Friday, October 4, 2013


One thousand, four hundred and sixty-four. That's the number of days it's been since I started this blog, one thousand, four hundred and sixty-four. That's a whole lot of days. Technically, two days ago was the fourth anniversary of this blog, but I was busy seeking support and virtual cuddles. (Both of which have been received in abundance, thank you!)

Since it was my blogiversary, and one simply cannot let something like a blogiversary go unnoticed, I thought it would be nice to take a trip down memory lane with a look back at some of my favorite and most noteworthy posts, a slide show of sorts through the last four years of life in Le Petit Village. So grab a cup of tea or a glass of wine if you're so inclined and get comfy... this may take awhile.

Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start (Did you sing that bit? I did.), my first blog post ever, it had all of four sentences. I liked to keep it brief back then. And since it was the very beginning, there were lots of firsts; my first trip to Avignon (on the blog anyway, it was actually my second) when I learned what was really going on in all of the old white vans parked outside the wall, (so scandalous!),  the first time I discovered that The LPV had a Pizza Night, and my first visit to Auvergne to meet French Maman and French Nana.

Of course since I was new to France, new to the language and the culture, I was prone to the occasional faux pas and disaster, like the time I brought a bottle of wine so bad to Papa's house that it was immediately thrown into the to-be-made-into-vinegar vat (Gregory's fault of course), and the disaster that was my first haircut in France, despite all of the meticulous preparations I had made.

My new life in Le Petit Village started to take shape and pass by quickly, I managed to host my first Sunday lunch, Honey Jr moved in across the street (I kind of miss those days when Gregory and Honey Jr would shout at each other from their open windows), and we adopted a three month old puppy that had been left in a dumpster and christened him Fifty last name Cent. And because I'm a traditional kind of gal, I thought it was only proper that Fifty's parents be married, so Gregory and I headed west to Massachusetts and tied the knot.

Returning to life in The LPV I discovered a few things about my new dog; he likes to play rugby with his daddy, tourists like taking his photo, and he's a psycho killer. (We're still working on fixing that last one. We probably should have named him Dexter instead of Fifty.)

Big events began to occur; The Cousin got married, Honey B got married, and Brother-in-Law celebrated a birthday by throwing a rave in the woods. (Yes, you read that last bit correctly... he threw a rave, in the woods.)

I discovered what France is like when the country goes on strike and I found out that loads of people have loads of different opinions about it (read the comment section on this post and this one), and how elections are held here. I also discovered things about my my new husband (we were only newlyweds after all); like that he had never seen a single Star Wars or had a P,B&J with crusts on or off, he liked to hang out with Gypsies and he got sexually harassed by his doctor.

More big events occurred... Brother-in-Law and Child Bride had a shotgun wedding (I'm not joking, there were actual shotguns involved), a cheese festival turned into a Pastis festival, I was Indiana Jones for a day, and some hunters foiled a robbery and caught the crooks!

Naturally as this blog gets older, we do too. (Well, Gregory is ageing anyway, I'm currently holding at twenty-nine and have been successfully for quite awhile now). Gregory turned thirty and I thought it was time to properly introduce him to you, and that's how he went from being known as 'The Husband' to simply, Gregory, and then you got to know him even better when he took part in my first ever vlog (I'm thinking of having a second soon).

And of course you've gotten to know me on this here crazy journey that is my life in Le Petit Village, but I really want to get to know you! So if I ask nicely (this is me asking nicely), would you tell me one thing about you? It can be anything, I don't mind, just any old thing. S'il vous plaît et Merci.

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  1. Happy blogaversay!
    Add for a fact about me, you probably know most things. But, I can juggle. 3 balls, but not cigarette packets as I discovered last weekend. x

  2. Yey - Happy Bloggiversary Sara!!
    Great roundup - i've not been here since the beginning but I reckon i've read back over pretty much all of your blog - you're one of my faves!
    Well...I guess it's not enough to point you in the direction of the 11 things I told you about me ( ...and then tell you that I'm also sometimes a little forgetful and didn't actually tell you i'd nominated you...doh! ;) Thanks for spotting it hon!
    So, i'll give you another fact about me....erm...I never saw Star Wars or had any kind of PBJ sandwich either! :) x

  3. Wow - such a lot of posts! I am also sticking to 29 henceforth by the way! Happy blogversary! Long may it continue :)

  4. Oh, time flies but it's good to have so many cherished memories in the form of a well written post to read over and over again. Happy bloggiversary!!!
    I'm turning 29 in a couple of weeks and I might just follow your example and stay put at that age for longer than a year :)
    Bon weekend!

