Wednesday, May 1, 2013


The Liebster Award! You are finally mine! MUAH HA HA HA HA! (Thanks very much to The Nomad who kindly passed it on to me.) If you're familiar with the blogosphere than you know that an award like this come with rules and these are the Liebsters's:

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who presented you with the award.
2. List 11 random facts about yourself.
3. Answer the 11 questions you were asked.
4. Write 11 questions for your nominees.
5. Present/nominate a Liebster blog award to 3-5 other bloggers.

11 Random Facts About Me (I feel like y'all know everything about me already)

1.  have little feet and little toes, but they're kind of chubby. They're weird in a cute way but they look like they should be attached to another person instead of me. 

2. My favorite sport is rugby followed by basketball and since I'm a Clermont rugby fan and a San Antonio Spurs fan, my year is going very well so far (keeping those fingers crossed). 

3. I desperately want to lose three pounds but I don't like depriving myself of anything (what's the point of living if you can't eat butter?) so I'm trying to exercise more. As soon as it stops raining, I'll start jogging. 

4. The very first time I ate a Chicken McNugget I was in Honolulu. 

5. Chickens freak me out. Like not on my plate (except in France where sometimes they leave tiny bits of feathers attached to the wings and legs... WTF is that all about?!?!) but running around. Brother-in-Law bought a couple of chickens. I don't go over to his house anymore.

6. I think The Husband is one of the most handsome men I have every seen in person. He really is very pretty.

7. But as handsome as he is, it amazes me how quickly he can mess up his outfit. He gets dressed to go out, looks beautiful and within two seconds looks like a hobo. I don't understand how everything gets so slouchy and wrinkly so quickly. I swear one night at a nightclub in Toulon, he morphed into Barney from The Simpsons right before my eyes.

8. I had a sister but she passed away (no need to be sad, it was a long, long time ago). I really wish she was still here. In fact, if I had one wish, I would wish that she was here. Sometimes I think a girl just needs a sister.

9. Luckily, I have three very close friends who have done an excellent job of filling a sister role.

10. I want to live in a city. Not in a suburb, or right outside, but IN a city. (Sorry Le Petit Village but you and your Provençal quaintness are currently boring me... YAWN)

11. I'm extremely proud of my mother for writing not one but two books (stay tuned for a giveaway). She also has a blog that you can check out here.

1. What's the most surprising or coincidental thing to ever happen to you? There's been a lot... the mind boggles. Off the top of my head we'll go with this... Surprising... I live in a small village in the south of France. Coincidental... my cousin ended up living only two hours away. That s**t cray.

2.  What book/movie/song or TV show do you hate that everyone else loves? It's not a new show but back in the days when Everyone Loves Raymond was on, I couldn't understand what was to love. His voice irked me.

3.  I'm always looking for new authors so what's your favorite book or author? I'm a sucker for a big ol' historical fiction. My all time favorites are the Bronze Horseman series by Paulina Simmons, Edward Rutherford books, and the Outlander series by Diana Galbadon. But right now I'm reading Fall of Giants, the first book in the Century Trilogy by Ken Follett. I can't put it down. It's been amazing since the first page.

4.  Do you want kids? Why or why not? Also, why did you have them early or wait to have kiddos later in life? I'm pleading the fifth on this one. There is too much going on in my head to answer it. Je suis desole.

5.  If you could change one annoying habit about the person closest to you, what would it be? Only one?!?! I would change the annoying habit of pretending to listen to me when I know that he is only pretending to listen to me. And I'm sure you can all guess who 'he' is.

6.  What's the most romantic event/moment you ever experienced? The one that is sticking out in my head the most took place about four years ago... The Husband was moving back to France from Dublin and was going to be spending the day packing. As it was a Sunday morning,  I brought over breakfast fixings that I planned on cooking while he packed but when I got there he had a surprise for me... he knew that I was sad about him leaving, and stressed about what was going to happen to us, and that the thing I like the most when I'm stressed and/ or sad is a bubble bath, so he had scrubbed the bathroom (boys bathrooms can be so icky) and drawn me a bubble bath complete with aromatherapy candles. So I soaked while he packed and then his roommate cooked breakfast. It was only a little thing, but it was a really sweet little thing.

7.  When did you last step outside?  What were you doing? Last night about 7PM. We were popping over to Papa's house for a drink and a chat and to see what they were going to be up to today (it's a holiday, La Fête du Travail).

8.  If you are married, did you change your last name?  Why or why not?  If you're single/unmarried what your opinion on a last name change?  Would you change your name or keep your name? I haven't changed my name. It's not any sort of feminist protest or anything, it's simply that I like my name. It's mine, who I am, and it's a connection to my deceased father that I'm not ready to cut. Plus, I was already in my 30s when I got married, so I had it for a long time and being named anything other than my name, sounds odd to me. I am a fan of the double barrel name though if you can pull it off.

9.  What's your guilty pleasure of the moment? To curl up with a book and a glass of wine in a quiet house.

10.  What prompted the biggest change in your life? Meeting The Husband. (In case you missed it, here's the story of how we met).

11.  If you could have grown up in another culture which would it be? That's a tough one, I like being American, but maybe Australia because they all seem so chill down there, or maybe France so then I would already be fluent in the language and wouldn't even have to think about it anymore. Yeah, I'm going to go with French.

