Thursday, August 2, 2012

the summer fate date

Weeks ago, Kirsty, Aidan and I decided that we needed to start planning our next date because the last time we were all together was April Fools Day and that was practically forever and a day ago, and with summer flying by the way it is, if we didn't hurry up and do something, we'd miss it. 
(if you want to read about that April's Fools Day you can here and here

Normally when we start sending these date planning emails, it takes quite a few back and forths trying to coordinate a date that works for everyone because as you can imagine, with three couples who are always traveling for work, racing bikes over French mountains, or sipping Rosé on the beach with rugby players, plus seven children, and two dogs, there is always something going on. But this time all of the stars aligned and it only took one email, and one date; Saturday the 28th of July. Clearly it was fate.

And Saturday the 28th of July ended up being the perfect summer day at Kirsty's house. It was a hot 33°C (96°F) but we all stayed cool... the kids splashing about in the pool and us sitting under the ceiling fan on the porch with our drinks and nibbles.

(One of the kids... OK, I'll spill... Aidan's Littlest... came over and reached his little wet, pool water hand into the adult's bowl of potato chips. Being the mature adult that I am, I walked over to the kid table to take some chips out of their bowl, but their potato chips were all wet and soggy. It was really gross.) 

Not wanting to be left out of all of the cooling off fun, Clementine joined les enfants in the pool for a quick dip (easy choice because there was no way we were sharing any of our Champagne with her). 

Having already gotten rid of les enfants and the dog, but still knowing that the only way we were going to get any real talking done (and be able to drink the Puech-Haut Rosé that Aidan bought without having to share), we needed to ditch the husbands too. We convinced them that they would have much more fun splashing about than hanging out on the patio with us boring girls (total dullsville we are). They bought it.  

And there we sat, blissfully swilling sipping Rosé and quickly chattering away, trying to squeeze in as much as possible before one of the husbands or les enfants crept up on us needing something or other (they always need something).

But then nighttime rolled around and with hungry bellies shouting to be fed, everyone got out of the pool and into their dry clothes. And for reasons that are beyond my comprehension, instead of walking the twenty steps to the bathroom, Gregory decided to get into his dry clothes in the kitchen and of course Kirsty walked in and busted him (it being her kitchen and all).

No, that wasn't awkward at all.


P.S. I promise you that if you invite us over, my husband will not get undressed in your kitchen - he's had a stern talking to.  

P.P.S. Guess who is celebrating their two year wedding anniversary? 


  1. Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Undressing in a public place must be a bit husband has been known to do similar...and walk around the house in only underwear - thoroughly embarrassing my 11 year old who tells him to put clothes on! lol! Fun post!

  2. Ewww gross, pool-water soggy chips! Sounds like so much fun though. I can't wait to join the warmth and head to the South tomorrow!

  3. What a fun day. I love Puech Haut rosé too although I reckon nothing can compare with a good rosé Cote de Provence.

  4. So, he will "not" get naked in my kitchen? What's the point of having you over then?
    I'm glad you had a great time. And that you remembered your camera this time!

  5. Loved the pics, getting together with friends is always a highlight of summer, especially if there's water involved. When living in Colorado years ago, my good friend Solveig hosted a party get-together every Sunday at her house at the lake...lots of us would show up with kids, food, drinks to spend the day swimming, skiing, eating, drinking and chatting. It was such good fun!

  6. What a great day it was. Only two regrets - that I had that last glass of rosé (it was one too many) and that I didn't walk into the kitchen 5 seconds earlier. I have no story to tell because I didn't see anything :((

  7. Bwahhahaahaaa!!! Of course he did! I love G!!! Awesome.

  8. Looks like a fabulous time. I've been doing yard work and would like to jump in that pool right now :)

  9. That looks like a fun day. The French are used to getting naked anywhere and everywhere.

  10. Wait...what?!!? Ahahahahaha! That last scene! He was totes "à poil" in the kitchen?!? Cray!!

    Oh please, look who's talking..I pee with the door open. I never want to miss out on all the banter that goes on at my mom's house. It's always so good and I miss the best comments when I'm in the bathroom. #gross #iknow

    My family is staging an intervention.

    Bon w-e! xo.

  11. hahaha you think the men would know the women need their gossip time - but good thing you could sway them anyway. Fun day!

  12. HAHAHAHA! I'll keep that in mind when I invite you to my house. Cuz, you know, you're in Nebraska ALL THE TIME.

  13. Poor little Littlest. He likes potato chips. I can't stop thinking about Kirsty's italian style brochettes. They were just so good. I never thought we'd be able to do it, but we ate that whole big platter of them!
    It was a wonderful day. Love you both.

  14. hej there, i just spent some time browsing through your posts and had my first laughs of the day thanks to you - you have a truly lovely writing-style and i will return, thats for sure. your story is a very interesting one, always heartwarming to hear that people really go out of their way in the name of love. sigh. :D

  15. What a fun time - looks like you are enjoying great weather too over there!

  16. Looks fun! How hilarious about your husband undressing in the kitchen.

  17. whoa whoa whoa. it took me a moment to figure out who "gregory" was... i don't know if i'm fully ready for this transition or not. ; )

  18. Sara, what fun and I love reading about blogger friends getting together. When you are involved there will always be excitement and a bit of rowdiness. Somehow, I did not expect that to come from the Husband - hah!


  19. good posting about the summer fate date


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