Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm so boring

I was trying to post about my Easter this morning, but honestly, it wasn't that exciting. Don't get me wrong, it was nice and all but it was what it was and that was, wasn't particularly post worthy.

That said, being that I've got nothing (again! I've had a whole lot of nothing lately haven't I?) I'm going to answer a bunch of questions (I'm so boring, I'm so sorry) this time, from some I've borrowed from a Cod a Bean and Everything in Between . Bear with me please and thank you.

If there could only be one season year round which would you choose?
Summer, hands down. (at least that's my answer today, who knows, if I answered tomorrow, I could say Autumn, but I doubt it). I love eating outside, barbecuing with friends, and wearing shorts and summer dresses. Plus warm sunny weather is much more conducive for day trips to places like Cassis and Monaco.

You get to spend a month in Europe, and can only go to one place... is it Italy or France? 

{about a million years ago}

Gee, I don't know. I'm going to have to go with Italy on this one. And it's not just because I'm already in France, I genuinely like Italy. OK, so I've only been to Rome, but I really liked it. I like Italian food (who doesn't?) Italian wine (sshh!) and I'd love to see Florence and Milan too so yeah, I'm going with Italy on this one. Plus I really like the idea of cruising around on a Vespa shouting, "ciao bella!" at every turn.

Red wine, white wine or champagne?
Hmmm... it has to be red. White is normally my third choice after rosé and red (but don't get me wrong, if you hand me a glass of white I'll drink it), and while Champagne is wonderful, it's also my kryptonite. After glass two and I'm entering the dancing on tables danger zone.

Dogs or cats?
I'm going to let you in on a little secret... I'm kind of scared of cats. I don't know what it is, but I don't entirely trust them, they freak me out a little.

One job you haven't had that would be a dream job.
Secretary of State (I've talked about this before). I like diplomacy. And speaking of Secretary of State, have any of you seen the blog Texts From Hillary? So clever.

One famous person you would love to meet.
Would it be superficial for me to say Ryan Gosling? Yes? Bummer.

One movie that you could watch again and again...
Giant. I love this movie, and even though it was made over fifty years ago, I still find it's social commentary relevant. Plus, you get to stare at Rock Hudson and James Dean for over two hours. #oldschooleyecandy

You are given a plane ticket to fly anywhere in the world this weekend, where are you going?
It's funny, because I just answered this question a couple of weeks ago and my answer is the same, NYC, which I guess means, I really need a trip to the Big Apple (But, if we're talking more than a weekend, than my answer is Melbourne. I'd visit Bec, her new baby, and The Pink Leopard, and sample every bit of culinary delights that the city has to offer. Melbourne is hopping in the foodosphere at the moment and I want to taste it).

One decade you wish you could have lived in (including this one).
Oh I don't know, maybe the 1960s. It would be pretty amazing to witness all that change and maybe be a part of it, and of course the fashion was pretty swish. Or, the 12th Century so I could see Le Petit Village when all the buildings were still brand new. That would be weird.

If you had to change your name, what would you name yourself?
I never liked Sara when I was a kid, it just seemed so blah, but now I think it suits me. Although, I think Kate would suit me too, or since I'm in France now, maybe something like Amélie or Anaïs. 

What do you think?
Name me please.



  1. read a post about you talking about how boring you are doesn't boring me at all,,haha

  2. Nothing exciting for our Easter either. I'm loving the Q&A posts, because I'm so with you on Italy and Ryan Gosling,and I looooved Hillary's response - g2g scrunchie time!

  3. I enjoyed your post - interesting questions which really make you think - some quite difficult to make a choice. As for the name, I have always loved Amélie and many people can't pronounce Anaïs!!

  4. Your posts make my day just that little bit more bearable. Brb off to procrastinate on the Texts from Hillary blog!


  5. hello sara, i too like the 60's! love your blog, it is such fun to read blogs, I started my own recently and am enjoying the freedom to express immensely!

