Monday, December 10, 2012

Mon Petit Sapin de Noël

This is my fourth Christmas as a Le Petit Villager. The fourth! Me, I can hardly believe it.

But even though it's the fourth, it's the first one that we're staying put, and since we're finally staying put for the holiday, we finally got a tree.

(My first year here we got Fifty instead of a tree and went to French Mommy's in Auvergne, then the next year we went to Dublin, and last year we were back at French Mommy's... again, no tree)

Since I have been beyond excited for my first Sapin de Noël, I have wanted to spread the Christmas joy. I want everyone to be swept away with the spirit of sparkly lights and shiny ornaments. And since everyone includes my husband's husband, I had The Husband call Gatz to ask him if he would like to come over and help us decorate it;

The Husband: Come over on Saturday, we're getting the Christmas tree and you can decorate it with us, it will be nice. 

Gatz: But Toulon is playing on Saturday, we need to watch that.

The Husband: Oh you're right. Well come over and watch the match and then we'll decorate the tree. 

Gatz: I don't know. Maybe.

Then a couple days later Gatz called The Husband;

Gatz: I'm making a Tartiflette for Saturday and we can have it after the match. 

The Husband: So you're bringing the Tartiflette to my house? 

Gatz: No, we're having it at my house after we watch the rugby.

The Husband: But I told you that me and Skippy are decorating the tree. Come over and bring the Tartiflette if you want to make one. 

Gatz: {incomprehensible moaning and complaining}

On Friday, The Husband's phone rang;

Gatz: So I'm getting ready to make the Tartiflette for tomorrow. What time are you coming over?

The Husband: There is something wrong in your head. We aren't coming over. We want to decorate the Christmas tree tomorrow night. Are you coming over to watch the match or not?

Gatz: {incomprehensible moaning} Tartiflette {incomprehensible moaning} my house {incomprehensible moaning} Tartiflette. 

On Saturday morning the time had finally come. We were on our way to pick out our very first tree as a couple (a couple's very first tree is a big, big deal people, especially when that couple has already been married for two years). And because we wanted to make sure we got the most perfect tree, we drove all the way to Carpentras, to Honey B's wife's jardinerie (you know Honey B, he's Honey Jr's big brother... you went to his wedding and his 30th birthday party).

And on the way, The Husband's phone rang;

Gatz: I made the Tartiflette last night. 

The Husband: OK, then bring it to my house, we'll watch the match, decorate the tree, and eat the Tartiflette. 

Gatz: But it's too big to bring over, plus the roads are bad.

The Husband: The roads aren't that bad, I'm almost to Carpentras and they've been fine

Gatz: Still, I made the Tartiflette so you guys need to come over to my house if you want it.

The Husband: We're not coming over.

Gatz: But then I'm going to be at home all by myself.

The Husband: You don't have to be, you can come over to our house, and if the roads are bad, you can spend the night.

Gatz: {incomprehensible moaning} Tartiflette {incomprehensible moaning} my house {incomprehensible moaning} Tartiflette. 

Immediately after arriving at le jardinerie, we spotted our tree. It's vertically challenged, but perfect (since Fifty is scared of really tall people, I thought a really tall tree might not be the best idea). 

And then later that afternoon, we watched the rugby and after Mr. London and Toulon won, we turned on the Christmas music and decorated our first tree. 

As for Gatz and his Tartiflette, he ate it at home alone and has been pouting ever since. He'll be pouting all week, but I don't care, because I have the prettiest little tree in The LPV.

It smells like Christmas. 



  1. Men think just because they slaved over a hot stove....ugh!

    I love the tree! And I love the The Husband stuck to his guns. Probably best for his sake. Fifty would have been crushed if you had had to kill him. :)

  2. We put up our tree yesterday. Merry merry almost Christmas :)

  3. Congratulations on surviving the tartiflette begging, and your beautiful tree. It's a special occasion, indeed, that first tree with your beloved!

