Sunday, August 25, 2013

Brazil Day {photos}

The Third Annual Brazil Day was epic in that epically crazy way that only a festival in Le Petit Village can be. But, I'm saving the stories of the utter lu-la-ness of the day for another post. What I give you  today, are some amazing shots captured by my friend George (you know George, he's my friend Martine's husband and has a photography blog that I encourage do go and check out, but I'm sure, after you look at these photos, you'll want to anyway). So without further ado, I give you this photo tour of Brazil Day.

For those of you who are new here, you're probably scratching your heads and thinking, "what in tarnation does Brazil have to do with a small village in Provence???" So first of all, bienvenue, and second, read this post to find out the history of Brazil Day.

{Honey Jr as the referee}
{Honey Jr as a player}
{The Cousin}
{Baby Cousin}
{heads up}
{staying cool}
{the two cutest spectators}
{Baby Cousin's girlfriend}
{The DJ}
{Big Man}
{I'm a lucky girl}
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  1. Great, great pics!!! I wish there was one of you!!

  2. That looks like so much fun! Love the dogs -- they look ready to get on the... field(?)

  3. Your friend is definitely a talented photographer. I will check out the blog.
    I think it is funny that one of the guys is wearing socks while he plays soccer in the sand.

  4. Amazing photos - esp. of the dogs! It does indeed look like it could be Brazil in those football pics!

  5. Wow girl! There are some seriously cute men in your photos. Can I come down to Provence for a visit?!? LOL. Just kidding.

    Hope you had a great summer!

    x Milsters


  6. So, your husband is kinda cute. But you knew that already. And I'm totally saying that in a non-husband-stealing way...more like a high five, way to go Sara! kind of way! ;o)

    Happy Brazil day!!

  7. You are a lucky girl! Your husband looks totally "I'm a celebrity hiding out in the south of France" with those aviators on. (I say that with a impeccable record of never really scoping out another's husband.) Ditto on the high five!!

  8. Those photos are great! And I previously took your advice Sara and popped over to George's blog a few weeks ago. And yesterday was amazed to get an email saying I'd won one of his amazing Irish landscapes. A great start to my birthday week - so thank you!

  9. tu as de la chance vraiment! ;) looks like a fun day — and the two cutest spectators look very well behaved for german shepherds!

    such a cute foto of gregory and nieces in the previous post......

  10. So... I've decided: when I come visit (notice I didn't say, "if") it has to be during a time when one of LPV's festivals is going on.

  11. These shots are so profesh!! Look at you go

  12. I think the prize for the most realistic looking footie player goes to baby cousin, who is the only one that appears to have spent the hours on his hair and general appearance before the game that the pros seem to ;o)

  13. Now this is wonderful, I feel like I am really there. Love the portraits...favourite is the 'big man' one. Great emotion in his face. :)

  14. I love the expressions on footballers' faces! especially the guy who did the header - haha


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