Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Behind the Photos III

1. The photos in this edition were taken between October and December 2009.
2. If you'd like to see previous editions of Behind the Photos, click here.
3. And if you'd like to see future editions, stay tuned... 

sunrise over the luberon, provence

Stunning isn't it? Every time life in France kicks my tuchus and I'm feeling a bit blue, I take a deep breath and go for a walk. Looking around at the scenery, it doesn't take long before I'm in a better mood. I heart The Luberon. 

Sweet, sweet Vicky, I miss her so. This photo was taken within the first couple of weeks of adopting Fifty. She'd wait outside our front door for me to come out and take Fifty on his walk and then she'd come with us. She like mothering him. I think maybe because she had given birth to so many puppies, and didn't get to mother a single one. Now that's a sad thought. Let's move on to something more cheerful... like Christmas! 

This is La Petite Notre Dame at Christmas time. That sad looking tree is pretty much all the Christmas spirit Le Petit Village gets. That, and one sorry excuse for a string of Christmas lights, haphazardly hung across the main street. It's so pathetic it makes Charlie Brown look like a Christmas champ. The LPV needs a Christmas Committee and I think I should crown myself Queen of it. 

The quality of this photo isn't the best but I love it anyway. It's me with two of my best French girlfriends (Honey's Honey is missing, but in fairness, she wasn't in the picture yet); Gregory's childhood sweetheart, The Croupier (her baby is due in November.... it's a girl!) on the left and Candy, Brother-in-Law's ex-girlfriend is in the middle. (Candy and Brother-in-Law were together for five years until he cheated on her with Child Bride. She's ridiculously sweet and Gregory treats her like his little sister, which basically means any guy she dates is teased and tortured. Consequently, she doesn't bring boyfriends around to meet us anymore.)

Parc Fenestre La Bourboule Auvergne
That's me letting my inner child out to play in a park in Auvergne. I can't help it, whenever I come across a playground, I want to play. Luckily there weren't any pesky children about to get in my way. 

New Years Eve 2009... this is the very first photo of us I put on the blog, back when I was reserved and shy about photos (so way before that time I posted the pic of The Husband riding a pink pony). 


  1. It's fun reminiscing with you :D
    I'm still trying to figure out where the Luberon photo was taken.
    Must go look up that pink pony photo now... I thought you said he didn't like horses!

  2. I miss the post about Vicky ...
    Ok this is not a good day for me now ...
    I love your pictures, but I'm so sad now ...
    Bisou, Babi

  3. Woah, that first photo is absolutely stunning!

    Love the ones on the park. So fun! :-D

  4. The photos with you and your friends, then your husband are so lovely and fun. I miss the old churches that are quintessential to every pocket village!

  5. These were fun! I have to say you're looking very chic playing in the park!

  6. Candy and you are alike!

  7. haha,
    i love this series. oh that first photo took my breath away

  8. It is a rather pretty neighbourhood :o) I have to say though, the LPV and my local Christmas lighting committee are obviously in cahoots... I do love a good playground though :oD

  9. Cute cute...waiting for more :)

  10. Enjoyed your post ~ It's hard for me to pass up a playground too!

  11. let's talk about that orange coat of yours (from the playground photos)... i want one!

  12. Yep, the scenery is absolutely stunning. I'd have to take lots of walks in Scotland too. :)

  13. That's so sad about Vicky! Poor sweetheart!
    But: I love this series a lot, it is so great to see all these pictures! You should definitely be the queen of the Christmas committee!

  14. love the first picture so lovely..

  15. I find that once you start looking back at photos there is no end to it! Evey little detail is remembered. You certainly live in a lovely area - the first picture is stunning.

  16. Lovely views! I'd love to see more scenic photos too. :-)

  17. What a gorgeous view! That would lift my spirits too. And you look totally cute as bug in a rug in that floppy hat and orange puffy coat! It's good thing there were no children, you would have outshined those French bebes!

  18. I love this! What great photos...although the picture of the dogs is killing so sweet!

  19. I love these posts!!

    Those pictures of you at the park are great!


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