Wednesday, March 13, 2013


++ Spring is breathing down our neck here in the warmest of sunny ways and I couldn't be more delighted. Sunny, spring days mean the end to this, the most dull and boring time in The LPV (nothing is happening people, nothing at all, it's very boring). It's like everyone is hibernating, resting for BBQ season. Well not me, I'm preparing... preparing by buying these sparkly pink pumps.
{forever 21}
++ And with that declaration of spring's imminent arrival, how the in the name of St. Patrick is it the middle of March already?! I feel like December was only yesterday and I was waiting for my mother to arrive for Christmas. Now the holidays are but a distant memory and La Petite's birthday and my wedding anniversary are right around the corner.

++ With birthdays and anniversaries only a few days away, time is going to do that super speedy up thing, when one booked weekend flows into the next and we blink and it's summer. Mark my words, with upcoming trips to Auvergne (to visit French Nana), Marseille (for a very important Rugby match), Dublin (for another very important rugby match and some family and friend fun time), and the Gypsy's Pilgrimage in Les Saintes Maries de la Mer (my gypsy dreams are finally coming true), in a couple of months time, I'll be back here going on and on about how I can't believe it's almost summer time. Because yeah, I'm that predictable.

++ To combat the incredible dullness that has been life in Le Petit Village lately, I've journeyed back in time to the late 90's with Felicity marathons. For reasons unknown to me, I didn't watch Felicity back in the day (there must have been something I liked more on at the same time), so I'm enjoying catching up on Felicity effing up her love life, episode after episode and basking in the pre-21st century nostalgia. Well I was anyway, until I let my curiosity get the better of me and I googled the series overview and found out about that time travel malarkey that happens in the end. WHAT IS THAT ALL ABOUT?! So now my Felicity marathons are on hiatus, but that's OK, because I'm getting my Keri Russell fix via The Americans.

++ Speaking of Russia... my friend Gayle sent me an American care package for my birthday which included a Starbucks mug from Alaska to add to my collection. (If you're wondering how I got from The Americans to this, it's because The Americans is about Russians, and Russia is next to Alaska, and that's how my brain works). I think my Alaska mug is my most random Starbucks mug yet, next to my Bucharest one anyway, and it's kind of cool, because Alaska and Bucharest are two places that are so far apart, they end up being not that far apart. Get it? Please just go with me on this one.

++ Mrs. London's mother's precious cat, Salem, passed away last weekend and my heart is breaking for her. Saying goodbye to a friend (furry friends are no less friends than non-furry ones) is not an easy task. In an attempt to cheer her up, I've offered to send over Fifty or even The Husband as a distraction. But thinking about it now, I should send over one of the cats that hang out behind my house instead. (It's where they like to wage their cat gang war. It's like the Bloods and Crips back there.)

{Pick one Maggie}
++ Nothing to do with cats whatsoever, but did you know that I have a giveaway going on at the moment? Well I do and it's awesome. Contest closes when the clock strikes midnight tonight, click here to enter.



  1. What is this about Felicity and time travel? I never saw the end of the series, but now I'm kind of curious. Thank goodness for Netflix!

  2. I can relate to how your brain works. I've been told mine is like a web then asked if I ever think linearly! J'adore les chats.A bientôt

  3. I watched Felicity last year on Netflix, and honestly I'm still peeved about all of that time travel business. it was so incredibly confusing! and unnecessary! and I'm pretty much pretending it didn't happen. just like (spoiler alert?) her decision to return to being pre-med at the very end of the series. someone so wishy-washy about the whole idea should not be studying to become a doctor!

