will be really special when you have it next year with Gregory. I hope this all gets sorted out soon.

  7. I hope that you've had an amazing thanksgiving! And I'm a bit jealous about how much progress you've made on Christmas.

    7% Solution

  8. It is awful for the dogs who don't understand - poor Pickle is the same way :( going to watch Mockingjay tomorrow!

  9. Now I feel pretty bad about my Christmas shopping progress. :) Poor Fifty! My cats hate suitcases as well! I still haven't seen the second Hunger Games movie. I need to catch up.

  10. My cat almost has a nervous breakdown when he sees my suitcase. He has an unfortunate habit of taking revenge, too...
    Glad you enjoyed Thanksgiving. The table looks lovely. :)

  11. I just ordered my Xmas cards today. And now I'm panicking...

  12. Yay for Thanksgiving in America!! :) We've one more here in London and then, unless we move somewhere else, I'll get my grandmother's cooking again! Hers is way better than mine.

    We haven't seen Mockingjay yet. At this point, we'll probably wait until we can rent it on the TV. Then I can watch it like 3 times before it expires. ;)

  13. I always thought that it was normal for people to start putting Christmas decorations up as soon as Thanksgiving was over. That is how I remember it growing up anyways. I haven't seen Mockingjay, but than again I have yet to see The Hunger Games.

  14. Oh my god, I can't wait for Gregory to experience Thanksgiving with you!! All non-Americans are so confused/mesmerised/impressed with it, and I love their reactions. Also, Mockingjay was amazing. I think I cried through most of it because it was all just so powerful and intense!

  15. See, my pup loves seeing suitcases! She is all OHBOYTRIPWOOHOOYAYIHOPEIMJOININGYOU!

    And mad props on the Christmas shopping... I am not as lucky... by far.


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