Friday, March 15, 2013

this weekend

{blossoming spring}
Bonjour tout le monde! How are we today?

Our Friday morning started off with a bang. Gregory (aka The Husband... for some reason I'm in the mood to use his actual name today) took Fifty for his morning walk and they crossed paths with a German Shepherd also out for his morning walk, except sans owner. Well the German Shepherd must not have liked the look of Fifty or something because he lunged for him, and a Friday morning rumble ensued. Gregory was able to break it up after a couple of minutes but has a nice bite on the back of his thigh to show for it. Never a dull moment in The LPV. Even when it's dull, it's never dull, dull. You know what I mean?

It's our wedding anniversary this weekend (three years on Sunday... my how time flies!) and we had been planning on going to Marseille for the weekend, but while we were twiddling our thumbs, our favorite hotel sold out. But that's fine, plenty we can do around here...

Tonight we're having an at home date night. We're making sushi (and by sushi I mean California Rolls). I've never made sushi before, and Gregory hasn't either and I'm pretty sure it's going to be a glorious disaster. Let me rephrase that... I'm pretty sure his side of the kitchen is going to be a glorious disaster. I'll let you know.

Saturday night is France's last match in this year's Six Nations tournament. Normally, we'd make sure and watch it, but France's new coach, Philippe Saint-André, has made such a mess of things, I can't bare to see another catastrophe, so instead of continuing our anniversary celebrations by watching Scotland embarrass France, we'll be going out to dinner instead. (Hey Philippe Saint-André... step into my office... you're effing fired!)

And as for Sunday, our actual anniversary, which also happens to be St. Patrick's Day, well I'm not sure yet. I'm taking suggestions if any of you have any ideas (please feel free to leave them in the comment section below).

Oh, and I almost forgot! My weekend will also include a trip to La Poste, I have to put a Le Petit Village t-shirt in the mail. Congratulations to Ashley, the winner of the giveaway!

So that's what's happening around these parts, 
what's happening around yours? 



  1. Happy anniversary on Sunday.
    I suspect Ireland will also be beaten on Saturday but I will grit my teeth and watch it. Poor Fifty & poor Gregory, but count your blessings it wasn't you taking Fifty out for his morning wee ;-)

  2. happy anniversary! and good luck with the cali rolls, i tried them once and the rice was a disaster, the key is how you cook it! :) have fun dear.

  3. Happy Anniversary and hope your husbands bite is not a big problem. Have a good weekend. Diane

  4. Holy crap! I am so sorry for both Gregory and Fifty!!! That was almost me yesterday but I think I scared off the huuuuge dog by waving Ben's leash in the air and yelling like a crazy woman. Heehee. What is UP with people letting their dogs wander around?! Don't get me started...

    Ok, for the rolls. Did you buy sushi rice? Good. Mirin and/or rice vinegar? That is the key to making the rice stick together. Then just make sure you roll them in the placeemat really tightly and it will be delish!

    Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple! Hoping that you ALL have a fine weekend ahead. :)

  5. Happy anniversary my sweet Sara,
    have a great week end in Marseille!
    Bisous, Babi

  6. You're going to make sushi? That should be fun!

    Happy anniversary for Sunday. Maybe you should have lunch in an Irish pub and eat Irish stew washed down with a pint of Guinness. :)

  7. Happy anniversary to you and The Husband!! As for the France-Scotland rugby game tomorrow... you can also fire the French coach on my behalf, such a messy mess, it's been dreadful :(

  8. Happy anniversary! Sushi will be fun! I have only made it at home once and I was lucky enough to be invited to someone's home where their Japanese wife was cooking, so she idd all the prep and we just had to roll, which I was terribly bad at. The key was keeping it one large roll instead of trying to cut it into the pretty little pieces they have at sushi restaurants.

  9. Happy anniversary to you both and happy St P's day also! Poor puppy and hubby, hope he is OK! Have fun and enjoy the sushi competition (-you always need less than you think!)

  10. Happy Anniversary and congratulations to you and Gregory. Make sure he doesn't put a bandaid on those dog bites. Trust me after going to one Emergency Room and given stitches for dog bites and then to another 24 hours later when I had poison streaks running up my arms and told the worst possible thing for a dog bit is stiches or bandaids or even scabs, because dog bites are so germy. The only thing worse is people bites.

  11. I cannot believe that Husband has a name that is not The Husband - I'm a little bit shocked right now.
    Happyyy anniversary, mon amie! I'm so happy for the two of you and hope you post lots of pictures of your ventures into sushi making (Cali rolls totally count). Enjoy - and enjoy St. Pat's! xox

  12. Suggestions, hmmm... Hows about green beer? Possibly a tad easier than sushi? Joyeux anniversaire!!!

  13. Sounds like you have a fab weekend planned, Happy Anniversary for Sunday! I'll be watching the 6 Nations too although for England (although I always support France when they play against anyone other than us!!).

    Ouch, hope The Husband recovers from his dog attack soon!


  14. Happy anniversary! I love that you have 2 sides of the kitchen lol. Not wishing to rub it in, but I do hope Scotland can actually win that one. Oh, and that Ireland can actually manage a win too. I'll not be holding my breath on either though!

  15. Have a wonderful anniversary weekend! That naughty German Shepherd! Hope everyone is on the mend!

  16. Oh no, I hope the bite does not hurt too much!
    Have a lovely weekend! And happy anniversary and St. Patrick's Day!

  17. Wishing you guys a happy HAPPY anniversary this weekend!

    Also, my husband is a mailman, and whenever he tells me stories about dogs biting him, or chasing him, it makes me laugh. I know that's horrible, but I just picture him, in his shorts, with his mailbag, running from dogs, and it just seems so cliche...I can't help myself. : )


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