Wednesday, January 15, 2014

behind the photos XI

When I look back on all of the big events that have happened in the four plus years that I've lived in Le Petit Village, I can hardly believe it; babies being born, the death of loved ones (a bit of a downer I know, but unfortunately part of life), and weddings, lots and lots of weddings. Today I thought I'd take a look back on two weddings; The Cousin's and Honey B's. Both of these took place in the summer of 2010, a few months after mine, but sadly, both of these weddings resulted in marriages that are no more, so I guess I can add divorces to the list of big events. Ain't that a kick in the teeth.

Photos or Gregory and I are very rare, hence the reason I'm including this one in this edition of behind the photos, because not only is it us, but we look pretty darn good too. Also, I'm mourning that dress. It's been passed along to Child Bride and will not be making the journey to the States. **sniffle**

There they are, The Cousin and Mrs.Cousin in their wedding finery. This photo was taken in the mairie in some town outside Marseille where Mrs.Cousin is from (I have zero recollection of what it's called or exactly where we were). In France you have to get married in a civil ceremony in your local town hall, and moving on to a church for a religious ceremony afterwards is entirely optional. (It was at The Cousin's church service that I found out Gregory had almost been betrothed to a Gypsy). 

I've always liked this photo; there is something 'kids in the hall' about it to me. Gatz, Honey B's future (and now ex) wife, The Croupier and Bubble lined up waiting for newly married couple to make their debut. 

Here's me with my first French girl friends. They were so nice to me (are still) and I remember feeling incredibly happy that they accepted me and were patient with my French. Making friends in a new country can be difficult, and I struck the jackpot with these two. 
P.S. It was REALLY windy that day. 

At the reception, Bubble was sat at a 'gypsy' table, I guess because they were all single at the time. Even though Bubble was friends with them, he wasn't friends-friends, so Gregory could tell that he was a tad uncomfortable, naturally, he decided to help him bond with them... 

The Gypsy is a really loyal friend to Gregory and if Gregory asks him to do something, he does. In this instance, Gregory told him to whack Bubble over the head with that plate, you know, for giggles, and The Gypsy did, and sure enough, we giggled. I was curious if this kind of loyalty extended to me, since I was Gregory's new wife, so I asked The Gypsy to do it again, and he did! It was awesome... poor Bubble.
Disclaimer: No Bubbles were harmed during the taking of this photo.

Is this not the coolest wedding car ever? Yeah, I think so too. It was for Honey B's wedding in Carpentras. 

And once again I got to hang with my French girls, except this time the bride changed. Not only did this wedding feature my favorite wedding car ever, it also featured one of my favorite wedding dresses. 
I have absolutely no idea what was happening when this photo was taken or what The Croupier's face is all about, but I don't care... I LOVE THIS PHOTO. It makes me laugh. 

While this was the third wedding in France I attended, it was the first where I actually managed to stay awake for the Croquembouches, the traditional French wedding dessert. This was at like 2AM. Who eats dessert at 2AM?! People at French weddings do, that's who. 



  1. I bet you're doing all kinds of reminiscing in addition to the behind the photos with the impending move; so many special memories! I have yet to go to a German wedding, darnit.

  2. I would absolutely stay up tip 2am to eat that - it looks delish. How long did you last in those shoes from the first photo, BTW? They look like hell on the tootsies (but are very nice to look at).

    1. Please! I can wear heels forever, any height, I can even run in them... don't you remember me running in my heels in Aix to show you???

  3. I can see why you are so sad that the dress won't be making the trip across the ocean.

  4. The dress in the first picture is fab! Maybe you can steal it back from Child Bride? ;)

  5. At our wedding, all of the americans were exhausted by midnight (also due to the time change) and bailed after the piece montee. The french were left wondering what the heck? The reception ended around 2 am, early by french standards. It was fine for me, because i was exhausted.

  6. I remember wearing heels like that, but since having the boys....I have to opt for a wider heel on a night out! Love your dress. : ) Also love the traditional French wedding 'cake', in fact I love most other countries wedding cakes except the UK. I think that is why we married in Italy so we could avoid the heavy fruit cake. : D

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  7. Oh hey girl! You look awesome in that dress up there! Sad that it's gone! : )

  8. Uhm, your body is ridiculous and those dresses are both incredible!
    When my mom and dad got married, she was very confused that weddings ended so early - she was used to late night croquembouches (and more wine.. always more wine).

  9. UM, that dessert looks amazing!! Great that the wedding was still going at 2am, they tend to wind up at about 11ish in Aus!

  10. Desserts at 2 am definitely sounds like my kind of thing! And thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures, I can't even tell you how much I love this series! You look soooo beautiful in your dresses!

  11. I particularly love the bit where the plates got cracked over heads :oD

  12. I've been MIA a lot from blogging lately, myself. So I've just caught up on the fact that you are moving to the USA! Big change. I'm sure it's hard to leave ~ but new adventures coming your way. Every time I look at mushrooms in the store now, I can't help but think of your maggoty mushroom adventure. I enjoyed this post, but it was a little sad too. People start out with such high hopes when they get married, and sometimes it just doesn't work. Lovely brides and dresses though. Take care!

  13. Love this. Feel like I was there! xo

  14. Thanks for taking us along on your trip down memory lane and sharing some pictures from special events during your years in LPV.

  15. You're looking very glamorous there! I love a good French wedding - they seem to go on forever with the two ceremonies and then the lavish meal with so many delicious courses. The wedding car is just the cutest I have ever seen. I've always had a soft spot for the 2CV though. In fact, we had one briefly many years ago.

  16. I LOVE that wedding car! You're photos are so lovely and you look amazing. Sorry to hear the marriages are no more.


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