Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy accidents

{the mausoleum}

Do you know what a happy accident is? Well, in case you don't, it's like when you stumble across something completely unexpected, and it's completely wonderful too. For instance, when you find the absolute most perfect pair of shoes, and they end up being like, 30% off... voila... happy accident.

Something like that happened when Disco Gayle was visiting...

We were on our way to spend the weekend at The Husband's Uncle's house in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, and we passed an arch. Although the arch looks like an arch, (and I guess it is) it was actually the gate to an ancient city named, Glanum (and by ancient, I mean  crazy old, like sandals and toga old).

{Disco Gayle & The Husband looking at old stuff}

Yeah, looks pretty old doesn't it? That's because it is.

To the right is a mausoleum, which for being like 2000 years old, looks pretty darn good (if you like, you can read about both the arch and the mausoleum here).  Let me tell you something, It's pretty amazing to be driving down the road, looking out the window, spotting this ancient arch and mausoleum, suddenly exclaiming, "holy snooki, what is that?!" And then when you decide that of course you need to stop the car right now, pull over and look for parking, you end up driving right up to the old asylum where that nutty genius Van Gogh used to live.

See... happy accident.

Van Gogh wasn't there but this statue of him was. 

And let me tell you about Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, I think it's my favorite village in Provence. It's pretty and charming, and I want to live there (but don't tell Cassis I said so). And I'm dying to have a nice evening dining outside somewhere, but since Uncle lives there, we dine at his house which isn't bad at all. You want to know why? Because he happened to be hosting a pizza party when we there (re: happy accident). And here in Provence, we make our own pizzas in outdoor pizza ovens at our pizza parties. And on that night, Uncle made thirteen different pizzas. Thirteen! And both The Husband and Disco Gayle ate a piece from every single one of them. I guess they figured it would be rude not to. For the record, I was rude.

We also went to Arles so we could show Disco Gayle some more old, old stuff. Like that coliseum we're standing in front of. See, old. 

And since it was Saturday morning, we strolled through the enormous market. And as we did, what did we happen upon... an Irish pub... just in time to watch Ireland play Australia in the Rugby World Cup (again... happy accident). 

And you know what happened? Ireland won. 

And that was the happiest accident of all.


P.S. Unfortunately Ireland bit it playing against Wales and didn't make it to the semi-finals. And that's all I'm going to say about that.


  1. Erm, no comment on Ireland v. Wales. But hooray for 13 different pizzas.

    Now if only my keyboard would quit switching to Francais when I'm trying to type.

    Damn gin n tonic. Er, keyboard. Merde.

  2. And I don't want to talk about Australia vs Ireland at all.

  3. Glad you love St Remy.....the monuments are pretty amazing too! xv

  4. I love St Remy, too! Really beautiful! Did you go across the street to the Roman ruins of Glanum? (more old stuff!)

  5. I love the way you write!
    Seems like I have to go to la Provonce next time I go to France. You know we always go to Biarritz. Karl Lagerfeld used to live there (trying to top Van Gogh). Yay for the 13 pizzas (wowza)

    xx Doro

  6. It looks like you had a tremendous series of happy events :)

    Don'y worry England are out too. That means I get my early Saturday mornings back, without him either leaving to go to the pub or shout and stomp around the living room.


  7. Happy accidents are seriously the best especially when you get to discover something fantastic. :)

  8. I totally agree with you about St Remy. I love that place. Dude and I stopped there and saw the ancient ruins that are in the area. It was absolutely wonderful! It happened to be in the dead of winter and we froze our butts off, but it didn't hinder us one bit. I love all that ancient ruins and history stuff! Isn't it just marvelous living here :)

  9. I am very jealous of all these amazing happy accidents.
    Also, I would not have been rude to those pizzas. I want them all right now.

  10. I love happy accidents. And those old ruins are AWESOME!

  11. Love that old stuff! I need to get back to the south of France, 2001 was too long ago. Love the blog!

  12. I love old buildings, the older the better! Did the mausoleum give you the creeps like the old village does? No ghastly Roman ghosties? (= All that pizza sounds fantastic! But I'm with you and would have opted for rude, 13 slices is a lot!

  13. Here's to many many more happy accidents!

  14. I love St Remy.
    I love old arches and Van Gogh.
    I love happy accidents.
    I do NOT love Ireland beating Australia in the Rugby.

    I loves you.

  15. Wow! These photos are beautiful! What a place to stumble upon while driving.

    And 13 pizzas? Oh my, I think I would've tried them all too! : )

  16. some very nice little happy accidents. i sort of wish i could stumble across a 2000-year-old mausoleum in denver, but i have a feeling it's never going to happen. i need to get back to europe soon. and "holy snooki"- that cracked me up.

  17. Happy accidents are so special, and yours is no exception! These pictures are so lovely - now I want to visit St. Remy!
    Lovely post, xo

  18. I remember it being a happy accident when I ran across your blog :)

    Must. Skype. Soon. I need petite village updates!!! :)


  19. Didn't do St Remy when I was there (it was an optional extra, so I didn't opt) but did do Arles, loved it!


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