Thursday, January 24, 2013

Extra! Extra!

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We've got big news in The LPV people! 


Now this particular tidbit of news is about the original Le Petit Village and it's beyond exciting.

Are you ready? (I need to make sure that you are ready because this is BIG.)

The Parisian no longer owns Le Petit Bar.


That's right, it's official, someone has finally bought Le Petit Bar and Les Villagers have been saved. Their cocktail chains of oppression have been removed, the shackles cut. No longer shall they walk up to the bar to order a drink and be told that the bar has run out of Coke, or Heineken or Rosé. (Do you remember that time that Le Petit Bar ran out of Rosé... in Provence... in June?! Blasphemy). No more shall tourists arrive at Le Petit Bar and be shocked to find out that food was not actually being served and be turned away hungry (despite Le Petit Bar being listed in the 'Bistro de Pays' guidebook). And no longer shall Les Villagers arrive at 7PM on a Saturday night for l'apéro only to find the lights out and the doors locked because The Parisian was tired ("I'm so exhausted", he would say).

The new owner, this savior if you will, is a very large man from a village fifty kilometers west of Le Petit Village (He's so big I'm thinking of Christening him Big Man. Seriously, he's the biggest man I've seen in France... but in fairness, he'd be on the average size in Texas). He's promising lots of changes, and unlike you know who, I think he's going to stick to them.

Right at this very moment (this very moment being a little after 8AM on a Tuesday morning) Brother-in-Law and his crew (the B-Team as I like to call them) are busy at work making changes to the interior of Le Petit Bar and re-fitting the kitchen. In February, Le Petit Bar will be open to the public and serving food (SERVING FOOD! Can I get a hallelujah?!). Bienvenue Big Man!

And au revoir to The Parisian...
 don't let the door hit ya, 
where the good Lord split ya.
(I jest, because I kind of hope it does.)



  1. Yeah!! That's exciting news!!! Un coup d'état dans le Petit Bar!!! I feel like singing "La Marseillaise" with a glass of Rosé in my hand!! See you in March, Big Man!

  2. Please keep us posted once Le Petit Bar re-opens managed by Big Man.

  3. I am picturing this large John Wayne sort of man, swaggering into town , pulling out bottles of Rosé ... Congratulations on the new beginnings of Le Petit Bar !

  4. Perfect! Nothing like having a place to hang out and have a bite to eat and an ice cold something....

  5. How funny! Good luck! There's finally a proper British pub that opened up here and it's become a popular hangout for the expat crowd who miss drinking a proper ale. Turkish Efes is fine and all...but we've all missed the variety. So I know what you mean. :-)

  6. Fingers crossed he makes a good go of it and doesn't get over-tired... :)

  7. Laughing at your closing sentence! Only from a TX girl... "don't let the door hit ya!" love it.

  8. Make besties with him, I'm sure you're hopin on it!

  9. i REALLY want to come visit you and the new LPV. Like I'm looking at plane tickets and looking at dates to see when it could possibly be done. Maybe October, when i'll be on my way home from Asia... I love hearing about all the characters in your little 'hood. : )

  10. Perhaps the Big Man would like build a bar kingdom. He can come and save my neighborhood bar as's just SO sad. Or perhaps I'll just come up there when it's all finished.

  11. Yayyyy for food in the wine bar!! Welcome, Big Man!!

  12. Hooray! Perhaps if Big Man really turns it around, we should come visit!

  13. I am sure it will be an exciting and welcome change for the old LPV residents and those like you who have moved a little ways away but still have ties to the village. I will be waiting to hear your "review" of the new Le Petit Bar. How exciting.

  14. Thanks for visiting my blog! So glad to find yours!

  15. As a bar owner I can only laugh at the mere thought of not being open on a Saturday night due to exhaustion?! Three cheers for the big man...a town without a decent bar is like a house without indoor plumbing! (In my wine-pouring opinion!!)

  16. Thank goodness! I mean, seriously? I always questioned the validity of it even being called a bar after your stories!

  17. Woo Hoo! And congratulations on introducing us to a new character to the LPV! I look forward to getting to know him. I think this is going to set the scene for a very festive summer! : )

    Also, bon week-end!

  18. A bar... in Provence... ran out of rose... in the summer?!? I'm flabbergasted. There is no other word for it. So glad there is new ownership in place!

  19. Ahh haaa...does this mean no more desperate runs up to the wine bar in Banon? ;)

    Happy for you, happy for the village...

  20. Yay! The big man sounds like he's bringing big and better changes!! xo

  21. woo hoo.. glad he arrived to save the day.. & serve FOOD!

  22. WOW!!!
    I'm so happy!!!
    I want to meet Big Man, I want to come and live in Le Petit Village ...
    I can't wait to see pictures from the new Le Petit Bar ...
    Happy week end.
    Bisous, Babi

  23. Big Man to the rescue! I'm looking forward to hearing more about him! I just find it hilarious to imagine The Parisian locking up at 7pm on a Saturday night and looking sadly at Les Villagers when he explains that he's too exhausted to go on for the evening... Oh, to see their faces!

    I am SO up for that drink you mentioned ages ago {exams, I'm sorry, I am a horrible replier}. And some chips? And a burrito from one of the new burrito joints? I always go to food, I'm sorry.

  24. Just happened across your blog and am very entertained.
    I adore France and we spent the holidays in Paris this year.
    True Love!! Fun blog!
    Cheers, Heather

  25. Excitement! Here's to hoping that the Big Man has his priorities in order, as in not running out of Rose. Ever. :)


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