Friday, November 1, 2013

this week

How was every one's All Hallows' Eve? I hope your sugar rush come downs weren't too shaky. Mine was sugar free... no tricks or treats, just a lazy night on the couch watching Disney's old Legend of Sleepy Hollow followed by the Johnny Depp one (We're on a bit of a Headless Horseman kick around here).

On All Hallows' Eve Eve, Honey Jr and Honey's Honey came over for dinner (I made this Chicken Piccata pasta). Fifty was so excited, he wore his Halloween t-shirt a day early because they wouldn't get to see him on the actual day. Missing Fifty in his Boo t-shirt is an absolute no-no. (Honey Jr and Honey's Honey spent Halloween night at an electric dance party in Marseille. Back in my day we called this, a Rave. Sweet Lord I'm old.)

Honey Jr deserved to get out their and shake his bon-bon... last Sunday he ran the Marseille-Cassis marathon for the third year in a row and finished in one hour-forty, and Brother-in-Law ran it for his first time and came in at a respectable two hours-five. I'm proud of them both. Me, you couldn't catch me running up and down those steep hills fighting the Mistral, no-siree-bob, not me.

So here we are, another Friday in The LPV, except this one won't be in The LPV. In a couple of hours, we're hitting the road south to Toulon. Honey Jr and Honey's Honey will be meeting us down there and after some parrot Mojitos on the port, we'll watch Mr. London do his thing against Bordeaux (I love Bordeaux's rugby uniforms... they're the color of wine! Never have rugby players looked so delicious... well that's not entirely true.) and then I'm sure we'll go out and get up to no good because that's what Fridays are for. À bientôt mes amis et bon weekend!
Don't do anything I wouldn't do... better yet, don't do anything I would...

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  1. Holy sh*t, that's a fast marathon time. I think it must be a half-marathon. (That's a good time nonetheless).
    Fifty is as cute as a button and I hope you guys have a great weekend in Toulon. x x

  2. i'm so old. i spent the halloween night watching bad tv at home and some other war movies. i was just dead tired that i refused to go out. your sugar free night just sounds perfect to me

  3. Fifty looks so cute! I had plenty of sweet treats last night - probably far too many! Halloween chocolates, cupcakes etc. Have a great weekend in Toulon.

  4. For I think the first time in France, I found a bar which served Mojitos made with simple syrup instead of normal sugar, so that was my sweet treat! Have a good weekend.

  5. Fifty looks fantastic!:) Hope you are having a wonderful time!

  6. Fifty is such a good boy wearing that costume. My big dogs would be either pouting and skulking around the house or trying to chew it off.
    Sounds like a fun weekend ahead! Enjoy :)

  7. I love Fifty in his Halloween shirt :) very cute. cute might not be the effect he was shooting for, but whatevs, Fifty.

  8. A rave!! Haha! 90's flashback!

    No costume and trick-or-treating for Fifty? Poor neglected puppy dog.... ;o)

  9. An electric dance party? So that's what the kids are calling raves now. Good to know. Thanks Sara! And you had Parrot mojitos again this weekend! Sounds like a perfect holiday weekend and a cozy Halloween night in!

  10. for what it's worth, Fifty is my favorite to follow on Facebook. his posts always make me smile.


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