Sunday, January 6, 2013

in case you were wondering...

... what else has been going on during this long holiday season (mine officially ended yesterday after returning from a night in Toulon and I'm so very sad to see it go).

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++ The 2013 Dieux du Stade rugby calendar is out and I'm a little disappointed that one didn't find it's way into my Christmas stocking. Although, seeing Julien Pierre make the cut this year has me giddy as a school girl (fingers crossed that I might unwrap one for my birthday next month).

++ The day after my mom arrived I made escargot for lunch. And with the bottle of Petit Chablis we washed it down with, it was all very la-di-da indeed. But since there was pizza leftover from the night before, we had a couple of slices of that too, so that took the la-di-da-ness down a notch. One can never be too la di da in The LPV you know.

++ Remember how Gatz was going on and on and on about his Tartiflette? Well the whole Tartiflette thing got into my head and since I couldn't stop thinking of the cheesy, creamy potato goodness, I made one. (Take that Gatz). It was my very first one and it came out perfectly, and I didn't invite Gatz to have any of it. MUAH HA HA!

++ After The Husband wrapped my Christmas gift, he came downstairs and proudly presented it to my mother asking, "Didn't I do a good job?" She answered, "Well there's no bow, ribbon or name tag but other than that, sure you did." Poor guy.

++ And in a fantastic moment of blondness (apologies in advance for the stereotyping) The Husband ordered my present from Amazon forgetting that the Amazon account is setup with my email, so I received the confirmation email telling me that my Nikon Coolpix was on it's way. Fortunately, I'm very good at feigning surprise.

++ Remember how The Husband watched Harry Potter for the first time back in September? Well this holiday season we managed to watch the rest of them. Seven Harry Potters and we even through a Narnia in there for good measure. We are now officially Pottered out.

{Merci Mrs. London}
++ Besides watching Harry Potter pretty much nonstop, we drank Champagne almost everyday. Seriously, just about everyday one of us was popping a cork. My mother told me that when someone asks her what she did while she was in France shes going to say, "I ironed, ate McDonald's and drank Champagne everyday" (I bet you really want to visit me, don't you). 

++ In case you were wondering how it all turned out, La Professeur's surprise for her husband went off without a hitch. She even filmed him opening the signed ball and sent me the clip. Pure. Christmas. Magic.

++ Child Bride did one of those Facebook things that tell you what song was #1 the year that you were born... her birth year song is 'I'm Too Sexy' by Right Said Fred which I totally remember singing along with and dancing to. So that doesn't make me feel old at all, no not in the least bit. BLECH.

++ And get this, on NYE we had dinner together (plus Brother-in-Law, Papa, and Papa's Wife and The Husband of course, and I'm going to tell you about it real soon, pinky swear) and Child Bride asked me what I was doing after dinner, I asked why, and she said because there was a cocktail party back in the original Le Petit Village (a cocktail party... really?). Well I said that since dinner wouldn't be over until well past midnight, I'd be going home after and do you want to know what she said? Get this... she said, "Oh, that's your age".


Except yeah, she did.



  1. What an awesome Christmas! Love the champagne thrown in everywhere including with McDonald's - wait, isn't that a sin in some part of the world?

  2. Your post had me in a fit of laughter! Ahhh, nice moment of blondness there for the Hubby. But the one with the Child Bride is just the kicker. Have you posted previously about this Child Bride?! I want to read more of what promises to be hilarious posts about this chick(let).



  3. Oh I always drink champagne with my McDonalds... ;o) Poor Husband, bless him, he tried, although I might have had to help the Child Bride on her way to the party with a hefty kick up the backside on her way out the door ;o)

  4. OH NO SHE DIDN'T. blech indeed.

    p.s. when I kept my Paris blog back in 2007, I linked to the Stade calendar in a post... which my grandmother then clicked through to. whoa nelly some awkward conversations ensued! but yummmyyyyyyyy French ruggers.

  5. Does your sister in law intend to be that funny or does she just not know any better?

  6. Remember what Samantha says - the perfect food for good champagne is fried ... chicken! Did you have fries with that Mickey D's?

  7. Poor poor you! Even tho' you'll always be years older than her, I'll bet you're gonna age can start now by pointing out those first little lines on her face. :)

  8. It's great to know all is well with you in LPV and I especially appreciate the 2012 roundup so I don't feel so completely out of touch! My new year resolution: do more of the things I love. Which of course means get back to blogging and hang out with my friends here. Happy New Year!

  9. Poor husband of yours. Guys always get crap about their gift wrapping. And his blond moment, well, I can sympathize, because I have an entire life's history of blond moments (of varying magnitude) to keep me feeling confident. :)

  10. I always say the same your life..
    McDonalds AND Champagne? - that's what I call living :-)

  11. You always leave me craving cheese.....

  12. You are as right as rain about drinking champagne very day at the holidays! I did my first tartiflette too....mmmm, yummy. Child bride need, as we used to say, a crisp and efficient beating. Mwah-ha-ha.

  13. PAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, your mom would hate every present I've ever wrapped! Mine are always plain, just because I hate wrapping presents.

  14. confession...after i read "what's been going on here"....and then saw that calendar pic, i was 110% ready to buy a one-way plane ticket to shouldn't have to endure all that hard muscle all on your own!

  15. Oh my god, just watched the first episode of season 3, how wonderful, I cried. Do not know if you are on the same feed as Canada but if yoummustmwait it is so GOOD!!!!!

  16. just finished watching series 3 from Downton Abbey, it was brilliant. Such a special show, hope it airs in your neighbourhood soon.
    Cheers Sara
    Shelagh from Vancouver BC

  17. now i want champagne! :) i thought those guys were in the LPV for a second, haha!

  18. pahahahah I love that your hubby accidentally did that on Amazon, too funny!

  19. Apparently the year I was born, Cliff & The Shadows were singing "Travellin' Light" I've never heard of that song so I must have been born SO LONG AGO!! (That doesn't make sense, does it?!)
    And as for age...I'm afraid I was in bed at 10.30 on NYE - and that was for sleeping, not for anything exciting! So what Child Bride would have made of that I don't know!
    Still - Bonne Année!

  20. Hahahaha! YES! My mom would SO say that too! I thought it was just a New York thing, but no, this just proves that American moms are a tough crowd!

    Of course Child Bride's "song" is 'I'm Too Sexy'...based on your posts, it seems just perfect.

    Thank you for this extremely entertaining post! : )

  21. you know, after that foto it was a little difficult to read on...

    tartiflette.....(look at foto)........harry potter.....(peek at foto)...champagne and new year's eve....(look at foto)......and then that age crack child bride made jolted me back into the present. oh no she didn't??!!!!! she's got to be kidding. seriously. you are just a kid!

    (and then another look at foto for good measure — hahaha!)

    All the best wishes for a Happy New Year dear Sara to you and your dear husband!!


  22. Love that you watched all the Harry Potter movies over Christmas! I really need to watch them again too! It's about time.
    I feel a little bad for your husband. I am sure he did a great job wrapping the present! :)

  23. I should watch Harry with my boyfriend too :) Readind about all these delisious specialities you will be a big competitor for Julia Child soon :D Happy New Year :)

  24. Oh wow, love that top photo!!!! Diane

  25. Hi Sara! I enjoyed this post from the beginning to the end. And the eye candy at the top was delicious! When my hubby wraps Christmas presents for me, he usually only puts paper on them, so anything that shows up under the tree with nothing has to be mine from him. Guys are so funny!
    I hope that you are having a good day!


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