Sunday, May 20, 2012

versatile: life captured

Look what I got. Thanks to Shauna of Life Captured , I have been deemed Versatile. I'm always chuffed when I get one of these so thank you Shauna, from the bottom of my heart here in The LPV.

Now, I'm suppose to pass this award on to fifteen bloggers, but I've decided to divide that by three and go with five, because I'm quirky like that.

Abby @ J'Adore Ma Vie
Sharon @ La Vie en Rose
Mark @ Our Simple Lives
Meredith @ Talking Story in Provence
Amanda @ Travels with Persephone

And as always, I must share seven completely random facts about myself, but since seven can't be divided by anything (except of course by one and seven but that's not cool) I'm sticking with seven. Here we go...

1. France has just finished three weeks in a row of three day work weeks thanks to the faire le pont. I got to be honest with you, I'm kind of glad they're over. The schedule change has been messing with my mojo big time (hence the reason that today is Sunday and the last post before this was Wednesday... so many barbecues... so little time).

2. My mother told me the other day that she might be coming for a visit in September. We're all super duper excited about this, especially Fifty. Fifty likes having new people around to lick.

3. Here's something completely random... I'm terrified of the ocean, and I don't like sand. So I'm not really a beachy girl, although I love the idea of it. And I like restaurants and bars on the beach where I can see the sand and the water but I don't have to actually partake in it (and I miss driving my jeep onto the beach in Port Aransas, Texas... those were the days).

4. I feel like my French has kind of halted and it's time for me to go back to class (Professeur, I'm looking at you). And it definitely doesn't help that I spend a bunch of time with Aidan, Kirsty, and Mrs. London because even though all that English is wonderful it's totally detrimental to my French.

5. I've been watching The Cosby show lately. It brings me right back to my childhood... I can picture myself in my old living room in New York, laying on the carpet about a foot from the television, listening to my Dad rummage around the kitchen while he was cooking dinner. Total happy place. If you want to be happy with me, you should watch this:


6. The Husband has been jogging with me in the mornings. Since I tend to be a tad competitive, I like to hang back and draft behind while he and Fifty cut through all the wind, and then towards the end, I flip my booster switch on (yes, I have a booster switch) and sling right past them and 'win'. This is my favorite new way to start the day. #winning

7. I'm moving.



  1. ooh, ooh where are you moving to? Closer to those of us near Aix I hope? Thanks for the award :)

  2. Oh my gosh. I came over here to tell you that I've awarded you the Sunshine Award for knocking me off my chair with laughter, to find that you're also a Versatile Blogger, and, furthermore, moving??? I trust we'll be let in on more details BEFORE TOO LONG?

  3. What a cliffhanger! Can't wait to hear about this upcoming move.

  4. This is my first ever blog award!!! I feel SO special and honored! I will be sure to pass it along :) AND THE MOVE!?!?!??!?! Is it official??? :) :) :)

  5. You're moving!! I'm so eager to hear more about this...and with the French, that happens to me in waves. I'll go through a period of speaking a ton of French and constantly improving and then all of a sudden I'll plateau. The only way to progress again is to study (Nooooo!). Thank goodness I feel like I'm progressing right now ;)

  6. Laura's right: language acquisition happens in waves. Hills and plateaus (plateaux, 'scuse me). Don't sweat it.

  7. Ohh, look at you lady, sneaking that right in at the end. You're a sneaky blogger, you are!! ;)

  8. Moving to Paris??? I hope....!!!!!!!!!! #wishfulthinking

  9. That is quite a surprise for your last random fact. I can't believe you are leaving LPV. I can't wait to hear the follow up story. Have a good Sunday.

  10. Whaaaaaaaa!?!??! Where are you moving????
    And... good luck with the french improvement.
    And.. i LOVE the cosby show!!

  11. Say whaaat? I'm guessing you and The Husband bought a house somewhere in LPV. Yay!

  12. What Sam says ... looking forward to hearing about the move! And congrats ~

  13. Congratulations! exciting for you. I must check out the blogs you nominated.

  14. That was a Grey's Anatomy cliff hanger if I ever saw one...
    can't wait to hear the deets - i'm with ella. join us in paris!

  15. Leave it to you to leave a gal hanging...MOVING?! To where? Please do tell, merci.

  16. Sara, thank you so much for this award. It feels good to be liked! I've won this award a couple of times but the photo didn't look like this.
    I would love to put the award on my blog but if you don't mind, I'd rather not continue the chain. And seriously, I got nothin' left to tell about myself. So can I put it there?
    Now I'm dying to find out where you're off to. Since you say you need a refresher course in French, my guess is that you're not moving back home, right?
    Thanks again! m.

  17. Congrats! Although I must admit I am going to miss the "ponts". I might actually have to work now. Thankfully the month of August is right around the corner.

  18. To start the day winning... LOVE IT!
    And where are you moving? Must have more info a.s.a.p.

  19. congrats to you sara! and merci beaucoup for passing the award along to me ;-)

    i loved learning more about you and now i am very where are you moving??

  20. Congrats on the move! Where ya going? Closer to the beach and sand? :) The LPV will miss you.
    Ashley (backyardprovence)

  21. Three day work-weeks sounds amazing!!!! Very jealous!

  22. MOVING? - Do tell! Congrats on the award. :-)

  23. Waiting . . . Doesn't it seem like eons since she sprung this moving thing on us? Do you hate deferred gratification???

  24. Bonjour Sara. J m' appelle Rob-bear. Rob (comme Robert), et je suis un ours canadian.

    Well, enough of the French. (We have two official languages in Canada — English an français — I try to use both.)

    I arrived here from Amanda's blog, after you gave her the Versatile Blogger Award, which she passed on to me.

    You certainly seem to be a versatile enough person. With a husband who played rugby — a game my wife's husband played in university.

    I hope you have an uneventful move to wherever you are going. A la prochaine!

  25. Thank you so much Sara Louise for thinking of me for the award!!!!! I'm flattered! You're the best. I can't wait to hear more about the 'move'! Congratulations, you must be so excited!!!



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