Wednesday, October 5, 2011

style: fall edition

I am much obliged to Champagne Blonde for passing on this Stylish Blogger Award to me, it's given me a nice little segue between Texas, and life back in Le Petit Village.
(Since she passed it on to me, she has actually started a new blog called 2onplateaus... that's how long it can take me to post one of these, here she is blogging away on her second blog, and it takes me three months to come up with seven things... I'm a slowpoke.)

So how about a little bit about what I'm looking forward to about Autumn? Seven little bits to be exact. (I'm sure some of you are thinking, "but it's already Fall crazy girl"... true, but you wouldn't know it here. For one, I have a house guest that's been visiting since my Texas holiday so that has kind of put an extension on my summer what with traveling all about and such... Saint-Rémy, Arles, Monaco, Cannes, Avignon, Marseille, and soon Montpellier too... and also, it's been a beautiful sunny 80° everyday, nothing really Autumny about that).



I'll miss the warm weather, of course, but am ready for the wardrobe change. The shorts and whole bare leg thing is beginning to get on my nerves. Plus I bought a really cute pair of shoes in Texas that are clearly made for cooler weather...

They kind of look like boy shoes don't they? Well I don't care. I like them. 

Besides the wardrobe change, I'm ready for a cooking change. Cooler weather means I can cook soups again. I love soups but not in summer. And I cannot do gazpacho and other cold soups. no, no, no. It messes with my mind. It's like I'm looking at a bowl of soup, my brain tells me soup = hot,  I get a spoon, I put it in my mouth and then Y U C K ... why is it cold??!! Gross.

And as much as I'll miss rosé and sipping it outside in the evening with my book propped up to block the setting sun, I'm anxious for evenings cuddled up on the couch, reading in front of the fire with a glass of red instead. It's just plain cozier. And I'm all about the cozy.

We're spending Christmas at French Mommy's this year. I know that's Winter and not Fall, but I don't care, I'm looking forward to it. And yes, it's only October, not even Halloween, and I dared uttered the 'C' word, but you know what kids, it's only 79 days away! (OK, that's kind of far away, but whatever). Anyway, I'm looking forward to infusing French Mommy's home with Christmas spirit. You see, we spent Christmas there two years ago, and had a wonderful time, but it wasn't very Christmasy, you know what I mean? There was a tree and a Christmasy dinner, but it didn't feel like Christmas. I think it's because The Husband wasn't always around that much, and since there weren't any other children (he's an only child and only grandchild on that side), somehow the Christmas spirit kind of left the building, and I've taken it upon myself to bring it back. Heaven help them.

Even though I'm nowhere near a Starbucks (the nearest one being 93.6km/ 58.2 miles away, door to door), I still love all the fall and Christmas flavors (there I go talking about Christmas again). And in November when I go to Dublin, you better believe I'm heading straight for a Pumpkin Spice latte. I'm just peeved that I might be too early for my favorite, the Gingerbread latte. I can't drink one without Christmas Carols swimming around in my head (I'm a strange little person, please forgive me).

And a big summer being over bonus... Fifty is keeping his winter coat on, and that means that me and the Dyson, get to spend some time apart. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dyson, but we really don't need to spend that much time together. A little time apart is good for any relationship.

It was one crazy, fun-filled, action packed summer and I'm tired. From May 1st, until the second weekend in October (as in this coming weekend when we will be going to Avignon and Montpellier), The Husband and I have only spent five weekends in Le Petit Village just chilling without visitors. We were either there or they were here. And keep in mind that one of those five weekends was the crazy Fête and Brazil Day. So yeah, tons of fun, but exhausting. I'm looking forward to some serious cozy, hermit, hibernating. With lots of red wine.

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Would you like to tell me seven things...



  1. Woo Hoo! Another style award, pretty amazing when you think about the fact that I do, in fact, wear boy shoes.

    Thanks so much Sara and I will get on my seven asap!

