Monday, October 3, 2011

Some Down Home Texas Goodness

How do you end a trip to Texas (and the subsequent blog posts)? With some down home Texas fun with friends at the rodeo (Did that sound folksy? I was going for folksy.)

The county fair and rodeo was being held Labor Day weekend and just around the corner from my mother's house so of course we had to go, because what better way for The Husband to sample a big ol' slice of Texas pie.

(still going for that folksy thing)

The fair seemed smaller than I remembered, but still full of cotton candy, turkey legs, and funnel cakes (I'm a big fan of carnie food). And after we got our Lone Star beers, we headed over to the arena for the rodeo. Let me say, I love the rodeo in Texas, love it. Small ones, big ones, flashy ones, they're all pretty great, and I love how they start with the Texas flag being ridden in and around...

Or loads of Texas flags. We really like our flag. 

The parade of Texas flags is followed by one woman flying the American flag. And we all stand for the National Anthem (I didn't get a picture of this because you know, I was standing for the Anthem, hand on heart and stuff). It's pretty moving, especially if you're an expat who doesn't get back home a lot. 

And you want to know what else is really Texas-y?


And playing shuffleboard in a barn...

Even if Texas Girl's South African husband was playing with my French Husband (we're an international crew). They're adopted Texans and that big American flag overhead makes any international brouhaha null and void anyway. 

And beer can chicken. 

That's a Miller Lite can up there if you're interested, but really any type would do. And Texas girl was kind enough to give me my very own beer can chicken stand so I can bring the deliciousness to Le Petit Village, which we all know is totally going to freak them out, but we also know that I'm all about that so win win. 

And clearly generosity runs in Texas Girl's family because I met her Aunt (the sister of Kiki), and you know what she did? Not only did she bring over salted caramel mini tarts (for a savory not really sweet kinda gal like me, salted caramel is the way to my heart... oh my goodness they were little bites of heaven, like angel tooshie bites). She also remembered this post, and gave me a copy of Larousse Gastronomique! Can you believe it?! And not even that but it's a first English edition. I love this woman. I wonder if she'd be my Aunt too?

Proving that Texans aren't the only ones who can be generous, The Husband brought a bottle of Pastis (Ricard of course) along with him so everyone could sample a little bit of Provence in Texas. 

Santé y'all!


P.S. The trip was fantastic and so much more than I could ever blog about, and there was only one thing missing... I didn't get to see my friend Miss Minnesota. Well Miss Minnesota, next year, you and me are going to IHop for some silver dollar pancakes. 

P.P.S. And no little cowboy boots for Fifty although I did look. So we bought him a ball that had little feet attached to it and squeaked, but he loved it so much, he ate off the little feet within an hour, turning it into a plain old ball. and now that thing is MIA, I have no idea where he hides things. 


  1. I have the Larousse abbreviated (abridged?) and it is so good. I'd love the big one. Every time I am confronted with a food I've never heard of I look it up to make sure I'm not about to eat offal. I was scarred by eating lamb's glands the first restaurant we went to in Aix (glands from the neck, eww). (well, eww, but actually tasty which caused a great conundrum in my brain).
    Love the beer can chicken - it's like that chook is sitting up saying how-do-you-do. Wonder if it's in Larousse? Can you lobby to get it included?

  2. It looks like you've had SUCH a good time. And honestly, I've totally loved reading about this trip!

  3. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog and love it! I am a Tennessee girl living in Rhone-Alps. Ahh...the glories of beer-can chicken, we fully terrified my French boyfriend with that one last Christmas. I'm pretty sure he was embarrassed he liked it. Anyway, look forward to reading more!

  4. I'm glad you're back and had a great time! I've never been to a rodeo. I'll have to change that, I think! The beer can chicken shot makes me laugh. Poor guy. Can't get any respect!

  5. Rodeos and their delicious carnie food can be dangerous for non-Texans. Mr. O's first taste of Frito Pie was at a rodeo and whenever we go back for a visit that's the first thing he wants to eat.

  6. funnneeelll cake!!!!!! turkey legs!!! Reminds me of the Renaissance fair!!!

    Oh Texas...

  7. mmmmmm funnel cake alone is a reason to go to a rodeo! oh how I love funnel cake! who doesn't?!

  8. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Texas posts. And shuffle board? It's my favorite bar game! Yay!

  9. Shuffleboard is so Texan. Love it!! I'm so glad you had a good time back in the homeland :)

  10. Is shuffleboard Texan? It took my Scottish husband to show me how to play. Could be just that I'm a bit "bar game ignorant", ha.

    Great stories about being back in Texas. It's such a different world and always takes me a couple of weeks to adjust when I come back.

    I've tagged you as a winner of the "Versatile Blogger" award on my blog. Hope you don't mind.

  11. Ok two things stand out for me-
    1. Never, ever did I imagine seeing Lone Star beer on an expat blog. Obviously, you returning to Texas should've changed that, but, I was still giggling when I saw your pic. Thank you for messing with my preconceived ntions about expat blogs.

    2. "Santé y'all" needs to be part of my daily life. Just sayin'

  12. Hooray for some down home fun....makes me feel right at home. ;)

  13. Yay, sounds like you had a ton of fun Sara.

  14. awesome, this makes me home sick for america. and beer out of a can!

  15. When Boyfriend went to visit his cousin in Austin last year, he reported back that everywhere he turned, everywhere he went, TEXAS FLAGS.

  16. haha looked like fun! I've never heard of beer can chicken

  17. I loved that chicken on the beer can!!!

  18. Just came across a Texan restaurant yesterday in Paris. Might help when you feel homesick and happend to be in Paris. ;)

  19. YES - almost forgot (thanks for the reminder Habebi). 'Sante y'all' may be the best thing I have ever heard and is certain to become a part of my vernacular...I will give you credit.

  20. Beer can chicken is the best! Love the photos!

  21. OK- I'm hooked! I'm so doing the beer can chicken because that is just plain awesome!
    Also, I, too, am moved when hearing the National Anthem. I cry every dang time!

  22. Okay, you're gonna hafta explain the beer can chicken a bit more.


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