  5. Literal shot gun wedding! Ha!!
    Happy bloggiversary.

    I turned 30 in August and my scales still think I'm 29... mostly because the boyfriend set them up and I'm not sure how to change the age thingy. That's my excuse anyway ;-)

  6. I remember everything ...
    is passed really so many times ...
    Happy 1,464 day!!!
    Have a great week end.
    Bisous, Babi

  7. Yippeeee!!! Woot woot! And all that jazz (with jazz hands!)!!! Happy Blogoversary!!! Oh my you have made me laugh so many times, just for that I pray (rather selfishly) that you keep going and going like the energizer bunny. :)
    Let's see, something about me. I have a polaroid of my first acting gig, playing Frosty the Snowman (Snowperson?) in a ginormous costume with a top hat and you should have seen me--I was so proud of myself. Two things I am not very good at? Closing the tupperware in the fridge properly (drives me honey bananas) and answering questions when your very nice friend Sara asks you too! Oops! Bon weekend ma belle et feeeeeliiiiiciiiiitaaaations!

  8. Happy Blogoversary! I have turned 29 so many times that evenpretending to be 39 is unrealistic. My one thing is that I'm a singer....jazz, American Songbook type singer, and at the ripe old age I've now reached I am looking to sing in France. On verra!

  9. Just bought my daughter her 1st Barbie Dream House, I loved the one my Grandparents gave me when I was 4yrs old! :) Danica

    1. Happy 4th Blog Anniversary, btw!!! You reminded me my 2nd year is coming up! :) Danica

  10. As a newbie follower, I haven't gotten to read that much about you, so it will be fun going back to the old ones. I used to be a bonafide hippie; beads, no makeup, bra less, and well, you know (a walking drug store), but don't tell my kids. What was cool back then is bad today.

  11. Happy Blogaversary!! I love your writing style!

  12. here's one: I'm weirdly, irrationally afraid of moths. they seriously freak me out. I don't have a problem killing most bugs, but I cannot go near a moth. I just can't handle it.

  13. I live in West Australia and have four little grandchildren. Love reading about your life. X

  14. Happy blog anniversary!

    You want to know something about me? Every time I eat cèpes now I think of you story and I check to make sure that there are no maggots on the cèpes.

  15. Happy blog birthday! It is so much fun to read through your old posts and of course I am always happy to see a new one! And I also can't wait to see your second vlog. :)

  16. Ya'll are adorable! love watching your blog and congrats on the blog anniversary:) it's a blessing to many!

  17. I love the round up and find it amazing that anyone can be so entertaining for so long - well done! One thing about me? I'm a vegetarian but love cooking meat. Go figure!

  18. This blogs a wee child now! Oh, and I just love that you two got married on St. Patrick's Day!

  19. Happy Blogiversary! Very exciting! Hmmm...something about me...I love The Vampire Diaries even though I know it is rubbish. NO SHAME!

  20. Congratulations and I love the recap, especially that super cute photo of you both!

  21. Hi Sarah. Love your blog. I speak a little French and live in Australia.

  22. Totally typical village life there... :oD

    About me? Well I was teaching up in the French Alps as you were posting this (hence I'm late to the party!)

  23. Late to the game but hope you are still celebrating!
    (One thing you probably don't know is that I love The Bill - it was HUGE (back in 1982) in the UK but wonder if they ever showed that on Irish TV?)

  24. How did I miss this cute photo of you guys? You have been posting up a storm and somehow it got by are an adorable couple. Raves in the woods, wine that turned out to be vinegar, these are stories for a lifetime and at 29 (and holding hehe!) I look forward to many more stories ahead to come from the LPV!! xo


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