I'm passing the Liebster on to these three bloggers: 1. Random Thoughts From Dublin, 2. Our House in Provence, 3. EE Bracken (I like to keep nepotism alive and kicking). And here's your questions Liebsters (some of which I'm stealing from The Nomad):

1What movie or TV show do you hate that everyone else loves?
2. Where were you when you ate your first Chicken McNugget?
3. Who are you five dream dinner guests (alive or dead) and what would you cook them?
4. What is your favorite book or author? 
5. What is your favorite tipple?
6. What's your middle name? 
7. If you were given €4000 for a holiday, where would you go and what would you do? 
8. What song do you hear, that when you hear it, takes you right back to your childhood/ teenage years? 
9. What's your favorite sport and favorite team? 
10. McDonald's or Burger King? 
11. What is your favorite city in the world? 

Whew! That was a long one! 
Are you still with me? 



  1. Thank you for sharing such fun facts about you! I finished Fall of Giants last night and will be starting the sequel as soon as I can, happy reading! Bisous :)

  2. You have good taste, Everybody Loves Raymond was terrible. It was always on at like 4pm on a Saturday in New Zealand, so I couldn't believe it when I found out how popular it was in the States (and then when it was winning all the Emmys they started playing new ones in prime time and the repeats every day at 5.30 pm). Anyway, probably no-one cares for the NZ TV history of ELR....

    Enjoyed the fun facts!

  3. I never got Everybody Loves Raymond either, he just kinda bugged me. Not as much as chickens though, they are too pecky to be anything but scary.

  4. I so miss my brother but sadly I never had anyone stand in for him! Good to know more about you. Take care Diane

  5. Well looky here, I just learned heaps of new things about you. I love you lots and wish you would come down here and am soooo glad you don't like Raymond. x x
    P.S. Grinning like a loon at the bubble bath story - he's such a sweetie.

  6. Thanks for sharing this ;)
    Going to check your mother's books on Amazon now!
    And yes, your husband is very handsome lol.

  7. I did not know about your sister and I am really sorry! It sucks so much to lose a family member.
    That is awesome about your mother's books! I did not know and I will definitely go to her blog and check them out!
    Congratulations on the award! You deserve every single award that exists!

  8. I have little feet as well! And I was actually terrified that my feet would grow when I was pregnant (have you heard of that?) because I like my small feet, ha ha!
    I am sorry about your sister! I agree, a girl needs a sister! I never had one until I got married... thank goodness for sisters in law :)

  9. Bonne fête de Premier Mai! Have you your muguets? Congrats on your "lovely" award, isn't it something to have a mother-daughter team of accomplished authors?!

  10. I thought I'd responded to this earlier but apparently not! Thank you so much for passing the award on. I feel like I should make a speech, but I won't. I feel genuinely honoured that you read and enjoy my ramblings. I love your posts!
    Fall of Giants is one of my faves, although am yet to read World without End...
    Much love, and thanks again! xx

  11. 1. Go Spurs Go!
    2. Everybody Loves Raymond is crap.
    3. Aussie way of life is awesome. They are the most relaxed people in the universe...sometimes too relaxed, but I'll forgive them.

  12. Since I moved from Houston to a farm in the middle of nowhere, my excursions and vacations are always to a city. We went to small towns a couple of times and I was bored to death. I can sit around and stare at nature whenever I want. The city is the only place I want to go whenever I leave the farm.

  13. Firstly, you and your lovely blog deserve an award!! I always enjoy my visits here and you certainly kept me interested again today with your answers. I shall pop over to your Mum's blog right now.

  14. I've never eaten a chicken McNugget, or even a regular old chicken nugget. I've also never loved Raymond! I'd happily switch locations with you right now, how does the centre of Glasgow grab you? ;o)

  15. I loved getting to know you a little bit more! I think that romantic gesture of Gregory's was definitely very sweet, and probably just what you needed.

    And my husband does the same thing with pretending to listen. Drives me insane!

  16. Wow Sara, you got the Liebster award and now you are passing one on to me! I am truly honored! Yikes, this means I have to give do some serious contemplation about random thoughts and your questions. I am sure a glass of rosé will make the process easier and more entertaining. Again, thank you! Your blog without a doubt is the most entertaining one I have yet to come across. Happy Labor Day.

  17. tiny bits of feathers on your chicken? ick.

    also, I agree - I do think your husband is quite handsome :)

  18. Congratulations on your prestigious award!!!

  19. It's really interesting to read your answers...A bit like you, I sometimes (at the moment) long to live in a city. When I go to Clermont I check out the flats for rent/ sale that I go past in the car, thinking "Hmm, handy for parking...nice view etc" But I'd love to live in the centre of Lyon in a huge, old flat with beams in an old appartment block. Yeah, right, we could afford that, couldn't we?!

    My biggest coincidence is that my best friend here in my not so petit village (who I met here) was brought up 5 miles from me in Liverpool, and my dad was her gran's doctor! AND she's got the same name as me!

  20. hahaha pretty sure your second #5 is characteristic of every man on the planet NOT that that makes it better. And how neat your mom is an author! And I have chub short toes too. And tiny toe nails and they always comment on it when I'm getting a pedicure

  21. Dude, we have lots and lots in common.

  22. This post is fab - congratulations on this stellar award!


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