Wednesday, May 15, 2013

ciao ciao

{La Petite teaching her Tonton}
++ I've not gone Italian on you, it just so happens that we say ciao in the south of France too. Papa says it, Honey's Honey says it, The Husband says it... we all say it. I guess it's because lots of people here are of Italian heritage (The Husband's grandmother was from Rome). Plus who doesn't like saying, 'ciao'? It's fun. And adding that extra 'ciao' gives it an extra something, something. Say, 'ciao', now say, 'ciao ciao.' See? Moving on.

++ Brother-in-Law got a brand new car; a Renault Clio, in powder blue with racing stripes on it and a big number 7 on the hood and the roof. It looks like Herbie the Love Bug, only French.

++ Brother-in-Law's psycho dog, Python (pronounced: Pe-than in French) has been temporarily living at Papa's house and terrorizing Papa's Wife's cat Rosa. Poor Rosa. And she should be frightened. Python has killed like thirteen chickens (that Brother-in-Law was raising) and countless cats. He's a freaking psychopath. I want to get him locked up with a Hannibal Lecter mask but one for a dog instead.  He's a tiny, Jack Russell, serial killer and even though I'm not a fan, I feel bad for him. It's not his fault he's psychotic.

++ The Husband returned home from bee duty with only seven stings. Not bad at all, except one on his jaw made the right side of his face swell up like Popeye and the two in his belly button (two bees actually wiggled their way INSIDE his belly button) made his tummy stick out like he's three months pregnant. If I had to guess, I'd say it was Mr. London's baby.

++ Do you want to hear the sweetest thing? Fifty says goodnight to me every night. Every night, after I get into bed, Fifty comes upstairs, walks around to my side and rests his head on the bed for a couple of minutes. I pet him for a bit and then when I say, "goodnight Fifty, goodnight bébé chien", he turns around, and goes back downstairs. It's heart melting stuff.  

++ Tomorrow morning The Husband, Mrs. London and I are flying to Dublin for the week. (We takeoff in about 27 hours!) While I'm off pub-crawling and catching up with family, Heather, Adrienne, Patricia, and Betsy, will be watching over this space and keeping you entertained with guest posts. I'm sure you will all be on your best behavior and make them feel very welcome, because Le Petit Village readers are the very best readers (please do not terrorize the substitute bloggers). Ciao Ciao!



  1. haha ciao ciao even in LPV! that's great. and have fun in dublin, i love the irish!

  2. Bon Match - allez Clermont :D
    I don't know if you're familiar with the Cork thing of ending phone calls with a diminishing series of Byes : BYE BYe Bye bye.....
    (Is it just Cork or is it an Irish thing?)
    anyway I find myself saying CIAO CIAo CIao Ciao ciao.... over here when I'm ending call. Some things translate quite well.

    Have a great time in Dublin. Ciao Ciao!

  3. Fifty is an adorable bébé chien! The diminishing bye-bye-bye-bye-bye is an all-Irish thing. Have a great time in Dublin!

  4. Bonne voyage! Ahh Fifty melts my heart. I hope Python needs to get out and hunt! Russels are hunting dogs, maybe someone could take him to the caves?

    1. Delete "I hope" and just keep reading ;)

  5. I have found that "ciao" is said all over Europe. They say it here in Germany too. They said it in Greece and in Switzerland. Ciao has become seems to have jumped languages like the word "okay". I've heard that EVERYWHERE. Have fun!

  6. The new thing here is beyond ciaociao, it is now touttout! I kind of love it...
    Have a great trip Bella! Psyched to be guest posting for you while you are out on adventure...

  7. Ciao, ciao and have a wonderful trip!
    The thought of bees in my belly button makes me cringe. I am so glad I have an outie.

  8. Aww, Fifty is the cutest!
    Have a fun time in Dublin! Can't wait to read about your trip!
    Germans say "Ciao" too. David likes it and he also started to use it.

  9. Aww, Fifty! That's so sweet that he does that. I took a lot of French in high school and have now forgotten almost all of it. :( But I was telling my mama something about a dog ... something that involved " de chien" ... and from that, she named our dog's stuffed toy (which was also a dog), "Dushane" ... not exactly the right pronunciation, but funny nonetheless because it became one of the dog's favorite toys. :)
    And based on the story of Python, maybe he would be more appropriately called the English pronunciation of Python. Hahaha.
    That's crazy about the bee stings.
    Annnnd - I think I'm going to start randomly saying Ciao Ciao to people and see how they take it. Sounds fun to me! :)

  10. Haha! the tiny, jack russel terrier serial killers are the worst kind. They look so cute and innocent... until they go on their chicken-killing sprees. Watch out for those.

    So excited to hear all about the trip to Dublin - safe travels!

  11. We certainly hear a lot of "ciao" in Provence especially at the end of telephone calls, more so than in person or at least that is what it seems to me. Have a great time in Dublin and enjoy the game.

  12. A Clio with racing stripes, love it :oD

    Little dogs are like little men, they feel the need to attack everything to make themselves feel bigger o.O

    Have a blast in Dublin, hope Fifty says goodnight in his 'hotel' while you're away too :oD

  13. Have so much fun in Dublin!! Please have a hot chocolate from Butler's in my honor if you get a chance!!! Yummmmm.

  14. We actually say Ciao here a lot, too. I found it so random aft first. Have the best time in Dublin!!

  15. Ciao My dear ...
    have a great time in Dublin. Fifty is sooooo sweet.
    My Strike sleeps with us in the middle of our pillows ... no good job I know!!!
    Bisous, Babi

  16. The car sounds the biz! Have a lovely time in Dublin, I hope you have good weather...

  17. Fifty is the cutest ever - and I laughed out loud about your husband's bee impregnation (though that's awful, I feel for him because that sounds ridiculously painful).
    Enjoy Dublin to the fullest! I cannot wait to see all your pictures and hear your stories. Please drink lots of Guinness for me - I know, sacrifices.

  18. I was once stung on the tongue by a bee who worked its way down the straw of my beverage and I'm imagine that belly button sting is somewhere up there on the pain list as well! Yuck!

    I'm not a huge dog person, but I can agree that Fifty's bed-time behavior is pretty terrible and am hopeful to never cross paths with psychopath Python.

    Have a nice trip!

  19. Hoping you are having a fantastic time back in your old stomping grounds - have a pint of Guinness for me! (and look forward to reading all your guests' posts while you are away!) xx

  20. Aww, i love the thing about fifty that melted my heart. :)

    Bonnie Rose | a Compass Rose

  21. you are in dublin right now! i bet you are in a pub right this very minute! i hope the husbands bee baby has subside so he has room for some dublin brewskies!

    and 50 saying goodnight?! if 50 is ever in need of an american vacation, he has an atlanta host for sure!


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