Sunday, January 1, 2012


I've learned something this past Christmas... you can throw around tinsel, hang stockings (which I personally monogrammed, thank you very much) pull Christmas Crackers and watch Elf until the cows come home (in French by the way which is not nearly as funny), but if people don't have Christmas spirit, they don't have it, so there you go. B L A H.

But French Nana did love her Christmas stocking. Loved it. I actually think she preferred it to the Adrienne Vittadini shawl I gave her (note to self: next year ditch the designer knit wear and stick to Penney's Christmas decor for French Nana).

Did you know that I can play bilingual Scrabble? Well I can, and win. And win at Trivial Pursuit en français too. Clearly I am the smartest person in the world.

Moving on.

Fifty had a great holiday, even though I took every opportunity I could to humiliate him like so...

When he wasn't being humiliated in an elf hat (but really, doesn't he look like he liked it a little? You can't be that adorable and be miserable, you just can't) he was being fed pretty much the exact same things I was... fois gras, escargot, smoked salmon, turkey, and potato dauphinoise. And it was all washed down with this bottle of Bordeaux as old as me...

But none for Fifty, he's not old enough yet.



  1. I love this! Penneys is the best, no doubt about it. Happy 2012!

  2. Happy New Years Love, I can't wait to read your musings for 2012!


  3. French Nana, like great mothers the world over, loved having a gift MADE by her special daughter! You got a winner there, Girl! {It didn't hurt that it was actually pretty, too, and something she could show to her friends without embarrassment.]

    Playing board games in French, much less winning, says you are making great progress in your "new" language. Good going. Tell you what, I will dedicate today's trip to Starbucks to you! Really, I will. Happy New Year!

  4. I'm glad to see I wasn't the only one indulging in Scrabble this season. As for that bottle? Way to take one for the team and partake! And Yummmmm! Happiest of New Years, lovely!

  5. That looks and sounds like a pretty spectacular Christmas to me. Perhaps French Nana is into regifting and you'll get the shawl back next year!

  6. Awww, I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  7. Handmade gifts are often the best ones anyway. Happy Christmas to the smartest lady in the world. I suck at Scrabble.

  8. lol I can't imagine watching Elf in any other language. & Scrabble in French? Deff very smart :)

    Happy New Year!!

  9. Happy New Year!
    And just curious, exactly how old does a dog have to be before he can drink wine? What's the doggie drinking age?

  10. Clearly you are the smartest person in the world and Fifty is the cutest! Love that mutt. Happy New Year, Sara. Can't wait to see what adventures you have in store for us this year. I never leave your blog without a huge smile on my face... thanks for that!! xo

  11. Love Actually is really bad in French too..just a heads up. British humor in French doesn't exactly translate...who knew?

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family!!!!!!

  12. How did you get Fifty to keep his hat on?

    2012 is going to be awesome yes?

    I do love reading about your life. It's always so very elegant and funny at the same time.

  13. I did the same to Tang... or attempted to anyway. Hope you had an awesome French New Year! : )

  14. Happy New Year Sara and all the best to everyone in your house! That Fifty is so adorable no matter what he has on!

  15. Happy New Year! I am so excited I came across your blog. I have an infatuation with all things French thanks to "A Good Year" and our recent trip to Beaune and Paris. Excited to follow!

    And that wine looks fabulous!

  16. Hi Sara! Thank you for your comment, I was so pleased to be led to your blog! I've been reading up until here now, enjoying every minute :)I am looking forward to following you in your Petit Village!

    By the way, I read your linked posts about Vicky, and she seems like one special dog, so sad she died.


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