  4. Do you like The Americans? I've been meaning to check it out, but keep forgetting.

    1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! It's our favorite tv at the moment :)

  5. I watched every episode of Felicity religiously. It was the perfect timing. She started freshmen year when i started 9th grade and college seemed so so far away but at the same time... almost there. Gosh i loved it and keri russell. we watched the first episode of the americans but didnt get too into it. i would have continued but philip just didn't like it. i need to push him a bit more when it comes to american tv (although he does indulge me by watching the carrie diaries!) x

  6. Boldly moving past all the things I could comment on bullet point by bullet point, I'm just going to say this: long haired cats freak me out. And feral long hairs? I'd be locking the doors and barring the windows. And hoping Fifty has a puppy Hulk in him somewhere to protect the fort.

  7. I was also a religious Felicity watcher, but I somehow missed the whole time travel thing. Which is ok by me. I think I stopped watching when she cut her hair - I felt she cut off her mojo.

  8. ++totally get the winter boredom. it's killing me. i think theres a permanent imprint of my ass in my mattress from sitting in my bed, the only warm spot in my apartment, on my computer
    ++love that you collect starbucks mugs. i'd totally hook you up with a karlsruhe one if we had anything of the sort...
    ++have seriously considered watching felicity in full because i'm officially out of shows and it's STILL COLD OUTSIDE

  9. Man that bottom cat looks evil! As for the rugby, I'm just hoping for something not embarrassing this weekend...

  10. Jealous of your Spring! We had fresh snow in Moscow today and are likely to be basking in it for sometime...maybe I need something pink and sequined as a symbol of belief that Spring may come someday. :) And thanks for the Russia shoutout...even via Alaska. ;)

  11. Those flats are adorable! I've been lusting after sparkly flats for so long, but I'm afraid to pull the trigger just because I don't want them getting trashed when it rains so much here. Same goes for the million pairs of great suede shoes that I've picked up and put back in the last couple of years. :(

  12. I am so jealous that you have a gaggle of cats just hanging around your house!! This crazy cat lady would love that!

  13. After the icy weather here today I am wondering if spring really is in the air!!!! Take care Diane

  14. what i would do for those pink glitter flats..

  15. 1. I hope Fifty doesn't like cat poo, if you get my drift. We have that problem here......
    2. I almost thought you were channelling Sarah Palin there for a moment but then realized you're much too smart for that! :-)

  16. Yay! Kitty love on the LPV!!! This is normally a puppy zone so I'm happy to see some feline friends hanging out! I want to steal them all!!

    Did someone say pink glitter? I LOVE those glitter flats. So perfect for spring. Don't tell me there's a Forever 21 in the LPV? Well if there is one, it'll be perfect for the LPV Fashion Week. I've recruited Kale Project Kristen to help out too! Hahaha!

    Enjoy your down time because once spring arrives you'll have to keep up with all of your adventures!

  17. I am so so sorry to hear about Salem! This is so sad! Losing furry friends (and family members) is so terrible!
    Wow, you have a lot of vacations planned! Awesome!
    And I never watched Felicity either. I don't know but I completely missed that.

  18. Hello Sara,
    Cool pumps! Your upcoming plans sound fun, you must be planning a good evening for Saint Patrick's this weekend?
    Resting for barbecue season ... did it stop, we Barbecued in the snow last night LOL!!
    Sorry Mummy-London had to say goodbye to Salem, very sad thing to do...

  19. It's so hard loosing pets. We lost three while overseas. They are part of the family. Sara, you must check out today's post on Cuddle Buggin. And the opening video will make you smile.

  20. My fingers are still crossed for your giveaway ;) Hoping I can be rocking my LPV shirt!
    Those shoes are fabulous and so are you. Ahh, I want to be in Europe for St. Pat's! I'll have to do my best celebrating state side with TONS of Guinness and debauchery (I'm so classy, I know).
    You are hysterical with your Bloods/Crips comment. I laughed out loud while at work (shame on moi for blogging while at work!). Seriously though, so sad for your friend, but that was an amazing comment :) xox

  21. Oh my word, a gypsy pilgrimage?!

    And I just read the other gyspy post, and I can not get over the nonchalant way your husband told you he almost married a gypsy. That's hilarious! I wish he had bought a caravan...I bet that would have been an adventure!


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