Thursday, April 5, 2012

how La Petite celebrates

La Petite celebrated her first birthday last weekend 
with a fabulous new pair of shoes
(floral... very Spring 2012),
some playtime with a new toy,  
and having her cake and eating it too 
(she is the birthday girl after all).
But since no party is complete without a little dancing, 
La Petite knows there is no better place 
to shake her groove thing than atop the table 
(I've taught her well), 
before calling it a night and falling asleep 
in the arms of one that she loves
(Nanas give the best cuddles).



  1. Precious! Looks like she had a fantastic first birthday. Hope y'all have a fantastic Easter holiday. Is everthing shut down in France now? Norwegians like to celebrate Easter for a good week...

  2. I can see so many pairs of leapard print, sequined and stylin shoes in Le Petite's future birthdays thanks to Auntie Sara.

  3. Ahaha, that is sooo cute. She's a doll, and soo fashion forward. ;)

  4. So cute! :-D
    Bet the cake was fabulous!

  5. Very cute :)no mention of the bear bottle in La Petite's hand while table dancing? Are you sure she is not yours? :)
    Have a lovely Easter x

  6. She's darling, and such a good excuse for a party!

  7. Table dance with a bottle even, my kind of girl!

  8. La Petite is one? Where does the time go! She's a beauty. And as I've just caught up, Fifty's new squeeze is very cute...does she have a name?

  9. yeah buddy - homegirl is learning the best way to celebrate birthdays early - with shoes!

  10. What a little sweetheart! Looks like a fun party and that's the cutest little shoe!


  11. It's not a party unless you have new shoes and end up dancing on a table. Sounds like it was perfect! : )

  12. Aw, I could take some celebrating birthday notes from that sweet little one!

  13. how sweet...what a fun party!


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