Wednesday, January 22, 2014


// Last night, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith was on French TV. We were watching bits of it here and there and I was explaining to Gregory who everybody was (he still hasn't seen the three original Star Wars movies but I have promised to finally rectify that this weekend). I made the mistake of saying, "That's Anakin Skywalker, he's Luke's dad. This is before he turns into Darth Vader." And then Gregory looked at me and said, "Darth Vader is Luke's father?" Oops. (HOW DID HE NOT KNOW THAT?!?! I know he hasn't seen the films but c'mon!) 

// On the Sleepy Hollow season finale, Ichabod Crane said the word, 'poppycock', and I turned about fifty shades of happy. I love that word! POPPYCOCK, POPPYCOCK, POPPYCOCK!

// Lena Dunham posted this tweet, which I'm pretty sure is the greatest tweet of all time because it's 100% true. If you don't believe me, watch the clip below. P.S. Me + Jordan Catalano = Forever

Jared Leto has a psychosexual hold on everyone who watched My So-Called Life and it's really complicating this awards season

// Honey Jr and Honey's Honey are on three weeks holiday in New Caledonia and every time a photo of them lounging on some secluded beach sipping cocktails pops up on Facebook, I want to punch them. I love them, but I want to punch them.

// Our next door neighbor informed us that a possible new tenant would be coming to look at our house tonight (her son owns the place). Gregory asked whether it would be her or her son who would be showing the guy around. Imagine our surprise when she said neither, we would. I wasn't aware that we had become real estate agents. I hope he likes the 'super-duper quick, get the eff out of my house so I can finish cooking dinner tour', because that's what he's getting. #aintnobodygottimeforthat

// My house is currently packing central. I'm trying to get as much as possible done in January, so I can try and enjoy my last month in France or at the very least, make it as stress-free as possible. There are open boxes and bubble wrap everywhere. I can't concentrate on anything else because all I see all around me is stuff that needs to get done, it's a tad distracting and a little stressful.

// I have become a Monday - Friday blogger, that is all my head can handle at the moment. (RE: see above). I'm surprised I managed to eek this one out. Thanks for continuing to pop by and say hi, it means the world to me.



  1. Hey, New Caledonia is next door to us!
    I guess you had to have watched that show 'in the day'. All I see are a bunch of people who really needed haircuts. The 00s were very cruel.

  2. Ha! Ha! Spoiler alert! I thought everybody knew though....just wait until he sees The Empire Strikes Back, Han Solo, bounty hunter etc. : )

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. Oh man packing up to move is always so stressful, and having to add in showing possible tenants around that doesn't sound like fun! Best of luck hopefully its not a to stressful process ;)

  4. Ok seriously, not knowing that Darth Vader is Luke's father is like not knowing what happened to Ann Frank! Doesn't everyone know!? haha

    Good luck with the packing. I hope you aren't too stressed! It's no fun, is it!?

  5. Lena was right on the money. I love Jordan Catalano.

  6. New Caledonia is beee-yooou-ti-ful! Are they going to Ile des Pins?

    And another question: does Fifty like the bubble wrap?

  7. I know that punching feeling. I want to punch people in Texas a lot, even if it's like 75 one day and 32 the next, at least they got the one day of 75. Pictures of anyone in shorts makes me cry a little.

  8. Oh Jordan Catalano...I kind of want to watch the entire My So-Called Life series again but I'm terrified that it won't have aged well and I will think it is lame. Um...Mon-Fri blogger = amazing. I write about as frequently as network sitcoms - your dedication is impressive!

  9. You missed your "Great Opportunity" ....

    "Come right in, folks .. here's the kitcen, here's the bathroom, It comes completely furnished, great place! Oh, by the way ... the owners will credit you 100 Euro if you'll stick around and pack for us"

    At the very least, it will be the last time the landlords ask you to do their job. At best, you and "G" can settle in and watch Star Wars while they fold your undies. Aloha!

  10. Ha, well now you have more time to pack as you won't need to watch Star Wars ;o)

    So nice that they gave you 'tour' notice, I hope he appreciates all the packing!

  11. I need to start watching that show right NOW! I can't believe I've never watched My So-Called Life... Maybe it's a US thing? Hope the packing will go smoothly. I can imagine what state you must be in right now. Good luck!

  12. I want to punch all of my friends back home who are posting pictures of them at the beach. Love them, but wanna punch them.

  13. JORDAN CATALANO!!! I could watch that scene on repeat (and maybe I did :)

  14. I haven't even really watched the star wars movies and even I knew that ha. good luck with the packing. worst thing everrrr.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  15. There is nothing more challenging than moving. First packing everything, moving, then unpacking! In your case, add the real estate showing responsibility and this would make me nuts.

    I say pop the cork and say cheers. Better days are here to come.
    My thoughts are with you, Susan

  16. Can't believe Gregory hasn't seen the Star Wars movies! I mean, he is a guy?! I thought all men have seen them. Good luck with all the packing! I know how annoying that is but I hope you can enjoy your last weeks in France! And oh...Jordan Catalano! I was in love!

  17. Ah, the joys of moving, especially across an ocean. You'll be fine, and it's a great idea to leave your last month there for fun things, as much as you can!

  18. Moving is one of the most stressful events in life. I am sure that Gregory has lots of questions about his future life in America. Good luck with all of your packing.


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