Thursday, July 25, 2013

behind every good man...

provence rosé wines tampenades
This photo was taken in l'épicerie next to Le Petit Bar.
It doesn't have anything to do with this post,
or Le Petit Bar for that matter,
I just happen to like it

Tell me, does this ever happen to you?

You find a new restaurant that you love, you tell your friends all about how wonderful it is; the service, the food, the ambiance, the value, and then when you finally bring your friends to show off your new find, the restaurant doesn't live up to the hype. This seems to happen to me all of the time, I get excited and I jinx things. This is the story of one of those times...

You know how I've been going on and on lately about how great the all new Le Petit Bar is? Well Big Man had a bit of a hiccup a couple of weeks ago and it was such a typical Le Petit Village hiccup that I knew I just had to tell you about it.

After our trip to Aix, The Londons came back to Le Petit Village for the night and we decided to bring then to Le Petit Bar for dinner. Truthfully we wanted to show it off... Le Petit Bar is a happening place these days (happening for around these parts anyway), the food is good, the babyfoot is fun, and the vibe is chill. Well normally that is. But as any Le Petit Village reader knows... normally, shnormally.

Normally, Le Petit Bar works like this; Big Man tends the bar, his daughter waits on the tables, and his wife does the cooking. It's a system that works well. And it's a system that is put in place for a reason... the reason being that if it's messed with, the merde hits the fan. And of course the night we brought The Londons, the system was messed with... Big Man's wife and daughter had the night off leaving Big Man, and a guy from the village to take care of everything.

Oh the chaos was glorious!

Big Man was trying to cook while a guy who clearly had never waited a table in his life ran around forgetting things. Eventually we gave up and pitched in.

We set our own table and filled our own bread basket. And once Big Man realized that we're pretty much self-reliant, he let Gregory take over...

"Greg! Make the coffee!" He shouted from the kitchen. (Which according to Mr. London ended up being the worst Noisette he'd ever tasted. I'd have to agree with him on this one.)

"Greg! Answer the phone!"

"The toilet paper is under the sink. Pull out a few rolls when you go in there." This one was directed at me.

It was an eventful/ pretty standard night out in Le Petit Village. (S.N.A.F.U.)

We'll definitely be bringing The Londons back to Le Petit Bar, but I'll be making sure Big Man's wife is there first (or that we get put on the payroll).


  1. hahaha ooo I love it!! The fun little goings on of small towns! Can't wait to live in one!

  2. Of course having a bistro of my own, I can relate somewhat to the chaos that can occur when you are short staffed. In more than 7 years, we have not had too many nights like that but there have been a few I must admit. The Big Man is very lucky you are fans of Le Petit Bar and helped out and really more importantly, you are not holding that off night against him. You are the kind of friend every restauranter needs.

  3. you know you are a regular when you refill the toilet paper. Just my kind of place!

  4. No!!!!! Too funny! How did they expect that one person could do it all?? I hope the food was okay since you were used to the wife's cooking! Fun post!

  5. happens to me sometimes too!!! bah! hopefully you get a second chance!

  6. Awesome ...
    This happens also to me soooo many times!
    Reading this post is like living the same "nightmare"
    Have a wonderful week end ... ops ... give all is in the picture ... please!!!
    Bisou, Babi

  7. ah jeez - what a hot mess! this is totally the law of nature though - you try to show something off and that is the day that it's the worst haha. hopefully it's better next time!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  8. That is so funny and cute. Sounds fun to be part of a small town!

  9. hahaha,
    so funny. LPV seems to have a lot more going on than my life in bali right now.

  10. Oh no, that is such a bummer. But also kind of funny. Hope next time will turn out better. :)

  11. I REALLY can't wait until I get to visit. This kind of stuff is my jam. : ) such excellent 'hood fodder...

  12. Hahaha! I can say that I've jinxed restaurant experiences before. I have not, however, been asked to get the coffee. :)

  13. Ever seen the British comedy 'Fawlty Towers'? I think it's relocated to France!

  14. Yikes!! Hopefully better on the next try!!

  15. So funny :) It reminds me of those Kitchen Nightmare episodes.

  16. Ha! Sounds like an entertaining;) spot! Sometimes this sort of thing can be fun because it gives everyone something to laugh and talk about:) Have a nice weekend!

  17. Okay, that's it. I'm coming up. I want to play at your house.

  18. DIY dinner out, I like it! Hope you didn't have to leave a tip ;o)

  19. This happened to me recently, wrote a post about a great restaurant, then right before I posted it people got sick from the food on 2 different occasions!! :) Danica


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