Thursday, December 6, 2012

Fifty Has a Bad Mommy

I'm a bad Mommy.

It's true, a bad Mommy.

On Wednesday, while I was all busy writing about cheese and Gatz's hosting skills, I should have been writing about something else, because when I finished, I logged onto Facebook and saw this post:

Three years ago today my mommy and daddy adopted me. I get all choked up just thinking about it, I love those guys. I love you guys too. Thank you for being my friends and making me feel loved every single day. I'd lick all of you if I could.

That's right, it was Fifty's third anniversary and I had completely forgotten about it and he hadn't. See, bad Mommy (and to add to the guilt he has his head snuggled across my feet keeping them warm right at this very second. He sure does know how to milk it).

So in honor of his adoption, I'm going to re-post the story of how Fifty escaped a life at the shelter and the name Nonos (Nonos is the name on his birth certificate. Sometimes I like to shout, 'Nonos' just for fun, and Fifty looks at me funny). Without further ado, I give you, Le Woof Woof

Something happened on our way to pick out the Christmas Tree...

{call me Nonos}
... we picked up this little guy instead.

His name is Fifty, he's three months old, and he snores. Loudly.

And if you don't take him for a walk IMMEDIATELY after drinking water, he piddles.

And he likes to chew fingers.


But he's adorable and gives sweet, sweet kisses so all that piddling and finger chewing is quickly forgiven.

And he's very smart.

He already understands 'NO' in two languages.


P.S. If you'd like to make Fifty's day, you can become friends with him on Facebook. Just click here. Making friends is his favorite (except for his green ball)


  1. He is a cuuuuuutie! And I do apologize for the 7 AM ice cream craving. Eek! But you must treat yourself :) XOXO your newest follower

  2. Oh Fifty, you are such a cutie! And you know what, you have the best home ever.

  3. Ooh, I forgot Ben's birthday this year too! And I don't exactly think that anyone is going to really call us bad dog moms...nope. Just forgetful ones! :)

    I am back from the States and I definitely am a bad friend because I didn't bring you any snacks and I already have finished all of the peanut butter filled pretzels that I brought back! I didn't even save any for a rainy day! Booo...

  4. Aw happy 3 years Fifty, you don't have a bad mommy!

  5. Omg, Fifty and me are kinda birthday twins! Happy adoptibirthday Fifty!

  6. look at that face! how could you not adopt him? recues are the best... even if my rescue has to sleep RIGHT NEXT TO ME until I literally fell off the bed last night :/ silly boys!

  7. Fifty was very lucky to end up in LPV with you. He leads a charmed life. Happy Birthday to Fifty. I think you should consider writing your equivalent to Peter Mayle's "A Dog's Life in Provence". I think yours would be much better book.

  8. Awww Happy Anniversary Fifty!!!! (I call this day "Gotcha Day"!!!)

  9. Aww, poor neglected wee fur ball, imagine your mean mummy forgetting your adoption day like that!

  10. You're not a bad pet mommy... I don't even remember the day we got Zeuss. Oops!

  11. Aww, happy anniversary! And I know that Fifty loves his Mommy! :)

  12. How sweet! Happy anniversary to Fifty!

  13. happy anniversary fitty (sorry, 50 cent screwed me over for life). too bad i deleted my dogs stalkbook page a few years back or they could be pup friends :( my dog is bilingual in the word "no" and "treat-treat" too. hahha

    fitty is seriously adorable :)


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