Thursday, October 18, 2012

staycation {part.7}

"Did you know Aix-en-Provence is known as the city of a thousand fountains?"

This was me getting my tour guide on as we drove into Aix.

"A thousand fountains, really?"

This was The Husband doubting my superior tour guide knowledge. Now normally that would have bugged the bejeezus out of me, but due to The Husband's accent, this is what he actually said;

"A thousand fountains, weally?"

Sometimes it's weally hard not to laugh.

And for the record, Aix is indeed known as the City of Fountains. I'm not sure if there are actually a thousand fountains there, but there are loads and loads of them. Every time you turn around, there's another fountain.

{it's me - only younger and skinnier}
My favorite fountain is Fontaine de la Rotonde, it's the biggest and it's the closest to Zara. (That's me standing in front of it the first time I saw it three years ago... please ignore my hair, Le Mistral was styling it.)  

We were on our way to Aix-en-Provence to check into our hotel before scooting down to Marseille for a quick tour of Notre Dame de la Garde.

The Basilica, Notre Dame de la Garde, was consecrated in 1864 and is topped by a 27 foot copper and gold leaf statue of Madonna and child. Perched on the highest spot in Marseille, both the Neo-Byzantine architecture and the views from it are absolutely breathtaking and a must see if you are in the Marseille area. 

Our Marseille mission accomplished, we drove back to Aix to spend Miss Vicki and JoDelle's last twenty-four hours in Provence (they were headed up to Paris for a week, while my mother and Godmother would stay on for a bit in The LPV). And wanting to make it as memorable as possible, The Husband did everything he could to impress (personally I think he was angling to be adopted and shipped off to Texas along with all of that pottery they bought).

First he mastered the most difficult parking job of all time in the world's tiniest underground parking lot. (Seriously, if I had known the hotel's parking garage was that tiny, I wouldn't have reserved a spot there.) I wish I had taken a photo, but you have to trust me on this one... it was so small, that at one point, there was only about four inches space on each side of the minivan as he drove through. The actual parking job took more reversing and pulling forward to count and a plethora of patience. It was most impressive. 

Conquering the world's tiniest underground car park deserved a reward, and what better reward for The Husband than plate after plate of beef carpaccio at the French Olive Garden. Miss Vicki and JoDelle were certainly impressed by his eating skills. 

And finally, the pièce de résistance, the most impressive, the highlight of any stay in The LPV... The Husband reenacts The Ramone show. 

Well not entirely. He tells you he's going to do it but then all he does is take off his shoe and wiggle his socked foot around while singing, Relax. But of course when The Husband sings it, he sings, 'Welax', which is much cuter anyway. 



  1. Aix not only has a bejillion fountains plus Zara, it also has LUSH!
    (I'm a lushaholic so this is important to me)
    Their English/Irish labels read "not tested on animals," their French labels read "tested on the English." Love it!

  2. Looks like you had a weally, weally good time. You guys are awesome tour guides. And I'm hearing you about the parking garages, they are scary. It's sad when you park and then can't open the doors enough to get the kids out.

  3. Parking on the street in Marseilles is just as bad. Our friend Beth got parked with a TOTAL of 4 inches front+rear clearance with the direction of the hostess at the bed and breakfast, but Sister and I had to help unpark her the next morning. We were awed at the whole thing.

    I'm so enjoying the Staycation.

  4. Fountains sure aren't a bad thing to be known for!

  5. Really impressed! Everything is very, very clear, open is a description of the problem. It contains the information.

  6. What fantastic views over Marseille. We have a teeny tiny spaces garage in Montpellier too - the one at the Arc de Triomphe. Not good if you have an SUV!

  7. Haha, I would love to hear the husband talk. You should make a vlog. :)

  8. Ah, Aix! Beautiful! Next time you go please count all of the fountains, weally!

  9. i weally like it. and i weally like the stripes on the churches

  10. i'm laughing at myself right now haha

  11. Hahahaha, I weally love this post. And I think your husband is weally cool. And I'm sure I'm not the only person to say "weally" like I'm clever, but I weally don't care.

  12. Hmm, I only remember visiting Marseille with a school group when I was 12, and my only abiding memory is of us all falling on McDonalds for breakfast, I can't remember a single other thing about it. Perhaps I need to go back!

  13. I have taken the same fountain photo in two different decades that I visited Aix.

    Beef carpaccio- so yummy!

  14. Aix is so magic!
    Le course Mirabeau, Cézanne, Le Passage Agard ...
    Beautiful pictures! I miss Provence.
    Bisous, Babi

  15. 1000 fountains!? i love fountains and would love to see this. better than all the boring statues norway has for sure.

    the buildings there look so clean?!?

  16. Although I have visited this area - for some reason I haven't been to Aix - looking at your lovely photos I now know I missed a treat! That's a very grand fountain, the sky is so blue and I smiled at your husband's pronunciation - cute!

  17. I am weally laughing my head off at the hubster's accent. Too cute. Love your skirt in the photo. xo

  18. One of my clients had a French boyfriend and he would always say his Rs like Ws. Cracked my ish up all the time. LOVE it. BTW, you look SUPER cute in that fountain pic up top. High five for the cute skirt : )

  19. Just love Aix and your photos are great... I haven't had a chance to tour Notre Dame de la Garde yet, but it's high on the list. Sounds like you had a pretty rockin' staycation :)

  20. I LOVE the way G says "Weally?" -- so adorable!!!! So cute. And you look HOT in that skirt!!!!


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