Friday, January 18, 2013

The St. Stephen's Day Terrorist

Looking at this photo, you would think that the St. Stephen's Day Terrorist was the small, white dog who had eaten something that didn't agree with his little belly. But no, as painfully odorous as that was, the St. Stephen's Day Terrorist was actually my mother, who held us hostage with her particular brand of SingStar strategy. 

Let me backtrack.

For those that don't know, St. Stephen's Day (the day after Christmas) is an Irish holiday and since my Irish mother was visiting, we celebrated it. Plus, the 26th is also Boxing Day for the English, and guess who's English... Mr. & Mrs. London are that's who. So the day after Christmas, we went to Toulon to have a nice, family holiday (both Mrs. London's mother and brother were over from London, and with my mother as well, it was like a mini family reunion... in the South of France... I love that!). Sadly for Mr. London, he had to go back to the UK that night for a funeral and would be missing out on all of the family fun time. 

Family fun time like exchanging presents (OK, technically Mr. London was still there for this, but he was like a zombie apocalypse casualty do to a tad too much 'Christmas Spirit' the night before). A bottle of Jack Daniel's Honey whisky from Dan-Dan (Mrs London's brother) and a bottle of Champagne from Mrs. London. They both gave us alcohol.... hmmm... not sure what they're trying to say, but I like it. (I'm saving that Rosé Champagne for my birthday... only seventeen days left to go!

I gave the gift of reading to Mrs. London... one of my absolute favorites; The Bronze Horseman trilogy. (If you haven't already read it, please add it immediately to your goodreads. Go now, I'll be here when you get back.)  

The Husband gave Mr. London a framed photo... it's Mr. London and an ASM Clermont player colliding. I'm not sure who was tackling who, but it's a humdinger. I'd love to show it to you but then Mr. London would get pouty, and his pout rivals The Husband's, so no thank you, but it is quite spectacular actually (both the pouting and the photo).  

Napoleon got Fifty's Christmas elf hat that Fifty had outgrown...

Dan-Dan and The Husband played with a new remote controlled helicopter, until one of them got it stuck on the roof... luckily Dan-Dan has big shoulders...  

We put our pyjamas on at a ridiculously early hour (because the key word in family fun time is 'family' so that means pyjamas are always allowed), popped some Champagne (for about the third or fourth time that day) and played cards. 

It was the L O N G E S T game of Phase 10 in the history of mankind. It was so long, I half expected Mr. London to have returned from the UK (obviously, I'm exaggerating, but it was over two hours and that's a ridiculous amount of time to be playing one card game... blame it on the Champagne I guess). 

And after the world's longest card game, we moved to the living room for the main event... family fun time SingStar. Do you ever wish that you could go back in time and not do something... yeah this is one of those times. None of us have any right to sing ever (with the exception of Mrs. London's mother... she's got the voice of a wee angel). 

It was not pretty (blaming it on the Champagne again) but that didn't stop us from getting competitive. And my mother's competitive streak led her to this strategy... sing louder than everyone else (which basically means shouting), accent the last word of every line, and you'll win (it felt like we were being held hostage... seriously).

But that didn't really work... it only resulted in a loss to The Husband ("But Gregory doesn't even speak English!!! How could he have beaten me???"), and a rendition of The Commodore's classic, 'Brick House', that will remain burned into our memories forever. 

Naturally a performance such as the one we were subjected to, would lead to some teasing. So at breakfast the next morning, we asked each other questions, questions like:

Where does Obama live? He lives in the White HOUSE.
What's your favorite TV show? I like to watch Dr.HOUSE

And guess what? Mrs. London caught the 'Brick House' performance on video. The whole thing! And oh how I would love to show it to you, I really would, but if I did, I would be in the dog HOUSE.

(I'm pretty sure I'm going to be in trouble anyway)



  1. Haha, the first photo really just looks like someone overindulged with the Brussel Sprouts to me!

  2. I love your sense of humour! (I also love singstar)

  3. I don't know the song in question or the book trilogy but I will be acquainting myself with them. Giggling at this post because I can almost hear the laughter during the questioning the next morning! X

  4. pahahaha I NEED to play this! Love hte moments that come out of games

  5. HAHAHA please can I be a fly on the wall at the next reunion?

  6. LOve the action photo and caption about blaming the poor little dog!

  7. Oh go on, share the video, you know you want to ;o) PS, it's Boxing Day for the British, not just the English...

  8. Too funny. I think your family sounds like a blast. (In a good way)

  9. Lol Obama sure does live in the white house! ;-) And I really have to look up Boxing Day because I have a few Canadian and British buddies and I (as an American) have zero clue what it is! Here day after Christmas means more sales! But it is sweet of you to celebrate that saints day with your mother. That Tennessee Honey is killer in hottie totties! And lastly those book seem very interesting. I may try to read them this upcoming summer. Graduate School has my days marked until then.


    PS: Thanks for your comment on my blog dude!

  10. I was sure when I saw the photo you would be sharing a tale about Fifty eating something that didn't sit too well on the tummy. I have no idea what singstar is. Have a great weekend.

  11. Hi Sara, I'm enjoying your chatty, humorous style of writing. It sounds like you had a fun-filled holiday season. Thanks for the tip on the trilogy. I'm going to check it out. Have a good weekend.

  12. So funny, and such teasers! But Bradley Cooper does speak English, doesn't he???

  13. Haha this is so funny!!

    We're partial to SingStar at my family gatherings and your Mother's strategy sounds very similar to the one my Father employs in our HOUSE.


  14. If you're going to be in trouble anyway, mights as well go all in!! Which just means I would pay a million bucks to see that and have a good laugh. :)

    Glad you guys had fun!

  15. Haha love that first photo and the champagne!!!

  16. Haha, oh gosh. Your family and friend get togethers sound like an absolute blast. I'm sure they are so much fun!

  17. This definitely sounds like an evening for the books!!! Yet another win for your holiday season! Hope you're feeling all better. :)

  18. Since you like 60's French pop, welcome to my Pandora radio station!!!

    Serge Gainsbourg Radio

    What a hoot. I thought I was the only one.

  19. What a wonderful way to spend time - reading and games! During the holidays we played a lot of "Articulate" for kids with our nieces and nephews and carrom - which I suck at!

  20. Champagne in pyjamas sounds pretty awesome to me! And I love Phase 10! I played it for the first time a couple of months ago and it is sooo awesome!
    I will definitely check out these books!

  21. This is not fair!! We all want to see!!


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