Saturday, February 15, 2014

mon anniveraire: un reportage photo

Disclosure: Since I like to stretch out my birthday celebrations for as long as possible, this is actually a photo essay of my birthweek. I've tried stretching it out to my birthmonth but 1. Gregory put the kibosh on that and 2. I don't have that kind of time at the moment... drats. 

 // My birthday dinner; a bottle of Champagne and a kebab and fries from the kebab van. It was exactly what I wanted and scrumptiously delicious.
// All of my birthday cards glowing in candlelight. Few things in life make me happier than receiving things in the post (not bills or anything equally sucky obviously, just fun, frilly things). I'm a huge fan of snail mail.
// Fifty and I took a birthday selfie. This was like take 372 due to his desire to lick my face instead of posing calmly. I think he finally tuckered himself out and that's why he was sitting still in this one.
// I didn't have a birthday cake this year, but rather eight small cakes each loving picked out by Gregory. This one was my favorite; a perfectly sized square of Tiramisu.

// We celebrated my birthday and the opening ceremony of the Olympics at The Croupier's house with pizza and baby cuddles. Actually, most of the baby cuddles were hogged by Gregory. That's OK though, my hands were left free for more pizza.
// The drive south to Toulon to carry on my birthday celebrations with The Londons.
// Another day of celebrating, another bottle of Champagne #treatyoself
// I'm really getting the hand of this selfie thing (duckface not included). This one is of Mrs. London and me. She's much more cooperative than Fifty.

// What's better than wine? Free wine of course. This is at the reception after the Toulon vs. Biarritz match. FYI... I can now carry five full glasses in my dainty hands.
// Here's Gregory and Mr. London plotting something or another. I thought it was best to catch them red handed. I'm not yet sure what they've gotten up to, or will get up to, but with this photo I have proof that something was/ is afoot, and that's all I need.
// The best Sushi in Toulon. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to Sushi, I simply like what I like, in this case, salmon and avocado California rolls and shrimp maki... yum yum dim sum.
// And starring as The Candy Man... Mr. London.



  1. Happy Birthday - I think a birthday week is definitely the Way to Go, and you made the most of your last birthday (for the moment!) in France. Wishing you a great year ahead!

  2. When I read 'what's better than wine?' I thought nothing, of course. I will make an exception for free wine thought because that's pretty bloody great ;)

  3. Joyeux anniversarie. A birthday week sounds wonderful,(but not always logistically possible). I hope your birthday wishes coming true. Warm regards.

  4. Bon anniversaire! Your post and photos made me miss France. I'm now catching up with what I have missed. :)

  5. Glad you had a great birthday. Brilliant idea having lots of little cakes!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  6. Happy birthday! I am still not into the selfie thing. (Too self conscious. Ironic?)

  7. Happy Birthday! You certainly enjoy life, and that is wonderful to see!

  8. Dang overseas moves, takin over your birthday month and stuff. Your birthday week looks like it was fabulous, though!

  9. Happy Birthday! I fully agree that birthdays should be stretched out for as long as possible and having a birth week is completely appropriate (mine is coming up next week ~yay!) Glad you enjoyed all the good things in life, looked like a lot of fun. Bonne Fete!

  10. Happy late birthday! Looks like you had fun-filled week and here's hoping you can squeak it into a month at some point. :) And you are absolutely right, snail mail is the best (minus the bills).

  11. Love your birthday selfie! Fifty is such a sweetheart! And you totally deserve a birthday month!

  12. Happy Birthday belatedly! I am happy you didn't miss any opportunity to celebrate during your birthday week. If you don't take responsibility for making sure your birthday is celebrated in appropriate fashion, you might get forgotten altogether. I can speak from experience.

  13. I'm also a huge fan of snail mail. Nothing is greater, I think. You're so lucky to have a whole birthday week!! ;)

  14. Aww, happy bday - I love that you had kebabs for your bday dinner and didn't mind not getting cuddles so you could eat pizza!

  15. no pressure or anything but Gregory looks really good with a baby.


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