Wednesday, September 28, 2011

touristy bits & pieces

Behold...  The Husband's very first margarita. Ever. Almost thirty years old and never had a margarita. Deprived child. He loved it, which of course meant that he was trying to slurp it on down as fast as possible, but everyone knows that you can't slurp a margarita down without... dun dun dun... B R A I N F R E E Z E.
My mother's response to the dreaded brain freeze... "eat more salsa". She thinks the spice of the salsa counteracts the freezing cold of the margarita. Maybe in your mouth but not in your brain. Bless. (I have a feeling I'm going to be in trouble later).

The margaritas were had in downtown San Antonio on the Riverwalk. We decided to do our touristy stuff on the hottest day of the year (seriously, on the news later that night, they said that that day had been the hottest so far, which says quite a bit when the whole entire summer happened to be the hottest... aren't we clever to be out and about in the sun on that day... and could be a reason why The Husband was slurping that margarita so darn fast, poor guy was withering).

{h o t}

And of course we had to walk on over to see the Cradle of Texas Liberty, aka Mission San Antonio de Valero, aka the Alamo (just wanted to give you a little dash of Texas history... I'm not all fluff all the time you know). Heat be damned. And that scorching hot journey through history was followed up by the Tower of Americas which I had never been to before. Isn't it funny how when you live somewhere, you don't actually go anywhere. You know what I mean? 

{The Husband and new buddy at the Alamo on left, the Tower of Americas on right}

We finished off the day with a beer at air conditioned Hooters (which The Husband pronounces as 'Ewteurs'). I knew he had to see it to believe it. But honestly, I still don't think he believes it. 

You know what else is touristy in Texas... a high school football game. All the hoopla, the cheerleaders, the dance team, the crowds. The Husband was in awe that this was all for highschool. I was in awe at how young all the students looked, and how old I felt. Boo. That's not a fun feeling.

Anyway, here's me outside the stadium of my old Alma mater (I don't look too old, right?). Gotta love those Friday night lights. To quote the immortal words of one Tim Riggins...

"Texas Forever"


P.S. hang on in there... just a couple of chapters of Texas tales left to go


  1. He never had a margarita before?????

  2. Ewteurs - he makes it sound classy! Pray God he has at least had a mojito before?

  3. Sounds like maybe the Parisien should start thinking about his drink menu for next summer.

  4. I can't believe he never tried a margarita before! I bet he loved it... they are so good! Thanks for the glimpse of Texas!! xo

  5. haha i'm still thinking of your husband pronouncing it as euteurs! i'll never look at that place without laughing from now on...

  6. Sheesh! You look like you're still in High School!

  7. I was at Ft. Sam Houston just outside San Antonio from July to November many years ago when I was first in the army. Never made it to the Alamo but did drink quite a few margaritas along the River Walk on free weekends. Thanks for the memories.

  8. I love that you did the most touristy San Antonio things. But mostly I am so excited the husband finally had a margarita!! He has been missing out in life. Where did you go to high school??

  9. I love how you are able to introduce your hubby to all things Texas (or American for that matter). It is always so much fun to introduce people to things they have never experienced. We introduced our French friends to Mexican food a couple of years ago and it was so great to see their eyes popped out of their head while munching down on chips and salsa and burritos. They always ask us to make it for them!

  10. Quick biology lesson:
    There is nerve that goes from the roof of your mouth directly to the front of your forehead. So when the roof of your mouth gets excessively cold, the nerve delivers that message to your forehead = brainfreeze.
    The best way to counteract this is to rub the roof of your mouth with your tongue to warm it up.
    True story.
    Now Husband can go forth and enjoy many more margaritas without fear ;)

  11. O my goodness, to bring France to Texas -- so funny.

  12. TEXAS FOREVER! ugh.. i miss tim riggins and coach already...

  13. Gawd those margs look effing delicious. Like I want them for BREAKFAST!!!

  14. I AM SO ENVIOUS! I miss Texas. :( Anyway, Im with your mom, salsa cures everything, even brain freeze I'll bet ;) Anyway, I'll have to try it (good excuse).

  15. My favorite Texas quote - "You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas" ..Davy Crockett :) The County Fair is in full swing this week, another interesting slice of Texas life.

  16. Never had a margarita!? heh!?

    Mind you, I'm sure my beau is the same! Men, eh? Hope your having a wonderful time!

    Girl about Town XxX

  17. Tim Riggins...the reason I watch Friday Night Lights.

  18. OH wow!~,,,the dichotomy between Texas and rual France must blow your ever-lovin' mind!! I just can't imagine the culture "shock" you experience between the two places!??!?!
    And what must your hubs think of Texas? (highschool football and all!)


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