Friday, April 20, 2012

oh, the places we will go

{my little pony}
Coucou mes amis!

Today I'm blogging over at Oh, the places we will go. Why don't you pop on over and see me play a game of I Spy, and then stick around and visit fellow Texan, Selena, and see what type of adventures she gets up to in her new city, London.

And in case you are wondering... the photo above is here for no other reason than The Husband is on a mini plastic pink pony. Moments like these... like seeing your husband attempt to ride a plastic mini pink pony must be cherished, documented, and then shared with the world.

Don't you think?



  1. Sara,

    This is so funny and something my husband would do as well. A little boy still exists in our men :)

    You are so lucky to inherit your grandmother's blue and white pieces! Thanks for stopping over to say hi. Enjoy your Friday!


  2. good call on the photo, buddy. good call indeed : )
    happy friday!!!

  3. Haha! That is awesome! Looking forward to checking out your guest post!

  4. I actually thought I was going to see that you in fact had your real pink pony! great photo.

  5. Hilarious. I hope he didn't hurt himself on that thing. Someone should tell him to use some reins, and not the pony's ears. : )

  6. I'm heading over right now to check out this post...and I love the picture by the way ;)

  7. Keep that photo, you can blackmail him with it later :)
    have fun !!

  8. Hahaha, that picture cracked me up!!

  9. LOL. You sire have a winner of a husband ;)

  10. Replies
    1. Oh, I'm glad. I thought you were getting all English-y and gender-confused.

  11. Oh, I love that picture!! Too funny. And the fact that its jsut b/c he's on a pony is a great reason to post it!! hahaha :)

  12. what, he doesn't have veto power over what pictures you post on your blog?

  13. It was great meeting you, a fellow Texan and London resident, over at Selena's blog today. I adore the Luberon area and visit there whenever I can find a chance. I'll be following along with your blog now.


  14. indeed - moments like these require documentation! not often you get to see a guy ride a pink pony (does le hubby know he is being immortalized as such?!)

    must now be off to see what lovely and exciting posts i have missed in the past couple of weeks...


  15. they definitely should be documented. love it!!!!
    xo TJ

  16. Absolutely! (Though my husband would kill me if I posted them!)

  17. Any man that is confident to ride a pink pony totally rocks! That made me laugh out loud.


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