Friday, September 20, 2013

Behind the Photos VI

I've been married for over three years now (three years, six months and three days to be exact). Sometimes it feels like more, sometimes it feels like less. It's weird. But that's married life for you. Today one of my dearest friends is getting married in Dublin and I was unable to go. It sucks. But that's expat life for you.

So in honor of my dear friend JR, and my three year, six month and three day wedding anniversary, I give you Behind the Photos: The Wedding Edition. (By 'wedding edition' I obviously mean my wedding. And there are also random photos of the trip back to the States that it entailed which happened to be Gregory's first time there).

This is my step-mother's mini-van that she let us borrow while we were visiting. Gregory had never driven a mini-van before (actually I don't think he had even ever been in one) and he fell in love with it. He christened it the 'Disco Van' and zoomed about between western Massachusetts (where my Dad lived) and New York (where my friends are) blaring Motown and embracing his inner soccer mom. To this day he still wants a mini-van.

Here's Gregory zipping about in the Disco Van enjoying his first ever Dunkin' Donuts. He opted for the iced coffee. Solid choice Gregory, solid choice. What I like about this photo though is that while he's posing for a photo, he's keeping his eyes on the road. Safety first. 

These pictures crack me up! It's my sister giving acupuncture to a very freaked out Gregory. His face is priceless. He really liked it in the end though. (If you are interested in Acupuncture and live in the Western Massachusetts area, check out Steady Hands Acupuncture and tell them Sara sent you! #shamelessplug)

The church where we got married. I've never told you this but our wedding was a rushy-rush affair. Moving to France was the commitment for me, marriage wasn't that important, but it was to my Dad. He started asking when Gregory and I were going to get married and it got me thinking... back when I was eighteen, my father was in a coma that he wasn't supposed to wake up from. When he was 'sleeping' I told him that he needed to wake up so he could perform my wedding ceremony one day (he was a Reverend). Since he woke up for me, I thought it was only fair that I followed through on what I said.

So I started thinking about a wedding the following Fall, maybe October. An Autumn wedding in the Berkshires would be beautiful! I called my step-mother and asked her what she thought, and when she said that she didn't know if my dad would still be there in the Fall, Gregory and I got our skates on and planned our little Massachusetts wedding in barely a month.

I didn't care where we got married, as long as my dad did the ceremony that was fine by me. It could have been in his livingroom, under a tree in his back yard, even in a diner, I really didn't care. But then he called me and told me he reserved a place in a church, the very same church my great-grandparents were married in. So it was in that church where my frail father performed my wedding ceremony in the very same spot my great-grandparents had been married in over a hundred years before (please excuse me while I grab some tissues).

Here's me looking sassy in my wedding tunic and my grandmother's old mink cape. It was my 'something old'. (My something new was the dress, the borrowed, a ring, and I'm not going to tell you what the blue was.)

And that there on the right is my maid of honor, and on the left, Gregory's Best Man Girl.

Now since I've shown you that last photo I have to show you this one... Gregory with his Best Man Girl and the present she got for doing the job. She had spotted this plastic flamingo and said she wanted it and so Gregory said OK and got it for her. The flamingo's name is Otis and Otis currently resides in Seattle. 

My red velvet wedding cake that was sinfully delicious. We left the restaurant with the top tier of the cake with plans to eat it on our first wedding anniversary, but once we realized that it would be impossible to get it safely back to France, we scarfed it down like wee little vultures.

There's my father and Gregory after the wedding at a bistro named Firefly where we went for pre-dinner drinks. For some reason I like to see my dad in black and white now. It's like I'm freezing him in time like an old movie reel. A year after this photo was taken we returned to Firefly for dinner following my father's funeral. It was nice to be able to go back to the last spot where we had all been happy together (excuse me while I grab another tissue).

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  1. Aww, you have me hitting the tissues here too! Lovely photos and it's lovely to hear more of your wedding story. Happy three years, 6 months & 3 days anniversary! It's our 2 month anniversary next Friday - I already know what you mean about it seeming ages and no time at all at the same time!
    Congratulations to your friend - hope they have a great day. Dublin is just a short hop over the Irish sea from where I am and I can tell you the weather is looking up, so hopefully the sun will come out for them!
    Happy weekend!
    Sarah :)

  2. Oh, dear, so happy but also so sad. Your Dad had the right idea...marriage is great. How wonderful he got to marry you two!

