Monday, November 25, 2013

I have a child and his name is Fifty

I'm linking up with Betsy today. The topic; 'how our dogs have prepared us for children'. Betsy has a black lab named Charlie who is every bit of a handful that Fifty is. 
. . . . . . . . . . 

When I got Fifty, I had zero interest in adopting a puppy, I had wanted a dog, not a puppy. I was looking for companionship, not the hassle of housebreaking a wee shoe destroying, roly-poly ball of fur. Plus, I liked the idea of giving an abandoned adult dog a home. After all, they are usually the last to get adopted. But luckily for Gregory and I, the lady at the shelter had her own agenda. 

Every dog that we looked at and that I voiced interest in was a no for some reason or another; "that one would destroy your house," "you couldn't handle this one, he doesn't like people,' and my favorite, "this one will be dead in a week."

After we had looked at all of the dogs, or so I thought, she brought us around to her office, and there outside, in his own little makeshift fenced in area was bitty, baby, Fifty. I took one look at him and knew he was mine which was exactly how she had planned it. He had arrived at the shelter with his two sisters and after they had both been adopted, he remained alone. We brought him home and the three of us became a family.

Then the exhaustion began. Since I'm a housewife and was home all day with him, I felt like he had to be housebroken as soon as possible, like if he wasn't, I was a huge failure. At first we went outside every thirty minutes, and then every hour, and then every two hours, until Fifty learned that outside is where he goes pee-pee. And it worked, it almost killed me I was so tired, but it worked. The only time there is an 'accident' is if Fifty is sick.

And that's how Fifty has taught me to get over ickyness. Baby diapers are no match for a grown dog with a bad tummy (and not the vomit bad tummy, that's horrible enough, I'm talking about the bad tummy that comes out the other end). It's pretty much the most disgusting thing ever, and when it happens, trust me when I say this, there is never enough paper towels to deal with it, ever. So yeah, diapers and baby vomit, not a problem. 

But when Fifty is sick, he looks at me with the saddest face and as much as I want to kill him for having sick tummy ALL OVER THE HOUSE at three in the morning, I can't be mad at him. He's my baby and it's not his fault.

The thing is, I'm not one of these crazy people that thinks Fifty is a child, I know he's not human, but he's MY child and when I adopted him I took responsibility for his well being, it is my job to make sure he is taken care of. He is innocent like a child and completely dependant on me.

He has to be bathed like a child (except outside with a hose, not in a tub with a rubber ducky).

I taught him how to share and to play nicely with others. 

And that if he doesn't play nicely with his toys, they get taken away (not soon enough in some cases). 

But best of all, I taught him the fun of playing dress up, except with Fifty, 
he always insists on being the princess. 

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  1. aw so so cute! I definitely have had to learn to get over some ickiness with 2 dogs who are technically house broken but basically do whatever they want (fun!) so I know what you mean :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. Our puppy has had tummy issues off and on since we brought her home--she broke us in early when she threw up on me (twice) on the car ride home. The next time, when she was sick the other way, I wanted to throw up but I got over it. It breaks my heart when she looks at me all helpless!

  3. Whew. I found this super moving! Truly, you would have to have a heart of stone not to be touched by your lovely words and that FACE!!! *happy sigh*

  4. Aww, Fifty makes an adorable princess!

    I so want a dog, even if it does mean cleaning up after poorly tummies.

  5. I love these pictures of Fifty! He is so freakin adorable. :) I totally get what you're saying about how he is your child. Prior to having the boys, Tiki was our baby. Just like with Fifty, we trained her and cuddled her and dressed her up for fun sometimes. We even threw her a birthday party for the big 5 complete with guests (our friends who understood) and I baked a dog-friendly cake. haha! The things we do for the people AND dogs that we love. :)

  6. Fifty is so cute! My boyfriend and I adopted a dog three months ago now named Elliot. We adore him and spoil him rotten. While we realize he's not a child, we still treat him like he is one, worrying about him when he's home alone or sick (like he is now). We would much rather curl up on the couch with him or play with him than do anything else.


  7. Sooo cute! Love this post and the pictures are awesome :)
    I could never live without animals, they make life worth living (even on those not so great days ;)

  8. I think you actually have two children, it's just that only one of them is on 4 legs ;o)

  9. Living in the "city" (paha, feel so weird calling it that) I miss being around pets so much, but totally understand why no one has them as they just can't be free like they need to.

  10. What a cutie! I think if I tried to dress my dogs up, Eli would eat the costume and Rose would freeze me with an "I'm too cool for this" glare.

  11. Who could resist that face, especially when wearing a tiara! : )

  12. Hmm try facing vomiting child and puppy with stuff coming out the other end when you've got morning sickness.
    I will tell you the story some day.

  13. I love this! He is your child, and the bond with a dog is a special one. I love hearing about Fifty's antics. x

  14. HIS EARS. I love his ears the best in ever photo, especially the one with the tiara!

  15. That last picture!!!!! Poor Fifty. I guess even if you don't grow up in the same home as your two sisters, you STILL end up being forced to play princesses. ;o)

  16. Oh my goodness, this was the most adorable post! I had never thought of it this way but dogs really are like babies in a lot of ways... except you are fortunate they grow up quicker! Even more ammo for me to use to convince Dan we need a dog to prepare us for babies when we are older :P.

  17. Awww...I'm so jealous. I've been trying to get a dog for almost 2 years now but the rationale of a small apartment continually wins. I guess I will just have to content myself looking at other's pictures! WAH!

  18. "this one will be dead in a week." I can only imagine your reaction to this! You got a pre-coffee laugh out of me. Bravo and thank you. : )

    Sadly we don't have pets but teaching French tinys has definitely made me more maternal. One minute we're learning about Thanksgiving and what Gobble Gobble means and the next I'm picking up a hysterical child from the bathroom standing barefoot in a puddle of his own piss. Isn't life abroad so glamorous?

  19. Aww, love Fifty so much! And you are definitely the best Fifty Mom ever! :)
    Can't believe what that woman at the shelter said....:(

  20. I never thought I'd be able to 'scoop the poop' but now I don't even think about it. I was always a cat person but there's nothing like that bounding enthusiasm when you walk through the door (even when you've only been out for half an hour) to really lift your spirits.

  21. Oh he's so adorable. I'm desperate for a pet of our own but since we're in apartments and not sure where we're going to next it's a bit tricky. One day though. One day.


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