  2. man I never thought I would say it, but I am actually really enjoying the Fall so far in Moscow and looking forward to Winter even...GASP...I know.

  3. Love your shoes. We call them desert boots here...same in Texas?? And I'm not surprised it takes you months to post these things. I don't think there's anyone I know who gets more style kudos than you! And well deserved too...congrats. But stop talking about Christmas ok :))

  4. I've been hoarding soup recipes lately and it's finally cool enough that I feel like I can use them!

    And I hope you go nuts with the Christmas spirit this's definitely close enough to start thinking about it! : )

  5. My dear Sara,
    thanks for put my blog in your wonderful blog!
    You are so delicious!
    Bisous, Babi

  6. i really love this shoes ( kinda 90's look no?)
    I 'm in a fall mood too ans i would die to taste once in my life a pumkin spiced latte : damned

  7. Dress warm for MTP this weekend. If you get in on Friday or Saturday, there's some weird kind of food fair on the Com, and there's the citywide garage sale on Saturday and Sunday. The more Texans the better around these parts, I say!

  8. j.crew has left me depressed lately because they wont ship to norway. i feel like when i was back home i failed to take constant advantage of j.crew in recent years, and now that i cant order/shop there, it SUCKS!

    congrats on the award!

  9. I love my psl! I gotta have those. And I look forward to the red cups at that just a US thing?

  10. Congratulations on the award and I love the shoes! I do have to admit I'm a Starbucks fan, too and now that I've moved out to the country, it's too long of a drive. This winter I will be going through withdrawals!

  11. I too have had a crazy summer with visitors and the last just left yesterday. It's because of all of them (I'm sure it's not me) that I'm not looking forward to wardrobe change...I KNOW I won't fit into my jeans. But as you said, it's still beach weather here...and I'm hoping it sticks around until I can get to the gym! Enjoy the seasons' change, Sara

  12. I always loved your award answers ;)
    Just woke up to your post. Did you know that we never had Pumpkin Spice Lattes here in Germany before? This will be a first this year, they announced it on their FB page. So...YAY!

    Happy Friday!!! Thanks for accepting the award ;)

    xx Doro

  13. Ooh! Thanks for tagging me! I'll definitely get to work thinking up something interesting to share! You're the best!

    Oh, and I feel the same exact way about cold soup. Bleck! Soup is supposed to be hot, and only hot soup will do! I'm actually making minestrone tomorrow for my brudder+sister-in-law, it's finally cool enough here to eat something warm! Hooray!!!!

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  14. I'm enjoying fall this year too...loving apple cider donuts, especially!

  15. Just stumbled upon your blog! Happy weekend to you!

  16. You have a fabulous fall planned and agree with you about everything except I don't judge shoes ladies like and I am definitely anti-Starbucks.

  17. They have already put the Christmas decorations up all along our street and I feel that somehow this is your fault for talking about it! Surely it's bad juju to put up Christmas lights in October when it's still 28 degrees and sunny?

    But I am with you on embracing fall/autumn. I'm over being sweaty. And I like your shoes, they're super cute.

    merci mille fois for the award - I'll get on to it soon. In the meantime - just posted on our weekend together! Biz x

  18. I'm with you. Ready for cool weather! Live the change if seasons :)

  19. those shoes were really popular when i was in high school - but we called them desert boots back then...;-)

  20. Congrats on the Style Award.
    We're into spring here, so no warm fires, soups or anything like that. I kind of miss them after reading your post.
    I bought a pair of boots like yours this winter but they were a gorgeous shade of red. I didn't get to wear them much though as it's not that cold here in winter.

  21. Yes! An American who isn't afraid to admit that she drinks Starbucks in Europe! Especially the holiday madness concoctions! Love those guys.

    If you ever come to Paris we'll pumpkin-latte-gingerbread-eggnog it up in full force!

  22. I like boy shoes on girls. and masculine blazers and such. I think it's pretty!


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