Sunday, January 22, 2012

crêpes & rugby

The last time I watched Clermont play Ulster, I was in Bono's Octagon Bar in Dublin, sipping on a Grey Goose martini, with an afternoons worth of shopping bags scattered at my feet.

Last night, I watched the two square off again, but instead of snacking on vodka soaked olives, I had a plate of homemade crêpes courtesy of Papa's Wife stacked in front of me, and a bottle of Médoc to wash them down with.

And for the record, I have no idea which setting I prefer more... my inner city girl is all over the martini soaked bar scene, but my cozy side loved watching it at Papa's house with a sleeping Ruby cuddled up next to me. It's a bit like Sophie's Choice really.

But one thing I'm knowing for sure at the moment...

{ASM & Julien sitting in a tree...}

My heart belongs to these two. And it's OK, The Husband totally understands. That there on the right is Julien Pierre. He's as tall as a tree and I kind of want to climb him. And that's all I'm going to say about that.

And another thing I always know...

Just how I like my crêpe... I'm a Nutella girl. While The Husband may smear one crêpe with confiture de fraise, and then another with miel (that's strawberry jam and honey), before finally succumbing to the sweet charms of Nutella (and by the way, The Husband had four while I was still finishing one... oink oink), I go straight for the Nutella every time. And sometimes I'll throw a large dollop of Crème Chantilly on there for good measure. In for a penny, in for a pound I say.

And what about you?
Any thoughts on crêpes or rugby players? 
Indulge me please.



  1. My husband's a lemon and sugar guy (he's thin) but I like Nutella, too (I'm not so thin.) There may be a lesson for me there. We love ourselves some rugby and root for France if Ireland is out of the picture. Well done, Clermont, by the way!

    1. When Ireland and France play I have no idea who to root for and end up a nervous wreck! Same for Clermont vs. Leinster... I'm like a headless chicken!

  2. I'm curious why January = crepes in France. There's a huge display at the supermarket as if we're all supposed to be crepe-ing.

  3. Holey Moley, look at that chest. I gotta start watching the rugby! I'm a lemon and powdered sugar girl myself (talking about crepes now, not rugby players). Hmm, perhaps reflective of my personality??? x x

  4. I never had a crepe. We sell some at my store, but from what I hear the brand is very iffy.

  5. I don't understand why crepes haven't "caught on"
    Here in north america?! Crepe stands r considered
    Trendy and daring! But in Europe eating crapes is like a way of life!
    I personally like them savory with ham and mushroom and cheese!

  6. Going to the rugby in Scotland or Ireland is brilliant fun! When I was single we (chums) loved going to Scotland v France as there were always lots of handsome Frenchies there. I love crepes too, but I've never made them, that's the sort of thing I would eat three times a day.

  7. Good Lord give me some crepes! I don't know much of rugby but of crepes I do. With wine I have never tried but I am willing. OH yes, willing.

  8. holy crap those crepes look good - haven't had them in forever! and, i dont really watch rugby but dang, such a manly sport!

  9. NUTELLA OR BUST!!! On a "crazy night" I will add strawberries to my Nutella ;)

  10. Well I live with a female rugger who makes delicious crepes, so it's all good.

    But crepes are especially good with jam for me.

    xo Jane

  11. crepes are my favorite. i like them savory and i like them sweet. i should whip up some batter this week. we've got nutella in the cupboard right now...

  12. Martini soaked bar scene or bottle of Médoc with Papa? Honestly, they both sound good!

    When there's booze there's a way. :)

  13. I love miel et bananes for my sugary crepes. I also really loved caramel au beurre salé with pommes. and maybe some vanilla ice cream on there too.....
    I miss Brittany.

  14. Now he's a real man! I'm laughing my head off at you "climbing" and the little "oink oink" remark. Oh, keep me away from Nutella... I eat that stuff w/ a spoon if it's in the house. Nutella + Rugby Man = Happy Me ha ha

  15. "He's as tall as a tree and I kind of want to climb him." <-- hilarious! I don't watch rugby, don't understand a thing about it... but I'd love some nutella on my crepe! Or I could take it with just sugar. Mmm! Love it!

  16. I am all about Rugby, the sexiest sport ever where men are real men. Oh man did I miss this sport when I was back in the states. I'm sure glad I can be fulfilled now while back in France!

  17. what isn't better with Nutella? Also, while it is of little consequence, I gave you a bit of a shout out on my blog on Friday.

  18. I might have a slight Nutella problem. Haha. Now crêpes sound amazing!

  19. ok, this post pushed me over the edge. there are too many delicious things involved here:
    1) bono's pub
    2) grey goose martini
    3) the tree like hunk. (you would climb him—hahahaha!) uh, i get it...
    4) ok, the crepes
    was there something else? oh, i almost forget...the NUTELLA.


    toooo much good stuff ;-)

  20. You know World Nutella Day ( is coming up on 5 February. Just sayin. Italy turned me into a Nutella whore. As for Julien? Oh holy mother of crap. I could spread that on a crepe and cover it with Nutella. Cheers, bella! (Didn't mean for that to rhyme, just drinkin' & bloggin' a little.)

  21. This made me want a banana and nutella crepe bad. SO BAD!!

  22. I always have Nutella in my pantry... just in case I get a craving that cannot be stopped! A few years ago it was more difficult to find, but now we can get it in the grocery. Crepes? Banana+Nutella and always with ice cream!

    The Grey Goose and hunka-hunka are pretty fine, too!


  23. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm now following yours. :)

  24. Ah my favorite crepes ever are just butter sugar and cinnamon!

  25. All I've got to say about Julien Pierre is: I'd like to smother him in nutella and then do filthy things to him. Dayum.

  26. Ah! A fellow Nutella lover.
    You had me at "nutella."
    I am now an official follower.
    You obviously know the way to a girl's heart.


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