  6. Hey Kate, Amelie, Anais... Nahhh doesn't work, I like Sara!!!!! if you had lived through the sixties you would not really have been amazed at the changes as they all happened so slowly then and quietly...not like now where you go to bed one night and next morning every thing has changed!!!!!!!

  7. I love Italy,too! I think that would be my choice as well.
    I'd soooo love to visit Australia! I've wanted to go there since forever!!!

  8. I would pick Italy too!!! Who doesn't love Italian food?? hahaha Ok, so maybe I'm a little buyist...

  9. I do know one name you would never be called: "boring"!

  10. I have the same photo of me in Rome!

    TFH just announced they are finished...such a bummer, it is brilliant work! but I guess they are right, there's only so far they can take it...

  11. Mathilde, Aurore, Céline, Aurelie, Celeste - some of my favourite French names....but I agree that Sara suits you!

  12. Great questions.. :-) Have to borrow them when I get finished with this A-Z challenge..
    Come to Norway.. be more than happy to take you to IKEA.. :-)

  13. Oooo if I had a daughter in France, I would name her Anabelle...such a pretty French name along with Amelie. Anais hits me the wrong way but I think it's because I know an Anais that I'm not hugely fond of.

  14. dude, my life has been boring and im feeling inspired by you answering other people's questions and may follow in your footsteps.

    and add cinque terre on your list of italian stops. and the almafi coast - athough haven't been there, i've just heard amazingness.

  15. This post made me want to go to France and Italy just to drink wine...Ok, and see beautiful sights, but heavy emphasis on the wine.

  16. Asking questions are the best way to get a conversation going... it was a good idea! You're right, cats are kind of creepy. And I agree with Laura, An(n)abelle is a great name, but not with the American accent, ha-ha! :) Danica Martin

  17. I concur that this post wasn't boring at all. Very fun in fact.

  18. I laughed so hard on your chose for the dream job you would like to have that I scared Dude and he jumped outta his chair! Pretty funny that was :) I was wondering about how one from this time period would do in LPV in the 12th century, no bathrooms, no indoor plumbing, no tampons, hmm not sure I could gel with that, but hey, high 5 to you on wanting to possibly experience that. As for the name Sara, I like it. It is nice and sensible and all the Sara's I have ever met have been the most wonderful people.
    Ashley (backyardprovence)

  19. The Hilary meme was great. Thanks for the link! And you are so not boring!

  20. Not boring at all, I have a new movie to go look up now :)

  21. I'm with you on freaky cats. I think it's cause I'm allergic... don't trust them. I'm chuckling at you yelling into the wind while riding a vespa! xo

  22. GIANT! Don't forget Liz! Who doesn't love staring at Elizabeth. Swoon on all of them.

    I can see why cats would freak people out. I have one and he is a bit crazy.

    Love Fifty. I do.

  23. lol- your Easter was probably more fun than mine! I watched tv and it was NOT blog worthy :)

  24. Hi there, fun to catch up on what's been going on here while I was away. By the way, great that Fifty's gotten over Vicky and found himeself a new girlfriend! ;)

  25. Thank you so much for introducing me to Text From Hillary. Awesome!

  26. I feel like that sometimes too, that I'm soo boring. But then I'll look through my blog and posts from old and realise I did some pretty cool things :) I'm a summer and dog person too!

  27. Sara, you are definitely not boring - you keep us entertained with your life in Le Petit Village. If you ever make it to Pasadena California, let me know, I can arrange a meet up for you with Ryan Gosling.

  28. Hey Sara Louise, BTW - do you prefer Sara or Sara Louise?? I love Amelie, the name, the film, the soundtrack but I think Sara suits you! Love your answers and I think 'boring' is the last thing I'd call you! Laughed at champagne being your kryptonite - mine too! Still love it though! with you on NYC - can't wait to go back!


  29. i'm with you on fantasizing about being secretary of state. and giant! wow, that's a blast from the past - but great movie. yep, james dean and rock hudson - times two big time on the old school eye candy scale.


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