Tuesday, July 24, 2012

agence tous risques

Has anyone been watching the new Dallas?

I have. And watching that old rascal J.R. get up to his dirty tricks again, reminded me of a post I did awhile back comparing the American opening credits of Dallas (i.e.; the normal theme song) to the French version, which I think we can all agree is just plain wrong.

So I started to think that it's about time for another round of us vs. them, and with that lightbulb over the head moment, I bring you; The A-Team.... the U.S.A. version (re: normal) vs. the French version (re: weird)...

um yeah... 

I'm going to have to go with the original one.

Bringing the current score to...

France:1, USA: 2



  1. Did not even know there was a new Dallas on!!! Will have a look and see if I can track it down. Diane

  2. Oh my God, is that Dalida singing that second version? Honestly, I felt like pulling out my dad's old platform shoes and doing the Hustle!

  3. I'm watching it! I just think its hilarious b/c Southfork Ranch is a solid 30-45 min from downtown but they zip back and forth no problem! No wonder the French think we ride horses to work! I think they think Downtown is surrounded by RANCHES or something haha! :)

  4. I like the new Dallas but yeah... it's hilarious in French.

  5. Haha, yeah....America wins. :) The German intro is pretty much the same.

  6. Uh, is it bad that's I've never seen either Dallas show? I pretty much watch cooking shows and The New Girl. Maybe I need more TV in my life!

    I did grow up watching the A-Team, though!

  7. That's hilarious. When I was in Paris in April an episode of agence tous risques came on. I died laughing from the intro. I tried to describe how awful it was to my friends but couldn't quite get it right. Now that I have the link to the video I shall spread the joy.

  8. I couldn't get through that French version - you are right. It's weird!

  9. Wow! Talk about a soft take on the French A-Team theme! Its been drained of all hype and excitement!

  10. is it just me or does the french version sound like a sunday school song? so wrong!


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