Monday, November 11, 2013

Behind the Photos IX

Ahhh... summer in Provence. There are few things that make my heart sing the way summer in Provence does. Le Petit Village comes alive with the sun and we all move outside in celebration. (The following photos are from Summer 2010.)

Here's me celebrating the arrival of the season as it should be, with Rosé. I look happy. This photo was taken at a restaurant in the nearby village of Cereste. I had only returned from two weeks in Dublin the day before and I was anxious to feel the sun beating down on me. See that white watch on my wrist? I bought it on the airplane on the way back to France. Just thought I'd throw that out there. 

Here I am, happy again. This time I'm with Brother-in-Law, Child Bride and Gregory. It was Gregory's birthday. I feel like we all look a lot younger here. I also feel like I got a little heavy handed with the Touche Eclat.  

And here's Monsieur Fifty celebrating his daddy's birthday. Doesn't he look dapper? He's smiling. 

Here's a little 'Behind the Photos' trivia for you... Fifty thinks he's a lapdog. It was easily forgiven when he was a pup like in this photo, but not so much now. It still doesn't stop him from curling into an available lap whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

He also thinks he's a rugby player. Here's Fifty playing with Vicky against Gregory. These were great days... Gregory would take Fifty and Vicky out to the field in the village (well he'd take Fifty and of course Vicky would show up), and they'd run around for an hour. They'd be tuckered out for the rest of the afternoon and I'd get some peace. Bliss.

The perfect snapshot of summer relaxation courtesy of Honey Jr. I want to dive into that photo. I remember when this was taken... it was a Sunday afternoon. We had just spent all weekend cleaning and moving into our new homes. Notice how I said, 'homes'. For those of you who don't know the story... we found a new house to move into, and it turned out to be right next door to the house Honey Jr had decided to rent. Supposedly, this wasn't a coincidence according to Gregory. 'Supposedly'.

A couple of days earlier Gregory was getting ready to get his cleaning on. I guess the gloves were to protect his dainty hands from all of the yucky muckiness. We lived in this house for two years. I didn't like it at all. The bathroom was horrible, the kitchen almost non-existent, and our bedroom could only fit a queen-sized bed and a nightstand in it... that's it. You basically dove into the bed because there wasn't enough room on the side of it to get into bed like a normal person. But, it was fun sharing a back garden with Honey Jr. Fifty loved it!

Of course it didn't take long for Vicky to find us in our new home. I'd wake up in the morning, go downstairs, and there she'd be, waiting to come along on Fifty's walk. Man I miss that dog, she was a good girl, I only wish she had been mine.

And this is me thinking I'm way too cool for school on a mini-motor bike. I don't remember who owned it, but I remember wanting it, badly. I could whip around the village, running down all who dared get in my path, and maybe even start up my own mini-motor bike gang. Oh, that would be fun! All I need is a bunch of mini-motor bikes, some willing participants, and a badass mini-motor bike gang name... who's coming with me??? 

But no matter how cool I am cruising around on a mini-motor bike, I could never, ever be as cool as this guy.

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  1. Brilliant! I want a mini bike too, although I don't think I could have one over in Italy because it wouldn't make it up our road as it is so steep!

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  2. That's the first time I've seen a parasol on a bike - clever! I was just thinking how beautiful autumn is with the gorgeous colours down our lane but then when I read your post and saw the pool photo I realised that I am missing summer. I'd love to feel the sun instead of all this rain!!

  3. Love these pics and that last photo is too much haha!

  4. I love that first photos of you, Sara! You're gorgeous!

    Is Fifty one of those dogs with absolutely no idea of his size? Sort of like the little poodles that ferociously bark at the Mastiffs? :o)

  5. These posts are always my favorites!

  6. Nice memories and pics. Remy also thinks he can climb onto laps, and I still miss Vicky.

  7. I've always wanted to ride a mini motobike *jealous*.

  8. i'm going to need you to share more of your photos. I LOVED this post!

    Also, your planes sell things? i want a plane watch!

  9. i love the second photo, and that last one is a keeper

  10. Fun pictures Sara! Love the behind the scenes commentary :)

  11. My friend's border collie also thinks he's a lap dog, no one has the heart to tell him otherwise, poor deluded thing! Interesting fact (and yet, not really...), in Japan, people have special holders for their umbrellas on their bicycles, brollies for the rain and parasols in the summer! Apparently they're slightly illegal and a bit dangerous, but the kind of old lady using this kind of thing is even more badass than the mini motorcycle gang I'm now desperate to join!

  12. I love your dress in the first photo. So pretty!

  13. That pool looks SO nice right about now on this dark, rainy and cold day in Sweden... I want to jump in as well!!

    I'm really liking these behind the scenes posts, and especially the flashback type thing. I always think I have to blog about what's going on at the moment, but this is making me realize I should expand my horizons a bit!

  14. Love all the pictures! Fifty is so cute! And I can imagine how much you miss Vicky! So adorable!
    I really enjoy seeing your picture posts, keep them coming!

  15. I love these behind the photos posts! Beautiful pics :) I bet you can't help but give in to Fifty trying to crawl on your lap, furr babies will be furr babies!

  16. lounging in that pool...looks pretty great to me! :)

  17. Ha, I especially love the parasol toting bike!


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