Sunday, April 21, 2013

A Tisket, A Tasket

++ Last Saturday afternoon was spent having lunch in Aix-en-Provence on the first truly glorious spring day of the year. (First truly glorious spring days of the year should be celebrated, and it looked like everyone got that memo... Aix was packed! So packed, I couldn't even bring myself to go into Zara... that's how packed it was.) Not only was I happy with the cracking weather (24 ºC / 75ºF), but my Godfather and his wife were on holiday from Las Vegas, and since they happened to be in Aix and we happened to be in Aix, lunch seemed like the civilized thing to do. I hadn't seen my Godfather since I was about eight or maybe nine (that was a long, long, long time ago), but as soon as I was sat down next to him, it was like all those years hadn't happened. And there we were.

++ Busy as a bee is how I've been lately... the Wednesday before Good Friday it was dinner in Aix, on Good Friday we left for Easter in Auvergne, we returned on the Tuesday and then on the Friday it was down to Toulon, back up to The LPV late Sunday night, then next Saturday we were in Aix again (for that lunch above), we returned home with Mrs. London in tow who stayed for the weekend, and now here it is a week later and I'm blogging live from The London's kitchen in Toulon. (shhh... everyone is sleeping!)

++ And speaking of blogging... the last months of Google Reader are upon us and honestly, I'm a little worried. I'm scared that Google Reader is the way that you keep up with me and without it, I'll lose you. So just in case it is, please soothe my mind by taking note of these other ways to keep track of Le Petit Village happenings... I tweet my blog posts, so if you're on twitter you can find me there, and of course there is the Facebook page which gets updated, and I'm on Bloglovin too. That seems like the way most bloggers are going. I know I've been adding blogs I read on there left, right and center, so yeah, Bloglovin, check it out. (Oh, and Fifty wanted me to remind you that he has his very own Facebook page and he loves making new friends.)

++ Yesterday (before our last minute dash down to the Côte d'Azur), The Husband and I watched the Clermont vs. Toulouse rugby match. It was the 59th game in a row, that Clermont has won at home. 59! That's a big number and fantastic and all, but I think what is more important to note is that, that winning streak began in September 2009, which just happens to be when I moved to France. Coincidence? I doubt it (I'm a wee lucky charm).

++ I have some wonderful news to report... two new additions to The LPV family are on their way... Baby Cousin's girlfriend is expecting as well as The Husband's BFF and childhood sweetheart, The Croupier! Two new Le Petit Villagers due in November! Oh me oh my, time to bust out my knitting.

++ Speaking of Mother's... let's talk about Mother's day. I am so confused. Did you know that it is celebrated on a different day in the U.S., Ireland and France? (If you are new here you might not know why this matters, but if you read this post, you'll understand). In the U.S. it's on May 12th, Ireland, the 10th of March (oops... missed that one) and in France, the 26th of May. My confusion has led me to miss it for several years now and my poor mother has been Mother Day-less, so this past week I went ahead and shipped her present. It's late for Ireland, early for the U.S., and really early for France, but I'm making a decree... I declare that today, Sunday the 21st of April, is My Mother's Day. So that said...

Happy Mother's Day Eilo!



  1. Heh, do you remember what home looks like right now? ;o) It sounds like a fun kind of busy anyway!

    Mother's Day in the UK and Ireland isn't actually a fixed date, but is entirely dependent on when Easter is, as it's Mothering Sunday, the 4th Sunday in Lent. This, of course, causes additional confusion because you never know when the blinking thing will be one year to the next if you don't track your religious events! My mother has never forgiven me for the year I lived in Canada and didn't send her anything (you know, as it was about 2 months ahead of the North American version, and I hadn't a clue it was on)

  2. Wow such warm weather! And to think you were just awaiting snowfall!

    As for Google Reader, I am not sure how that even works! I just go down my list of favorite blogs once a day or so! I am sure many other do it that way as well, so don't worry!

  3. Hi Sara! I've signed up for Bloglovin recently, so hopefully I'll get your posts. I wouldn't want to miss them because they are so lively and fun! Have a good one.

  4. " Last Saturday afternoon was spent having lunch in Aix-en-Provence on the first truly glorious spring day of the year. " Ughhhh to be able to say that!!!! Amazing!

  5. It arrived . . . what a lovely surprise! Eilo

  6. Two other options for following blogs is They have apps for i devices and android. Also is a pretty no frills feed reader I am liking.

  7. We were in Aix on the same busy day!! I hope I run into you there someday!

  8. I blog on Blogger, so Blogger Dashboard has a Reading List. I understand that will still work and that's where you show up. I don't know whether people who don't blog through Blogger can have a Blogger Dashboard or not.

  9. I never knew that about Mother's day, crazy crazy. I totally would have forgotten too as I just thought it was a national holiday like Christmas or new years.

  10. Have you checked out Canopi too? I have a link to it on my blog. But between that and bloglovin you should be fine. I think theres just a lot of people not following on GFC but following elsewhere so that they are still readers, not that you are losing any. :)

    Bonnie Rose | a compass Rose blog

  11. Love that photo - it screams Spring! I just click in your blog name to read your blog. Your loyal readers will do whatever it takes to find you! xo

  12. So awesome that you got to meet your godfather after so many years!
    And Zara stores full of annoying people are terrible. I always try to avoid that too.
    I am following you on Bloglovin and I will find you even when Google Reader ends!

  13. Haha! Trust mothers all over the world to create multiple days for them to be celebrated!

    Now off to drool over the previous post's photo of fondue...

  14. Mother's day... I do all three you can't go wrong! (uk mother, Canadian MIL and we live in France so easier to remember for both they love that!!)
    Just sorted out my Blog lovin' also!
    Thanks for the twitter follow.

  15. Hoping that nice weather sticks so I can do some proper exploring in Beziers tomorrow! I'm tired of the coat I've been wearing in Leeds!

  16. It's only recently that I discovered that Mother's Day is celebrated on various days in other countries. I'm nervous too about all these Google changes - anyway, I'm following you now on Bloglovin' so I'm gradually getting organised!

  17. i really wish you could hear inside my head when i read your blog - all these place names are pronounced 98% wrong, i'm sure.

    and thank to you i just added "bloglovin post" to my to-do list. i've been in deep denial about google reader going away. this is seriously worse than when facebook changed the way the mini feed looked!

  18. Happy, happy spring!! It finally made its appearance here in Paris!! Ca y est!

    So Google really is going through with doing away with the reader. I thought it was just a threat, but I guess it's really going down. I wonder what will happen to our widget. I'm going to be really sad if one day it's just not there. It's the end of an era, I tell you.


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