Sunday, September 8, 2013

Behind the Photos V

This edition of Behind the Photos is a mishmash of shots taken throughout late Winter 2010. There is no rhyme or reason to the order they are in or anything and they are pretty random in general but I felt like showing them to you. So try to imagine that you've popped around to mine, I've poured you a cup of tea (or a glass of wine if you're so inclined) and we're flipping through my photo album...  

Here's Gregory and I in French Nana's bar. I like this one because Gregory's eyes are sky blue in it. Obviously they're blue in real life but they rarely look this blue. 

Gregory moved out of his mother's house to start boarding school when he was only eleven years old, and when he finished school, he came down here to Provence so he never lived in his childhood bedroom again. For some reason French Maman has kept Gregory's room as it was when he left at eleven, that means toy cars and stuffed animals. This amuses me to no end.  

Me celebrating my birthday for the first time in France. This is at Papa's house, Papa's Wife had given me a cheese board and a large bowl for serving pasta (of course the presents were from Papa as well but I know that he had absolutely zero input in picking them out). Those jeans I'm wearing in the photo were my favorite ever. They stopped fitting me about ten months after I moved to The LPV. Moving to France will do that to you. 

Nothing makes Fifty look more pathetic than bath time. 

Look how young Child Bride looks in this photo! Heck, I even look young, but she looks like a bitty baby. Only a year after this photo was taken she was an old married lady and La Petite was well on her way.  

Baby Cousin's shop in Avignon (which launched it's online shopping site yesterday). Or more specifically, Gregory's kicks next to the comic book decoupaged counter, Baby Cousin and his boom box, and the counter top that Gregory shattered after leaning on it

This is the super trendy restaurant next to Baby Cousin's shop that I used to escape to for a glass of wine. It's closed now. That makes me sad. 

And this is just a big ol' scoop of crazy with a capitol K - R A Z Y. 

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  1. Oh you two, stop being so darned cute, would you?
    And that last photo freaks me out. Never show it again or I'll cry.

  2. I bet these series are so fun to make - I always scroll through old photos but never think to share them and tell the stories behind them.

  3. "Sara In Le Petit Village" has been included in the A Sunday Drive for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point even more new visitors in your direction.

  4. Teehe, my favourite is the last one :oD

  5. aw, that's kind of sweet that Gregory's childhood room is still exactly the same. it probably makes sleeping in there slightly weird, surrounded by the childhood toys, but still. it gives you a good glimpse of what your husband was like as a little boy.

  6. Let's not discuss favorite pairs of pants. You think moving to France is bad, try moving back to the South, in all its fried glory. Not to mention the frappuchinos....

  7. LOVE the photo of bathing Fifty! Tang looks the exact same... tail tucked between his legs the whole time. He endures it but hates every second. So cute : )

  8. I like the old photos and explanations!

  9. Awww, poor puppy! They really do look pathetic when it's bath time.

  10. You and Gregory make a gorgeous couple, ma cherie. And Fifty's poor little bathtime face is just pathetic :)) hehe

    I had to catch up on all your most recent posts.......the story of Gregory taking the microphone at the restaurant is hilarious - hopefully you got your hot dogs and frites tres vite after that stunt!!!

  11. The bedroom pictures are hilarious! I can't imagine having your kid moving out so young...I would probably build a shrine to Avery if I had to go through that. HA!

    I love all these pictures! Keep 'em coming!

  12. Haha, love the dog pictures! And you know that I am a fan of your series! Keep the pictures coming!

  13. The toy elephant is so cute! Those dog pictures made me laugh, especially the last one where they both look like they've been caught in the middle of a crazy moment.


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