Wednesday, April 3, 2013

you think you know ... but you have no idea

{my Prince of Monaco}
Happy Wednesday after Easter y'all!

I know 'Wednesday after Easter' isn't a thing or anything, but it is today, and today is the Wednesday after Easter, so there you go.

We arrived home from Auvergne last night, after another too long drive. Today will be spent unpacking (we always come back with more stuff than we went go up there with because The Husband's mother has a bit of a shopping problem... as in she buys two of everything, and that second item has to go somewhere, so down to The LPV it goes, which is great, except then I get to try and find homes for all the stuff in a house that doesn't have a single closet), doing a massive amount of laundry, and ironing, in an attempt to put the house back together. And then on Friday, I get to pack all over again for a weekend in Toulon (Mr. London has a very important match to play, plus Mrs. London's mother is in town and I owe that lady a hug).

In the meantime, I have an idea for you guys (I got it from Betsy over at Betsy Transatlantically). Sometimes I get asked a bunch of questions about The Husband (especially after our backstories), so how would you like to know more about him, but from him? Like tidbits and answers from his own mouth, and not just me answering on his behalf? (Please say you would, because if you wouldn't, then this post is a big ol' flop and I should hang up my blogging hat and call it a day.)

You leave any question for The Husband you'd like, down there below in the comments, and he'll answer it in a blog post. And if I can convince him (and if I can figure out how to do it), he'll answer the questions in a vlog.

Oh, and while you're thinking up your questions, don't forget to enter my giveaway.

So that's your homework assignment for the day;
1. Leave a question for The Husband
2. Enter my giveaway 



  1. Actually, I have 2 questions : )
    1) Gregory, est-ce que tu te souviens du premier repas que Sara t'a préparé? Et est-ce que tu te souviens de ce que tu as pensé? (Bingo?)
    2) Quand on apprend une langue étrangère, on fait des erreurs plutôt hilarantes pour l'entourage... Est-ce que Sara en a fait en français et a déclenché une hilarité? Et toi, en anglais?

  2. Perfect opportunity to ask a question that I have been meaning to ask for a long time. I actually planned to ask this at the wedding. : )

    Gregory, how do you feel about being a front and center character (complete with photos) on the blog? And do you read every post?

    ..and hi Sara!

  3. The two of you are just so darn cute and I would give anything to hang out with you for an evening and watch your cuteness in action.

    I'd like to know the top 3 reasons why he is madly in love with you! xo

  4. A very good idea I say. I'd like to know if he reads your blog and second what does he do as a "metier"? Good luck to Toulon this weekend.

  5. I want to know what he thinks about your French speaking skills so far and how often does he want to correct you? ;)

  6. sorry Sarah, but i'd like to hear it from Gregory's mouth-but i still love you though. don't worry.

    Gregory, i'd love to hear your version about how you and Sarah met. and how do you feel about the name Nicolas? because you're still Nicolas in my head.

  7. Does he ever experience his own culture shock?

  8. I want to hear the bar encounter from his point of view!

    And y'all are just all over the place!

  9. What a great idea! I can't think of any questions off the top of my head but it sounds like it will be a great post! Can't wait to read it!

  10. Don't you dare hang up your blogging hat! My question to you is will it be in French? And my question for le husband is what it's like being married to a famous blogger?

  11. Good luck with all the unpacking and packing! I can't tell you how much I hate it!
    I love the vlog idea! How exciting!
    Let me think....a question...
    What is the weirdest thing about being married to an American? What is the worst thing and what's the best?

  12. Ha, I think the husband's mother is related to my granny, who also has a mad shopping problem - I have 6 cousins and each and every one of us could have gone to uni with a full set of crockery and pots and pans, and she would still have been able to throw a dinner party for about 20...

    As for the question, I feel I should attempt this in French, as I'm sure you'll make him attempt to answer in English, so we can both have a laugh (not least because I have a keyboard with no accents ;o) )

    Si vous etes d'Auvergne, comment avez-vous fini en Provence?

    Oh, and:

    Est il possible pour Sara a sortir avec moi a le petit bar en Juin, parce que je serai en Provence en vacances

  13. hi sara louise. thanks for your lovely wishes. id like to ask your hubby how the two of you met? xxx

  14. I'd like to ask Gregory if he would ever move to the States with you? (Not that I think you shoukd ever leave France.....:-)

  15. hmm...his favorite part of France? seeing as you guys travel pretty much ALL OVER THE PLACE.

  16. I have two questions for the Husband,
    1. Tell us about how you met (we've heard Sara's side, but now I'd like yours, if only to hear the cuteness all over again.)
    2. What's the best thing about Sara?
    And please, never hang up your blogging hat, I'd be forced to stop procrastinating for so long, and I do so love a bit procrastination.

  17. I have a question
    1. Do you read and keep up with the blog?
    2. What is something you did not expect by being married to someone not from France?

    Bonnie Rose | A Compass Rose

  18. I think I'd like to know the husband's favorite movie, since I already know his favorite rapper.

  19. Hmm..what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? European, of course.

    No, seriously, my question is would Gregory consider living in Australia? Or is it just too far away from France for him (and you).

    Nothing self serving in that question at all.

  20. I want to hear his answers in French and English please. And seriously, if he answers in french, does the question really matter? How many meters equal a kilometer? What color are your eyes? - haha - I want him to tell me about meeting your Texas sister, Aidan and her family, and tell me about her kiddos. <3 - susan

  21. Okay, I have one. We know all about your aversion to pate day and that one hunting day with all the blood and no utensils, so I'd like to hear from Gregory what he thought was he nastiest thing he ate while visiting the United States. If not the nastiest, the weirdest.

  22. Can he get me two tickets to the Munster/Clermont game ;D

  23. Dear Gregory, I suggest you look at presents she buys for other women. You may see the kids of things she would like to receive. 10 points for the pampering idea though!


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