  3. Sweet memories! And there is just something about the American mini van! Sigh! Ha!

  4. Aww, I'm glad your dad got to perform the ceremony after all, and love the wee church. And the flamingo, what wedding would be complete without a flamingo...

  5. oh man i almost cried too! this is so so sweet and just shows the real importance of a wedding insead of all of the hoopla. so glad that you were able to celebrate with your dad and have these wonderful beautiful memories!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. Congrats on your 3-6-3 anniversary Sara! The church is lovely - of the low-roofed kind that I prefer to those towering-reaching-to-heaven thingies. I suppose you have been on holiday since I was last here so off I go to your archives to see where.

    If I haven't been around for a couple of months its because of summer, during which I like to move around and do all kinds of travelly-outdoory things. But as I write these words the sky is grey here in Lyon and the temperature is low. Autumn is almost upon us...

  7. Such a lovely post. So special that your dad was able to perform your ceremony.

    And as for mini-vans my 10 year old would agree with Gregory! That is one of the biggest things she misses from our life there. She was so mad that the car rental company upgraded from us from a mini-van to a SUV when we were back for our home visit in the summer!

  8. Great priorities, Sara, and happy memories as a result. That's a lovely story *sniff*.

  9. Loved all the wedding things. So sweet. You guys are just babies. Tell Gregory they have a new mini van out that has a built in vacuum cleaner.

  10. Lovely photos - but more importantly, lovely memories. The photos I have of my dad at my wedding (should I say "our" wedding?) are very poignant too. Still, as someone wrote to me when dad died "Do not be sad that he is gone: only be glad he ever was"

  11. That last paragraph hurt a little to read. :o( I'm so sorry you lost your dad, but I'm so happy he was still around to marry you the year before. That is SO special. And the whole deal with the church being the same one your great-grandparents were married in just makes it even better!

  12. I had to grab some tissues too. What a beautiful and special memory to have of your dad performing your wedding ceremony in such a meaningful church. Love it.

    Also, I love that Gregory had a best man girl. Yes.

  13. how amazing is that last paragraph..what a tribute to him, so tender. XOXO!!!!

    the well-traveled wife

  14. xo, lovely post! That church is like the one I had envisioned for our wedding, but it wasn't meant to be for us - the special significance behind yours is making me tear up. Not enough that I will ever consider owning a minivan, however..

  15. Excuse me while I grab a tissue!!! So sweet.

  16. Very nice! I really enjoyed reading about your wedding and the pictures you chose to accompany your story. Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. I'm tearing up right now. What an incredible post, Sara. You were right to trust your instincts to organize a wedding (if it wasn't your thing per se). You sent your father off with a happy memory and knowing that his girl is taken care of. I know you don't need a wedding for that, but our parent's generation think that way, you know? Happy three year, six month, three day anniversary.
    : )

    Love the wedding tunic and opaque tights! Very chic choices!

  18. So lovely! Your post has left me feeling a little teary and thinking about my own dear father.

  19. So sweet and I love the beautiful (and sentimental) venue, chic dress and the themed-but-not-matchy-matchyness of you, the MOH and Best Man Girl.

    And now to go catch up on the rest of your blog since my move!

  20. I need some tissues too. It is so wonderful that your Dad was able to do the ceremony! I totally understand how you feel about. I would not have cared either where the ceremony was. But such a beautiful place! I love it! I wish David would have been able to meet my Mom!
    Thanks for sharing, Sara!

  21. I love that your husband has a girl as his man of honor! so cute! and that cake looks so incredibly delicious!

  22. This was such a moving post and I imagine quite difficult to write for you but at the same time it brought back happy memories too. Wonderful that your Dad was able to do the ceremony and the last photo must be one of your most special pictures. You had a lovely wedding with so many personal touches including a red velvet cake!

  23. Sara I love that you shared this with us. I loved hearing about your wedding - it seems like it was a very personalized day for you and your family - not at all a cookie cutter wedding. I lost my father shortly before I got married so what moved me the most about this post it that I really felt the love you have for your father and what a gift it was for both of you that he got to be a part of this day =)


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