Wednesday, January 16, 2013


{I failed to take a photo of the inch of snow... sorry}
Bonjour mes amis! (or bonsoir, or bonne nuit... whatever suits)

My house is quiet. My mother left yesterday (On her birthday! But it's kind of OK because we had celebrated on Saturday, and then again on Monday). And with the birthday girl gone, Fifty and I aren't too sure what to do with ourselves. (That's not entirely true... we have to pack away the Christmas decorations... they're down, but still not packed, and Fifty's lack of thumbs mean that it will all probably be left up to me... again... boo.)

It snowed yesterday. But not a thick blanket of snow, only about an inch, which is pretty boring. I had high hopes for the snow because on our drive back from the TGV in Aix (where we said goodbye to my mom) the snow was bucketing down, and I was sure that the winter wonderland I've been waiting for had finally arrived. It hadn't. I guess I'll put away the Butler's Hot Chocolate for another day. Boo.

So that's me... popping in to say a quick and clumsy coucou to all.

It feels weird here now without a tree or the stockings or my mom. I guess I'll have to go ahead and join 2013 with the rest of the world. Boo.



  1. Ugh post holiday situations are the roughest. Lucky for you that they've gone for this long...I feel like they're three weeks behind me already, sadly. Cheers though to snow and adventures in 2013!

  2. What a nice long stay your mom had! We got a blanket over the weekend and it's still hanging around, which means it's too dang cold for me!

  3. Oh dear, the 'mum just gone' feeling is the pits isn't it. That plus putting all the deccies away, and you've got a good hit of the post-holiday blues feeling.

    I'm sure you'll get back into the swing of things soon though. A nice cheese fondue will cheer you up.

  4. oh, the old "lack of thumbs" excuse... tell that dog to man up!

  5. Hope your Mom arrived home safely. It must have been hard to say goodbye. I think your snow came my way. I woke up to a big fluffy white blanket and it's still coming down! xo

  6. Sarah had a brilliant idea, have a raclette party! Something to fill the blah between now and Valentines Day.

  7. Boo indeed!
    I always get like a post-holidays depression, everyone's gone back, no more parties, etc....

    It is hard to get back into the routine of things, isn't it?

  8. So nice that your mom stayed for a good long time. I am sure it was hard to say goodbye.
    I bet Fifty really misses her too.

  9. Aw, so sad to see your mom head home...she had become a very welcome fixture (for lack of a better word) in your blog posts.

    Sorry you didn't get more snow! We are having lots of rain, while 20 miles to the north it is blanketed in white.

    I would have the Hot Chocolate anyway.

  10. Happy for you that your Mom was able to spend the holidays with you. I know that you and Fifty were very sorry to see her leave. Not sure what kind of relationship the Husband has with his Mother-in-Law. Enjoy the New Year! Stay warm!

  11. I hope your post holiday blues depart quickly!
    It sounds like you had a wonderful visit with your mom, and that is super!
    My decorations are still up including one loaded tree (thanks to a bad, post holiday cold).
    We're in the freezer here in Colorado, and I'm longing for a warmup to melt our snow away.
    The winter wonderlands are worth it, and I hope you get yours soon.

  12. Hello Sara,
    Keep smiling, let's hope your Mom will be back soon! Ne sois pas triste!

  13. Aww things are always better when moms are around! Here it's snowy et il fait super froiiiiid!


  14. The dead of winter has arrived here too and like you said on Facebook, it's blah. We had some snow, some stuck and then the rain washed it away.

    I hope your mom has safe travels back (of course she will). I know you enjoyed every second of your time with her. Isn't it always sad when the moms go home? I hate it every time.

    Please do join us in's not too bad over here. : )

  15. Aww, sorry you're having to get dragged kicking and screaming into 2013. I suggest you start by teaching Fifty some cleaning tricks ;o)

  16. Cheer up. Well, truthfully, I'm all for being sad and pathetic when I miss my mum. So wallow a bit, and THEN Cheer up! xo-susan

  17. I know that feeling.. I was bit down too since the trip back to home - I was missing my family so.

    If you ever need cheering up, come to Avignon and we'll go to the wine bar together ;)

  18. I hate post holiday blues - my friends all have birthdays scattered throughout January, and mine is in the beginning of February, so once that passes, I get the winter blahs because it gets so damn boring.
    The picture is gorgeous, lack of snow or not! Just drink a little more wine (or Jack Honey), and it'll all be a little bit brighter... or foggier ;) xox

  19. It must be nice to have some quiet time!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  20. What a great picture and such a wonderful lazy day. I am starting to form a deep appreciation for lazy days. The wake when you want. Move at your own pace. Don't brush your hair or put on clothes type of day. Sounds fantastic. I also benefit from these days because I enjoy my own company greatly!
    And do pack up the Christmas dear doll! You don't want to trip over it or have it out until St. Patricks day. :-)


  21. Ahh an inch of snow is more than we have here in Nebraska (which seems strange). Hope you enjoyed it! :)

  22. Hope you will get some more snow soon!

  23. OMG BUTLER'S HOT CHOCOLATE!!!!! That will forever be the best hot chocolate I have ever had. It was so nice on a cold Dublin morning!

  24. oh wow, that Butlers hot chocolate sounds delicious! any chance you'd be willing to send some over my way? ;)

    also, the same thing happened with the snow here in Alabama - the flakes were coming down fairly thickly at the beginning of my Spanish class, whereas an hour later when I was released, it had all melted...what.the.heck.


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