Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Behind the Photos VIII

Two of the best things about being an expat are going home (it's not that we dislike our new home or anything, it's just that when we go 'home', we really, really appreciate it) and having friends come to visit. This edition of Behind the Photos features both.

I visited my family in Dublin in May, 2010. I had gone for two weeks on my own without Gregory or Fifty to keep me company, but it was OK, I had Niece and Little Niece to entertain me. I was greeted with Hello Kitty artwork made especially for me (we heart hello kitty) and a bow for my hair made out of a Kleenex. Basically my heart melted and my womb jumped around a whole lot. Damn their sweet, cuteness. 

One of the reasons I was back in Dublin was to see Niece make her Communion. Rows and rows of girls in little white dresses and veils clutching their dainty purses and saying their vows. I was grateful I got to be there. Living far from home means that you miss these things more often than not. I missed Little Niece's Communion this past Spring and I'm gutted over it. However I did bribe her forgiveness with lots of French cookies when I saw her a couple of months after. I think it worked. 

One of my favorite things to do when I'm visiting my family, is to take the wee monkeys to the cinema. We usually see whatever 3D Pixar thing is on at the moment and stuff ourselves silly with too much popcorn and way too many sweets and then I return them to their mother, high on sugar. 

I went to the cinema with some friends as well, but this time instead of a sugar high, I got a Champagne one. The second Sex & the City movie had been released and the cinema was doing a special 'Girls Nite' showing that came with mini-bottles of Champagne and straws. Not a bad way to view a film let me tell you. 

This is my friend Texas Girl. Texas Girl, along with her mother, Kiki (you know, Ilene's sister), and another friend who we've dubbed, The Puma, drove from Sweden all the way down to Nice with only pre-printed Google Maps to guide them. That's hardcore. I met up with them on the Provence leg of their journey. It was the first time I had had people come to see me in France and I was beyond excited to show off my new home.

We had dinner in the charming village of Goult and I had the pleasure of introducing them to Pastis, Rosé, and Gregory. I'm not sure which they enjoyed the most but I have a feeling it's a toss-up between Gregory and the Rosé.

We went to Monaco to get better acquainted with our friend, Rosé (you know how sipping rosé outside the casino in Monte Carlo is one of my happy places) and to visit the church where Grace Kelly got married. She entered the church a Hollywood actress and walked out a Princess. Magical powers that church has.

Since we were already all the way over in Monaco, we decided to brave the sun showers, and hop on over to Italy for some gelato because why not, right? YOLO.

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P.S. I cannot believe I actually yolo-ed. Please forgive me. 


  1. Ah, what's a little yolo between friends?

  2. Ahh, very nice pics and memories to go with them. I've never been to Monaco or Nice. I love To Catch a Thief and love the scenery (and Grace), so would like to visit.

    Louisa @ My Family & Abruzzo

  3. When it comes to gelato the answer is always YOLO :)

    What lovely memories. I wish more movie theatres served champagne.

  4. Great memories and sipping Champagne in the cinema from mini bottles sounds just perfect to me!
    So civilised!

  5. Visiting home does make you appreciate it SO much more! And champagne for sex in the city... amazing!

  6. Ha, loving the hype 'em up and return 'em approach to spending time with kids :oD

    I've never yet made that hop over into Italy, one day!

  7. Aww, love all these pictures! Seriously, I am huge fan of your series! Always happy to have a look at your pictures! :)

  8. It's hard to beat champagne, good friends and Sex & the City!

  9. Great photos...I am very envious of all your travels! And a champagne high is never a bad thing (except for the headache after!) :D

  10. SWEDEN TO NICE WITH PREPRINTED MAPS?!! Holy hell, I am so impressed. Awesome.

    And you've gotta be one of the best aunts!

  11. All the trips looked like a lot of fun! I would love to visit Monaco one time, is it expensive? :) Danica

  12. Mini champagne bottles during the SATC movie (for the sequel you gals NEEDED the bubbles! ) How fun! What a great memory. So, how many did you take down? The straw can be sneaky! ; )

    Loving these photo recaps! And I didn't know you were a Hello Kitty girl. Who would of thought?! Learn something new everyday!

  13. Wow what a whirlwind of activity. Busy lady!! Your nights at the movies sound fun, especially SATC with champagne - how could you go wrong! Well... aside from sitting through that movie in the first place... but that's probably why the theatre offered champy to begin with hehe. YOLO :P

  14. OMG this post Is beyond AMAZING:) love your blog

    Check out my new blog post and....

    have a lovely day dear

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

  15. Not so magical, she was already a movie star after all, not like she was a checkout clerk.

  16. Yolo'ing is acceptable in my books. Adorable pix of your little nieces! Next SATC movie that comes out I want champagne instead of Sprite too at the cinema! xx


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