Friday, February 10, 2012

Merci RoRo

Not only is February my most wonderful time of the year, what with my birthday and Valentines day and all, but it is also when The Six Nations kicks off. And, it always begins on my birthday weekend (and fyi... the Superbowl is always that weekend too... it's very sporty my birthday).

This year it started on my actual birthday, so that was pretty cool. And in a full on case of bizarreness... not only did it start on my birthday, but it finishes on my wedding anniversary. Is that kooky or what? Clearly, this year's tournament is all being put on for my own personal amusement.

Thanks guys.

But because I've been wrapped up in freezing cold temperatures and freezing pipes, I completely forgot to tell you all about how France beat Italy for my birthday. It was a sweet present and much appreciated. This guy scored the first try...

Allow me to introduce you to The Husband's favorite, Aurélien Rougerie, aka RoRo. Now as much as I think RoRo is a cute nickname, can we take a moment to appreciate the greatness of the name Aurélien... it's very Lord of the Rings-esque isn't it? Not that I'm a Hobbit nerd or anything, but that one is definitely going on the future baby name list (OK, maybe I am a bit of a Hobbit nerd).

And let me apologize in advance, because my posts for the next six weeks will be peppered with tidbits of rugby here and there. So when I'm droning on and on about it... just try to remember that I'm talking about these guys...

you're welcome.



  1. Great post Sara. Made me laugh :) thanks so much fof stopping by my blog today :)

    Abbey x

  2. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

  3. I sent you a twitter message re: this post.

    Too weird...and very funny!

  4. Where is François??? He's mon chouchou ; ) Enjoy the game tomorrow! BTW, for who you're going to cheer??? France or Irland???
    Talking about "Aurélien", this is also the title of a terrific book by Louis Aragon.
    Happy Weekend!

    1. There weren't any good photos of Francois - and trust me, I looked. I also couldn't find any of Thierry or Morgan. But spending an afternoon looking at photos of these guys is not a bad way to waste time.
      I'll actually be rooting for France tomorrow - since Ireland lost last week, they don't have a Grand Slam hope but France does. Of course, I won't be disappointed if Ireland wins either. It's kinda win win for me :-)

  5. YAY! I'm glad to find a fellow rugby/6 nations enthusiast. I got introduced to rugby when I was living in France, but now with me living in England I never know who to root for when they play against each other (usually France let's be honest here).

    Unfortunately I was moving last weekend and wasn't able to get my TV sorted in time to watch the rugby. Allez le bleu!

    Erin x

  6. Lovely , aren't they ? :)
    We started watching Rugby when we moved here to Argentina.
    Our first game was the All Blacks playing someone, who remembers the Other team ? lol...
    I love the name Aurélien !

  7. Wait! Is it my birthday too?

  8. Um hello rugby guys!! wowsers. I think I need to learn more about this sport! hah! Great posts as usual Sara :)

  9. Love us some rugby. Cuties all 'round for the French. A little torn about tomorrow's match as we're in suspended animation in Ireland, waiting to move to France, but your reasoning about Ireland is fair enough so we'll probably go with le bleu. Enjoy the match!

  10. So Rugby = hot guys? So that's what the game is all about! Maybe I could become a Rugby fan....

  11. Oh. My. God.

    This should def be a weekly posting! Yum!

  12. This post should count as charity work. You have greatly helped this woman who has a traveling husband ;)

    Do a Hotties for your Friday French edition! We could link up weekly :)

  13. Words fail me. Huge THANKS. New French Rugby fan here.

  14. Woah apparently I need to start watching rugby more. And more as in more than that one time years ago where I drank beer but didn't watch! Happy birthday :)

  15. Wow. Who knew rugby had so many studs? Not this girl! Thanks for that.
    I feel like rugby could be a sport that I could get into (not just because of the handsome men).
    Maybe I'll have to figure out when they play rugby games on TV here...

  16. ....Thank you. That is all :) haha xx

  17. Haha, I will keep those photos in mind ;) And I absolutely agree, Aurélien sounds beautiful, romantic even.

  18. As a long time rugby supporter from Australia, I have to thank you for the eye candy. Can't help but think that Maxime do with a better publicity shot though. He looks a bit sooky in this one. Maybe he could set up a photo shoot with Francois, Thierry and Morgan!

  19. I don't do sports, but these men are delicious.

  20. Keep posting pictures like that and you can talk about rugby alllll you want!


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