Wednesday, February 19, 2014

nine days to go

// That jeep was sitting across the street from the restaurant where I had my birthday lunch. I was this close to hopping in it and driving straight to The LPV (when I say, 'this close', you have to picture me holding my thumb and forefinger barely a centimeter apart with my eyes all squinty... but of course that's all a total lie... I'm way to much of a goody two shoes to ever do anything that naughty). Whenever I see something like this jeep I like to look at Gregory and say, "you're welcome". He doesn't find it funny, me, I think it's hysterical.

// Last week we went to Honey Jr's for dinner, Honey's Honey was making cheeseburgers. It was probably the last time the four of us will hang out like that for a long, long time. I'm going to miss those two, but, they have promised that their big vacation next year will be to visit us. I'm sure Fifty will be over the moon ecstatic when Honey Jr walks through his American front door... can you imagine?! The tail wagging will be glorious!

// I'm trying to enjoy every last drop of delicious, inexpensive, French wine that I can before I get to the States and the prices send me into psychogenic shock. Plus, I have no idea what I'm going to do about all of those cutesy wine labels... how in the H-E-double hockey sticks am I supposed to know what a wine tastes like when it's called things like, Fat Bastard and Arrogant Frog?! Please send help.

// Gregory and I went out for lunch on Valentine's Day. It was low key and nice... a few plates of Sushi, a couple of Asahi beers and we were as happy as could be. I think that was our last date for quite awhile. My mother arrives tomorrow, The Londons are coming up this weekend, and then my brother is here next Tuesday... yep, that was our last date until like, April (Gregory doesn't arrive in The US until the end of March, and even then it isn't permanent because the whole Green Card process is still going on). I kind of wish I had realized that when we were there. Bummer.

 // All of the boxes are packed. That's it, ten boxes. Of course there are quite a few suitcases going (my mother isn't coming over here for nothing you know), but that's it. We've managed to sell all of our furniture and lots of bits and pieces and we've given away loads... LOADS. Child Bride has a whole new wardrobe and my friend, Martine, has been given enough DVDs and books to open a shop. It's amazing how much stuff you realize that you have when you start sorting through things, and it's amazing how much stuff you realize you simply don't need. That's my deep thought for the day.

// As much as moving is a pain in the petunia, sometimes something wonderful happens, like you unearth long forgotten treasures... in this case a very old photo of me and my oldest and dearest friend, Jessie. This photo was taken a long, long, time ago in a galaxy far, far away. (Not really, just Poughkeepsie in the early 90s, but that's certainly a long way away from present day Le Petit Village.)

// Fifty has had surgery and he's pretty much the most miserable puppy at the moment. I am counting down the seconds until he's all healed up and the stitches can be removed, because no amount of treats and cuddles can make the itching stop. Also, Gregory is beside himself and I really can't take it anymore. (Fifty had his boy bits removed and by the way Gregory is going on and on and all of the dramatic hysteria, you would think that it had been him under the knife.)

// When we were at the Vet's office, I saw this poster for a missing dog. She looks awfully familiar to me... those eyes, those ears, that smile... I think she might be Fifty's mother. What do you think? Her name is Doxie, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she finds her way back home.

So what have you guys been up to? 



  1. Maybe there's a wine label translation service somewhere :oD Or maybe you could start one...

    Hope Fifty, and Gregory in sympathy, feel much better soon!

  2. These men and their cojones....sigh. Sounds like you're enjoying the small amount of time you have left innFrance, which is the important thing. Good luck for the last days and hope even more fond memories are made.

  3. I love coming across old photographs and reminiscing. Poor Fifty!

  4. Sara, I am very proud of you for whittling your possessions down to ten boxes. I wish I had known at your age, that it is all just stuff. I'd probably be a millionaire now if I had not bought into capitalism/consumerism. Love that younger people are getting into leading the simple life. My daughter says when her youngest leaves for college, she's off to a beach town somewhere warm, to lead a simple life. She's going to take me too, but I'm afraid I might not last that long. What's with the green card thing? Spouses aren't allowed to come and stay? Don't know about all that.

  5. Sara .. get back out there and find that jeep immediately! I'd give my left cajone AND wear a protective collar with Fifty just to drive it around the block. Sounds like you two are nearly "there" .. continued good luck on the move. Aloha

  6. Sara .. thought you might enjoy this one .. relating to "stuff"


  7. If there's one thing I'll miss when we move back to the U.S., it'll be cheap Spanish wine, mainly from a region called Toro (where my husband is from). I don't know any good wines outside of that! A few Riojas and Riberas, sure, but I totally agree! Fat Bastard? Cupcake? :)

  8. Oh wow, time is going fast now. Just 9 days left!? How exactly did you just pack 10 boxes?? I'm not sure I'd be able to leave so many things behind...but who knows :)
    Poor Fifty, I really hope he'll feel better soon (so Gregory will relax, too ;)
    I hope you're having a good week and that you can enjoy those last days as much as possible!

  9. So much going on for you guys but do keep in mind, you just so happen to have a stateside friend that knows a thing or two about French wines....
    Just sayin'

  10. Awww, poor Fifty in his cone of shame. I can't believe it's that close! And good for you for getting down to 10 boxes - that's got to be some sort of major accomplishment!

  11. Such exciting times!! I keep my fingers crossed for a smooth visa procedure for you guys & enjoy those last few days to the fullest!

  12. Oh, it's happening! 10 boxes?! Wow, you guys really cleaned house! That's impressive. And look how tidy those boxes are.

    I loved the comment about wine in the States! First, French wine is super taxed! A bottle of Côtes du Rhône is like 14 bucks, and second, the labels! What does Sweet Bitch wine taste like?! (please Google search that label.)

    Don't you love saying Poughkeepsie? : )

  13. Ten boxes? WOW! Can I invite you over to sort out my stuff? ;)

    Poor Fifty. I hope he heals up quickly.

  14. I hope Doxie will be back home soon! And that Fifty will feel better! Poor little guy!
    By the way, I think saying "you're welcome" is hysterical too!

  15. Poor Gregory and Fifty! At least Fifty has some korai support.

    I totally hate those stupid cutesy wine names. Seems like they're compensating for crap wine?

  16. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read the title - nine days, that's soon come around but you seem so organised. I'm sure you will have plenty of volunteers to come over for a hoiliday with you. You are absolutely right about possessions. A move is such a good excuse for a clear out and we really don't need all the things we accumulatre. In fact I'm not moving but I think we should have another clear-out!

  17. You might just have to switch California wine after the move - French wine is outrageously priced in the States, at least compared to Europe. I remember the first time we went to the grocery after moving here and I saw that wine was cheaper than our {organic} milk, my jaw nearly hit the floor!

    I can't believe it's come up so fast! You've got less than a week now! Eeek!

  18. That jeep is pretty cool! My man is building a jeep at the minute, it looks awesome! We are big jeep fans here!

  19. this is so wrong on so many levels, but whenever I hear of a dog getting neutered I head in my head



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