Thursday, June 27, 2013

are we there yet?

This post is the result of three overtired 'adults' in a car on a road trip from Devon to London and our attempts at entertaining ourselves. The 'adults' in question are; Mrs. London, one of Mr. London's little brothers (I don't have a name for him yet) and me. Mommy London was doing the driving and The Husband and Mr. London were driving in another car along side of us (when they weren't being bumders and speeding on ahead). 


We found a wee stuffed animal and named him Horatio. I think Horatio is a mole but I'm not 100% sure, either way he looks pretty darn distinguished in his makeshift monocle. Don't tell me you've never seen a mole in a monocle before! Horatio kept us entertained for most of the way, he even read gossip magazines with us.

That particular article Horatio is enjoying is about a woman who weighs 742lbs and how apparently she makes over $75,000 a year because of it. (I weigh a fifth of what she does... if anyone wants to pay me $15,000 a year, that would be great, thanks.)

After awhile Horatio got bored with the gossip rags and hopped over onto Mr. London's little brother to listen to him play the tambourine. Don't tell me you've never played the tambourine in a car before! 
We pulled up alongside Mr. London and The Husband and I guess they were trying to entertain themselves as well, because Mr. London was pretending his McDonald's cup was a telephone (clearly, we're all a little nuts). 

And when we weren't playing with monocle sporting moles, tambourines and trash from McDonald's, we stared outside at the scenery, which was a good thing, because if we hadn't have been, we just might have missed this... 

Stonehenge, Salisbury, England



  1. Haha! Love the road trip. And love the part about the trash from McDonald's. why is it the only choice for fast food?

  2. Obviously the strange aura of Stonehenge was what was making you all slightly batty. True story.

  3. My love,
    haha ... you are so funny! I've never played the tamburine in the car, I've never played tamburine!!!
    and... Horatio is not a mole, its an hedgehog, be sure plus I've never seen a mole in a monocle ...
    Beautiful trip, beautiful landscapes!
    Bisou, Babi

    1. Horatio is a hedgehog. I think I should have had more coffee before posting this morning.

  4. You crazy bunch! looks like a great trip. Why did you have a tambourine?! And yes, that looks like a little hedgehog. He is very nice. Ahhhh England, I miss you!

  5. Anything to pass the time, eh.... And yes I think Horatio is a hedgehog. Horatio the Hedgehog has better alliteration than Horatio the Mole anyway.

  6. Ahhhh I love a good road trip! And I love Devon in particular! That sounds like a lovely way to spend summer. Oh, I mean, our winter-like summer... :)



  7. Hey Sara!! Just found your blog from a comment you left on Kisses and Croissants.
    So excited to have found another blog from an American girl living in my home country! (I'm the opposite: French in the US!)
    Eager to start reading about you and your journey!


  8. I love the way you entertain yourself on a road trip! And I think I am in love with Horatio!
    I want to see Stonehenge so badly!

  9. wait so all i have to do is eat a lot alot and then i can make money with just my body geesh if someone told me it was that easy i would have done it years ago

  10. Hello Sara. I would like to ask - is there any oportunity i can place my article on your website -

  11. A road trip with you guys sounds like so much fun!

  12. The last photo is beautiful!

  13. L'il London? Devonshire or Hampshire or some shire thing? Helpful, I am.

  14. Most of my road trips consist of my son in the back seat playing on his iPod, my wife in the passenger seat sleeping, and me driving while trying to control my road rage. Your trip sounds more fun.

  15. Is that an American flag tank top on Mr. London's brother?!?! Ahahahaha. Genius.

  16. i'm grudges are short lived.

    tamborines in the car? you guys are like so partridge family.

    and mr london's brothers tank top....yeah, go america!

  17. Wow -seeing Stonehenge (even if in passing!) and fish and chips (great shot from your previous post) sounds like an idyllic trip....

  18. ROFL, Horatio is a hedgehog! But looks like he fit right in with the rest of you, even with his identity crisis


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