Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dublin: Days 4 - 7

Dublin Fish Pedicure

(This post rounds out and finishes up my trip to Dublin in May. In case you missed how it all started, check out Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 Part 1 & Part 2)

++ The Husband got a fish pedicure (see above). I think this was day six. Mrs. London and I dropped him off in St. Stephen's Green shopping centre and were able to shop huff and puff free for thirty minutes. He loved it so much that he asked if we could get a fish tank at home. I told him that I don't think it works like that.

++ Mrs. London was supposed to fly home on the Sunday (day 4) with the other player's wives but was having such a good time soaking up the glorious sunshine, she decided to stay until Wednesday. Of course it rained on Monday, but that's Irish weather for you.

++ Since the Sunday was epic in the history of Irish weather (sunny and 19°C in Dublin actually feels like 29°C in Provence) we spent the day in Claire's back garden. The boys (The Husband, Gatz, Mr. London, and Nephew) were tossing around a rugby ball until we shooed them out onto the field in front of the house prompting Niece to say, "gardens are not for playing rugby, they are for drinking wine." Wiser words have never been spoken. P.S. she's eleven.

++ Little Niece asked if Mrs. London was a pop star which was pretty much the cutest thing ever. For the record, nobody has ever asked me if I was a pop star.

++ Since Mrs. London was sticking around for a few extra days, I brought her to my old haunt, La Cave because heaven forbid we go a few days without a glass of Provençal Rosé. (Sidebar about La Cave... it's where I brought The Husband on our first date. Since he was new to Dublin he asked me to pick the place and I chose La Cave because it's where I'm comfortable, not because it's French which is probably what he thought. When I realized that, I felt like an idiot.)

++ Besides La Cave, I always pop into The Octagon Bar when I'm back in Dublin for a cocktail. If you find yourself there, try the Chili Mojito, it's a revelation.

++ Ireland has been in a recession since 2008, but every time I go back there, I'm like, "what recession?!". The shops are always crowded and the restaurants fully booked. On the Friday (day 2) we were going out to dinner and were turned away from four restaurants before getting a table at The Green Hen which we only got because a booking didn't show up. It worked out well though because The Green Hen was delicious... but French. So that means while I was in Dublin, not only did I hang out at a French wine bar, I ate at a French restaurant. Clearly there is something wrong with me #Frenchified.



  1. Oh I have stuck my hand in a tank of those pedicure fish just to see what if felt like and it is FREAKY!!!!!! I can't believe he liked it that much. haha.

  2. Nice ... my husband goes too ...
    Every two months, but my husband is more than a girl ... he loves take care of himself. He loves stay in the bathroom for hours ... what you have to do in a bathroom for hours????
    I think that in his past life he was a woman, for sure!
    Bisou, Babi

  3. Your niece is clearly a genius, gardens are absolutely for wine. In Japan they call them Doctor fish, but I've never seen a medical school certificate, so I'm keeping out of it. Unless the husband recommends them, in which case I might give them a whirl, runners need all the help their feet can get!

  4. fish pedicures have become HUGE in santorini!! is it an all over europe thing?! im too nervous to get one!

  5. Yikes, I have never heard of such a thing as fish pedicures. Maybe this would be a new business opportunity in California. The locals might really take to this new idea.

  6. I did the fish pedicure in Barcelona, (and yes, I was forced) and I thought I was going to lose it but, turns out, feels really cool. The idea is still wiggy but it just feels like your feet are in a giant glass of Champagne. What's not to like about that?!

  7. Ahahahaha, so funny that you brought G to a French wine bar in Dublin as a way to show him "the sights"! Did he confirm that he initially thought you were trying to French it up for him? Love it.

    Come to think of it, I've never been asked if I was a pop star either...what are we doing wrong? : /

  8. We did the fish pedicure too! Only in Greece though. Nothing like a man soaking his feet in a tub of nibbling fish.

  9. Fish pedicures scare the shit out of me. My mom got one in Thailand, and it just gave me the creeps seeing her pictures of it. No thank you.
    I want to come hang out with you, Gregory, and the Londons. You are all too fabulous and I absolutely adore reading about your adventures!

  10. Nobody asked me if I was a popstar either. Never.
    I love your Dublin posts. If I could move there I would do it right now.

  11. Creepy fish! I just couldn't do it.

  12. Fish pedicure!! I've been hearing a lot about those lately. I feel like it would be very ticklish!!

  13. I've always wondered about those fish pedicures. I feel like I'm too much of a sissy to get one, though. Fish are okay to look at, but not much more than that.

  14. I saw those fish pedicures everywhere while living in Brighton. We have never tried it. Does it tickle?

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  15. Fish pedicures are so funny - literally

    I squeal so much when I had them last


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