Monday, July 2, 2012

Diane says, “Baby you ain't missing no-thing"

{alternative post title: 'If The LPV had a Dairy Queen, I'd swear I was in Texas'}

So maybe you've heard of cow tipping...

...but have you ever heard of hay rolling? 

P.S. Disclaimer: no hay bales were injured in the writing of this post. 
P.P.S. Ten points if you can tell me what song the post title is from (disclaimer: the ten points don't actually mean anything)


  1. I'm from the 80s, of course I know that title!
    And hay rolling? Was there really nothing on t.v.?
    p.s. Loved your little Ditty today!

  2. i have! i am from iowa and spent MANY summers on the farm playing on hay bales :) fun times, but yea....totally looks like texas and not france. love it!

    xo, amanda

  3. It's so pretty up there! I have never tipped a cow and am sure that is a very mean thing to do to a poor unsuspecting bovine. Rolling hay is much better. Looks like the thrill of living isn't gone in LPV.

  4. I lose. I can't name the song.
    And I've never heard of hay rolling.
    Sheesh, I'm just on a roll today - and not a good one!

  5. i'm a firm believer that every town should have a dairy queen. but after this post, i'm a firm believer that every town needs hay bails to roll around!

  6. if i ever moved to LPV,i think the hay rolling will be the reason.

  7. haha.. is there a point to the hay rolling.. I mean is there some sort of fun I have been missing out on? hey look quite happy.. should I go out and find myself a bale or two? fun post.

  8. hahaha this is a fab alternative to cow tipping. you could even make this a game. like a huge bowling. which sounds like itd turn into something off the show wipeout, love the new design, ps!

  9. A little ditty! About Jack and Diannnnne!

  10. But do they have flying cockroaches there? *shudder* one thing I absolutely do Not miss about TX.

  11. Hahaha! WHAT?! Is this like the vegetarian version of cow tipping?

  12. Roll, roll, roll in the hay , what movie is that from ?

    Young Frankenstein.

    It looks so very pretty and warm there .. the total opposite of this cold wintery grey city at the moment.

  13. i have not heard of this, but i'd like to bet i'd be good at it... so says the competitor in me. bring it on!

  14. Hay rolling, I had never heard of it before coming to France. I live in the "big city" now, so people are much too sophisticated for that. ;)

  15. Haha hay rolling seems like it would be quite the entertainment! ^_^

    Love from the NANA girls xoxo

  16. Jack and Diane - John Cougar Mellencamp.

    Methinks cow-tipping would be much more entertaining but your photos suggest otherwise. :)

  17. I admit, I have no idea what song the title is from, but I will say this. I completely approve of hay rolling. It just looks so much more humane than cow tipping :) Man, your village looks beautiful.


  18. hahah hay bale rolling? WEIRD. but sounds fun!


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