Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm loving...

++ that somehow, despite inheriting my mother's black thumb, I've managed to keep this orchid that The Husband bought me alive and thriving.

++ that it's finally warm enough to keep the windows open again. Oh hello fresh air and sunshine, It's so nice to welcome you into my home  (and just in the nick of time too... Fifty is not the best smelling pooch. It's not his fault though... you can take the dog out of the trash but apparently, you can't take the trash out of the dog).

++ this sandwich that I made, and then made again. I could probably eat it everyday.

++ going to what was most likely my last Raclette of the season (guess what kids, you can in fact eat too much cheese). See you next winter Raclette. I may miss you, but my thighs won't.

++ my kindle and the book I'm reading on it (you know what I really love the most about the kindle, your arms don't get tired holding it).

++ that my friend Aidan hit 100+ followers... who wants to make it 100++ ?

++ the box of Barry's tea that my cousin sent me. She also sent me a Galaxy bar and some Munchies but both were consumed within five minutes of arrival. It's true. And I may or may not have made a pig out of myself because I didn't want to share with The Husband (I never said I was a good wife - or good at sharing for that matter. In fact, let it be known... Sara Louise doesn't share food).

++ watching Ryan Atwood be a cop in Southland. Never has the uniform looked so adorable (although I do miss the wifebeater and the hoodie).

++ that Child Bride turned 20 this week and I no longer have a teenage sister-in-law (on my birthday she told me not to sweat getting older, because age is merely a number, you are only as old as you feel... why thank you teenage Yoda).

++ that I'm headed to Aix-en-Provence for 24 hours to hang with this lady, and this one, and we're letting this one come along too (and that The Husband has made enough of a recovery so that I can leave Fifty to take care of him).

++ knowing that change is looming. Change is a good thing people and it must be embraced and taken for a ride.

So what are you loving?



  1. Change, huh?
    Are you feeding that orchid ice cubes? Tell me what the secret is!

  2. I love orchids! Has to be Barry's tea for me too! Hope you have a fabulous weekend:)

  3. Agreed, I need to know the secret to your thriving orchid! Mine usually last a week...

    Also, no character will ever replace Ryan Atwood in the OC. Le sigh.

  4. Now I'm all curious about change.
    And thank goodness for weather where you don't have to wear a ginormous coat!
    Is raclette a winter thing? I had no idea.
    Glad your husband isn't dying anymore!

  5. I am only slightly jealous of your orchid since I can't keep anything alive, and even more jealous that you get to spend some time in Aix-en-Provence! Have a great weekend.

  6. I think we're done with winter cheesy foods too, or I could always eat these but my belly is growing too much!

    I'm loving this weather too! So sunny and people already wearing shorts and shirt (while I still have my jacket on..) and all terraces are open in the center. Wine time!

  7. enjoy your ladie's weekend in aix. and i'm impressed by your green thumb - orchids are too high maintenance for moi!

  8. Hearing you on the change thing - much to be lovin' in that! xo

  9. Ditto Val. And going to try that sandwich today!

  10. Change is a good thing, agreed :-)

  11. oh la la - change?!?! i'm curious....or maybe just nosy ;)soo ready for some warm weather too!

  12. I would love to keep a plant alive! I accidentally killed my orchids a few months ago. How ever did you accomplish it??

    I'm loving avocados and sweet tea (in fact must go get some right now!)

    And change, huh? What is going on Mrs. Sara?? I am so curious! :)

  13. I'm with Jen....what is this change business?

  14. EEEEKKK! I love this post...and mega proud of you for keeping your plant alive!

  15. I read a Paullina Simons book once and loved it. Although not sure about a kindle!

  16. The orchids are gorgeous and I also have a black thumb, I can't even get bamboo to grow and they don't need anything! I'm super glad that the Husband is on the mends and you are able to go have some fun in one of my favorite towns, ever, Aix. Have a super duper time there :)
    Ashley (backyardprovence)

  17. I like the way you drop the subtle or not so subtle hint that your life is about to change? So what is it; fess up! I hope you had a great weekend with the ladies in Aix.

  18. i'm loving...YOU! as usual.
    cuddle up with fifty and read your book. you'll feel better in no time. i hope.

  19. That is a very impressive achievement :)
    And that wall is something else! x

  20. Aix-en-Provence - how lovely sounds like a fun thing to do - will now click on your links!

  21. You have to share your orchid secret! Mine doesnt look anywhere near as beautiful as yours.
    Love the post :)

  22. Hope you had a lovely weekend! And

  23. Change brings upheaval but ultimately new adventures and stories. Fingers crossed. xx

    Hope you are feeling ok - and that Fifty has somehow learned to brew Billy's tea and bring it to you in one of your Starbucks mugs so you can read about T and A's tumultuous adventures in peace and tranquillity!

    Gros bisous

  24. That orchid is beautiful. Well done. I'm struggling with my plants because of the darn weather :( I did get great strawberries this year though. Off to check out Aidan's blog.

  25. oh hey green thumb! I've heard keeping an orchid alive is the impossible so yay for accomplishing the impossible!

  26. How sad that the raclette must end!! beautiful orchid!!


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