  4. Oh haha Gatz makes me laugh every time!

    That tree is so lovely! I'm bummed that we don't have a tree this year, since we are leaving to Finland.

  5. first time to your blog, can I tell you I am jealous of your life!!!

    what beautiful pictures!!

  6. seriously. I love the way your write.

    also very wise to take Fifty's phobias into consideration!

  7. Silly Gatz, he could have had a lovely time watching the rugger, decorating the tree and eating his tartiflette in jolly company. Sounds like he needs a 101 course in transporting food. :)

    I put up our tree yesterday too. It's also vertically challenged, so much so I had to put it on the table so it didn't look too silly. :)

  8. Hey, I spy the ornament I sent you! It makes my day to know you put it on your first tree! I hope Fifty is at peace with the tree. Our dog doesn't mind the tree but he went outside and barked for twenty minutes to make the snow go away on Friday morning!

  9. I am very happy you finally got your first very own tree. It looks very festive. Sounds like the Husband's Husband is a very stubborn fellow. Have a good week.

  10. Its beautiful Sara! Well done on picking out your first tree! Tell Gatz that Papa Noël is going to put coal in his stocking if he doesn't quit being a baby. :)

  11. I was there this summer. I had a great time. I visited St. Remy and the French Rivera. What a beautiful country and people. I hope to visit very soon. :)

    If you get a chance let me know what you think of mine.



  12. It's simply perfect. Husband's husband will get over it.

  13. Lovely tree Sara! Le Père Fouettard won't dare step inside with a tree that beautiful!

  14. That snow scene looks so beautiful and amazing!!! I wish to be there!

  15. ROFL, the tartiflette makes this entire thing (hope he choked on it ;o) )

  16. Joyeux noel, mon amie! Everything about this post makes me happy - I laughed out loud and am in love with those pictures! Congrats on having the most beautiful tree in LPV :) xox

  17. love that picture! hoping we can get some snow and great post

    how about following each other? :) would love to see you over

  18. This is the best story ever! it should be made into a video immediately. Reminds me of Holly Hobbies little pig characters Toot and Puddle. You are a very patient girl!

  19. Way for hubby to keep tree decorating priority over guy time. The results are totally lovely.

  20. ok, now i will have to go and look up tartiflette.....hmmmm..... wikipedia says.......potatoes, onions, lardons (now i know it's good) and - voila - not just any cheese but reblochon cheese!!! (wish i knew what that was...)

    but none of that beats your tree - esp with the white lights - my favorite! (p.s. loved the previous post with shots of fifty as a pup - adorable!!)

  21. Oh, that Gatz is a pest! How cute is your tree?! I can't believe Fifty is afraid of tall people. My goodness, he's a baby, he has to be the biggest dog there is, one step away from Clifford and definitely not red! xo

  22. I agree - the first tree you buy together and decorate is special and yours really does look lovely - that Christmas smell is gorgeous. I made tartiflette just a few months ago after my friend gave me the recipe. It's a dish they eat after long days skiing (real comfort food!) We love it but it isn't always easy to find Reblochon cheese here in our corner of the North of England!!

  23. Haha. Very complicated! I guess he just wanted to eat it all alone. :)

  24. Haha! Well, my first thought was that you certainly get some entertainment with this guy! Second thought was a gold star for the Husband that he didn't give in to the tartiflette!
    I had tartiflette for the first (and only) time last year at the Christmas market in Montreux, Switzerland. It was yummy and now you made me want it all over again... Might have to google for a recipe!

  25. We are thinking about doing something unusual this year for our tree--I know! Prepare to make fun of me...Yours is beautiful!!!

  26. Mon beauuu sapin, roi des forêts... :)

    Tartiflette is my absolute favorite winter meal!

  27. what a sweet little tree! I love it! Happy Holidays!

  28. Very nice tree indeed - oh how I love Christmas. Our house is inundated with decorations, music, and cookie making at the moment. (plus I have bound my husband to watch one Hallmark Christmas movie with me every day this week, ha!) Have marvelous holidays!


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