Wednesday, May 16, 2012

you had me at bonjour

"Kirsty, do you want to bed with me?"

This is what my friend Kirsty thought The Husband said to her while we were having lunch last weekend.

Understandably, she almost spit out her Rosé.

What The Husband actually said was, "Kirsty do you want to bet with me" (as in place a bet).
Ah, the joy of accents, never a dull moment.

We were having lunch with Kirsty and her three perfectly behaved, perfectly adorable children (well four really, but since one is still too little to even sit in a chair, we'll go with three or three and a half) to kick off our twenty four hours together in Le Petit Village. Kirsty's husband wasn't with us for lunch but would be joining us later because get this... he was cycling from their home outside Aix-en-Provence up to Le Petit Village. Clearly he's an Aussie masochist, because as if that 57km/ 34 mile trek uphill through the Luberon wasn't enough, he decided to go a crazy out of the way, way bringing his total cycling time to five hours. Masochist.

And since he wasn't there, Kirsty's two year old decided that The Husband should be his new Daddy and proceeded to call him 'Daddy' from across the lunch table. I think I actually saw The Husband's biological clock tick tock all over his face (boys can have them too you know). Bless.

After the Kirsty bunch got settled into their gîte, Kirsty and I set off on a wander through Le Petit Village and I got to give my first tour of the season. I was more than a little rusty, which was sad because by the end of last summer I had it down pat... like could maybe start charging, down pat, although I would never do that... that would be tacky.

The Husband and Fifty met up with us along our tour, and Kirsty got to discover that Fifty does indeed in fact exist, he's not just a character (but Fifty was more than a little peeved that he wasn't asked for an autograph). And she also got to discover that Fifty does not like it when you hold a large black camera up to your face. Basically, Fifty thinks that you've morphed into some strange robot or something, with a large lens for a face. Cue the barking (he also doesn't like people on bikes... in his little puppy brain, it's like a person is half human/ half bike... it's freaky).

Then The Husband got Kirsty to do something I would never ever do (no, not bet with him). They both entered the very scary teeny tiny door that brings you into the medieval wall of the village, and then climb smelly old topsy turvy stairs up out onto the walkway on top and next to the campanile. Uh, no thank you. But Kirsty did it! (Clearly she is not afraid of Nazi Ghost Zombies). And when she was up there she snapped the picture that is on top of this post. Of course as soon as Fifty saw the camera he barked like a lunatic.

See, it looks like he's smiling but he's actually barking. 


P.S. For Kirsty's take on the weekend and lots of pretty photos of Le Petit Village, pop on over to see the post on her blog, you had me at bonjour.

P.P.S. Check out Yummy Laura to see what I and four other expat bloggers have to say about living abroad. 


  1. oh my god!
    now i see that an accent can lead us to a total different direction,haha

  2. Awesome! And a picture to complete the story well. The accent thing happens to me all the time too...One time my mother in law said ,"When I take a bit (pronounced the French way) I love it when the cream goes all over my face." She meant bite but let's not pretend we don't know what that sentence implies ;)

  3. I wish I could have been there to see the wine spray! Hilarious.
    I like Kirsty, her quartet and her Mister but I can't even imagine being able to cycle in the Luberon. I think I need a nap.
    a xo

  4. bwahaha, you always tell the best stories!

  5. Hahaha, I love that she thought your husband said that to her - that's hilarious!
    And I totally agree - guys can have biological clocks, too.

  6. i would have loved to see that look on her face when your hubs said that, haha. so i am laughing out loud in my classroom just thinking about it. good times with great friends as THEE BEST!

    xo, amanda

  7. accent mistakes/mishearings are just the best. then sometimes i think it's me mishearing and instead it's just a really blunt german. are french people really blunt?

  8. Alright, with your 9million mentions of "Kirsty", I need to go see what she's all about. This better be good!

  9. hee hee... yep, accents can make for some funny confusion. Kirsty's beautiful photos make me want to hop a plane to France this minute. Truly you live in a gorgeous, gorgeous place.

  10. What a wonderful place you live! I knew it, but in two years of reading your blog had not seen that many great pictures. Glad you and Kirsty had a good visit!!

  11. As I write, a BUNCH of cyclists are about to complete their 130 miles of Stage 4 of the Tour of California over some really steep ups and downs, in 5½ hours. I could have watched them go by, but I decided a five minute flash of colored jerseys going by wasn't worth a hour of driving, especially since I don't know who they are. The Husband needs to pedal faster. (He should hate me after that remark.)

  12. Heeheehee, oh the woes of cross-cultural communication. That's hilarious :]

  13. If Kristy's husband is not a masochist he is at least a glutton for punishment. Sounds you had fun. I am going to go look at Kristy's pictures of Le Petit Village.

  14. Just as well she didn't say yes . . . that would have been awkward . . .


  15. This is hysterical - as always, I laugh out loud at your posts. You have such a voice when you write - I can picture my French mother and all her misspeaks :)

  16. We love Kirsty and her family too! By six degrees of blog separation Fifty and my dog Alfie are now just a paw shake away!

  17. I'm just back from checking out Kristy's photos and I must say - your petit village is beautiful!

  18. All in all a good afternoon. Accents and all.

  19. haha I still love nazi ghost zombies. NIGHTMARES FOREVERRRR

  20. as always - in love with Fifty

    I love that shot!


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